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  1. csefff

    Suggestion for Giving Hands Perk

    I honestly think the perk should be scrapped, and the function should be made into a universal post-battle dialog option.
    I'd agree with that, but I think in general the player progression system is really bloated. Off specific topic, but there are a mix of modifiers and mechanics - I tend to spend most of my time working toward one mechanic or another. Would be better if they were taken out and connected more to roles that players wanted to explore on their playthrough (so probs mutually exclusive for most immersion/replay), or as you say, common mechanics outside of player progression

  2. csefff

    Suggestion for Giving Hands Perk

    The intention of this perk is for the player to decide between cash or xp once they've completed a battle - ergo the current effect of being able to supply your own items into the calculation is an unintentional side effect. Only items flagged as generated from battle should enter the calculation. Most other options seem to be complicating the feature and/or minimising the exploit, but not removing it.
  3. csefff

    Resolved 1.6.0 Balancing Issue - Discarding Crafted Weapons with Giving Hands perk

    +1, this has ruined the game for me in this build as i can now always have all troops maxed out (especially as smithing still allows infinite money). You should prevent any items in the player inventory providing xp when added to the looted item list - the idea of this is to choose between xp for troops or cash for the pocket anyway...
  4. csefff

    Resolved [e1.5.7 beta] Crashes when interacting with Looters (multiple causes explained).

    After the hotfix it got worse - now it's crashing 100% of the time when I catch looters if I have a crafted weapon in my inventory. If I smelt all of those, then everything is fine.
    bleak, looks like i'll be abandoning my playthrough until next update :sad:
  5. csefff

    Resolved [e1.5.7 beta] Crashes when interacting with Looters (multiple causes explained).

    This crash still exists after the most recent hotfix. I don't know why it wasn't fixed it is 100% reproducible. If you do any smithing at all on 1.5.7 and then fight anything the game crashes. Again this crash is reproducible 100% of the time, any time you smith and then fight without first restarting the game it will crash.
    yep its still there. there probably is a lag between internal approval for a releasable build and when the build goes live (that way internal testers can confirm the new fixes don't have even worse knock-on effects). having said that, i'd hope they put out another hotfix for this as I don't think it was initially obvious how common this is until now...
  6. csefff

    Resolved [e1.5.7 beta] Crashes when interacting with Looters (multiple causes explained).

    repro (100%)
    - start any game with any faction
    - go to poros and acquire some crafting materials (buy/smelt some throwing knives or smelt your weapon, buy wood)
    - craft anything (the actual crafting step may not be necessary, as this is likely an issue with a UI element not closing properly)
    - leave poros
    - find any looters and attack
    - ctd on contact
    this doesn't repro from a save
  7. csefff

    Resolved [e1.5.7 beta] Crashes when interacting with Looters (multiple causes explained).

    +1, this happens with lots of looter groups, repro'd every time i engaged looters after smithing in settlement. have sumbitted a few crashes for this. really disruptive for early gameplay


    saving before engagement then reloading seems to avoid the crash
  8. csefff

    [1.3.0-Beta] Party leader Hoarding Sturgian Peasants in their castle (Ustokol Castle)

    +1, this is happening to my own castles frequently (1.4 beta), exceeding their food capacity and lowing their loyalty. Even time i chuck them, a day or two later there are more. Found a castle nearly in rebellion with 300...
  9. csefff

    Rapid strength growth of kingdoms in 1.3 beta?

    +1, TLDR comments, I had the same issues as the first comment. I had factions declare war on me, get paid off for peace, then declare war a day or so latter. Multiple factions did this and rinsed out 1m in a week. the new difficulty i guess is not the problem, but perhaps a clearer highlight in the patch notes for such a large shift (i'll not get the build or move back to an older build)...
  10. csefff

    Use any bow on horseback

    Community patch fixes this
    Would be good to include info on what this is, how to access it etc for those visiting this page, if this is a confirmed fix...
  11. csefff

    Prisoners whom are Lords NOT STAYING IN JAIL

    I thought they were being auto-ransomed after a set duration. Not a fan of that, or escaping/vanishing, without telegraphing the chance or having a mechanism to reduce it - warband was pretty solid for this imo
  12. csefff

    Use any bow on horseback

    +2, neither perk works
  13. csefff

    Need More Info Crash after first settlement

    +1, i have sent a crash report. this is super annoying! was also a castle - it allows me to manage the castle but is when moving away that seems the issue, or maybe the gamestep. I have just brokered peace with a king who was going to siege the castle, perhaps the exception is from his orders to siege not being wiped properly and is targeting a friendly city in AI?
  14. csefff

    Unresolved Poacher Quest

  15. csefff

    tournament shall NOT be able to use personal armour

    or having the reward scale to the relative strength of you and your competitors. Say you joined a tournament iron clad, then you would get poor betting odds, less renown and the item would be low value. If you joined with loose rags and cloth cap, then you'd get really good betting odds, lots of renown and the item would be awesome. Atm, i think the player does not feel rewarded for winning against the odds, nor limited for being OP. Having some tournaments with 'tournie gear' mixed with tournaments with your own gear would be cool - i think this area of the game is not top priority to iterate on atm tho...
  16. csefff

    Horse-back archery almost unbeatable

    although i haven't found this a problem, the tactics above are sound advice, I think when we have larger bands of brigands and deserters featuring horse archers with steppe horses it will be tough even for a mixed composition group. Might be nice to see a debuff for mount speed when using a bow or ranged in general (could be lifted with a perk later). this could be a persistent debuff or just a slight decrease whilst aiming. +1 for them being faster than heavy cav but catchable by light cav, light melee/spear cav are a bit sub-optimal atm
  17. csefff

    Need More Info CTD when forfeit after tournament match after 1st round

    Joined a tournament in Onia or somewhere 4x4x4x4 I came second but went into the next round Didn't realise and clicked leave Didn't read warning dialogue and clicked OK to forfeit CTD
  18. csefff

    Missing daughter BUG (Village quest)

    Hmm, i have the latest update and this is still an issue. Not only has my dialogue broken for that quest, but all dialogues connected to my savegame are broken.

    Edit - this seems to resolve itself with a reboot (game), but even starting a new campaign without a reboot retains the broken dialogue. I also noted that the persuasion pips on the UI were present in all dialogues after the break occurred...
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