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  1. rebelknight

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! may we survive 2018.

    I'm a few hours early but **** the police. 2017 will be over soon. What are your plans for 2018? I already succeeded my plans for 2017 (which was to move out of where i lived).
  2. rebelknight

    Warhammer 40k Gladius Relic of War, pretty much a 40k civ game So yeah, 40k civilization.
  3. rebelknight

    ATOM RPG, a fallout 1-2 style game set in the soviet wasteland.

    Just bought it on steam, look promising.
  4. rebelknight

    Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock by Slitherine

    A famous youtuber with thousand of worshippers liked it so you know its good.  :iamamoron:
  5. rebelknight

    Field of Glory 2 (Slitherine sequel to the old tabletop like wargame)

    My Jewish army fighting the Roman. Its fun.
  6. rebelknight

    Assassin's Creed: Origin (where the bull**** all started)

    So anyone plan on getting this? Seem they took the time to work on this one unlike previous games and I'm a sucker for Cleopatra. The new RPG mechanics look nice. I just wish it was a normal egyptian game and not an assassin's creed. I grow tired of the whole templar-assassin war.
  7. rebelknight

    Bomber Crew- FTL like ww2 bomber game.

    Look awesome.
  8. rebelknight

    Nantucket, a whaling RPG/Naval game

    Look very promising.
  9. rebelknight

    Vaporum, a steampunk grid based dungeon crawler. Another steampunk game :P Its already out and its fun.
  10. rebelknight

    EMPYRE Lords of the Sea Gates, old school steampunk rpg Its coming out tomorow, it look promising. I'm always in for some steampunk action.
  11. rebelknight

    Should Japan get its full army back? (not only for self defense)

    Its election time in Japan and some of the parties want Japan to get its full army back. Do you support it?
  12. rebelknight

    Is internet social media bad for societal stability? We all know the good side of internet, it bring information to everyone as fast as a clic. But...
  13. rebelknight

    Yakuza series.

    So now that O and Kiwami were ported to the West, the company is planning on remaking Yakuza 2 and porting yakuza 3-4-5 to ps4. And Yakuza 6 is coming in the west in 2018. Who else play this series? Its a mix of old school beat em up with a mature yakuza themed story. Its open world, has...
  14. rebelknight

    What's up with South Park?

    Disclaimer: i don't want the show banned, i just want to understand how it got so popular. I never understood why this tv series exist. Or why it got so popular. The series feature kids getting anally ****ed, racist humor, toilet humor and other cheap way to get a laugh. I argued this with a...
  15. rebelknight

    XCOM MEGA DUPER THREAD! (couldn't find the old thread)

    The ****ing search function is broken for me for some reason. I type xcom 2 and it give me an error so i type xcom and it show me results not related to xcom. Anyway, here a new thread because why not. I bought War of the Chosen and it CHANGED everything! Man, I'm in love. Anyone up for some...
  16. rebelknight

    Destiny 2 PC coming soon

    Halo meet diablo meet MMO is coming to PC in october.
  17. rebelknight

    Distrust- Top down horror meet The Thing.

    Its really fun and its not early access and its cheap (10$)
  18. rebelknight

    The Escapist 2- ITS OUT!

    Anyone up for some multiplayer?
  19. rebelknight

    Russian life simulator AKA Next Day: Survival This is globally a multiplayer stalker with added SP mode. Nobody speak English and everyone kill you on sight if you speak anything but Russian. life in Russia in a nutshell.  :iamamoron: But its fun and its only 9$
  20. rebelknight

    Vigilantes, X-COM meet Taxi Driver

    You can buy the 16 version from their website. It look awesome TBH.
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