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  1. In Progress [Beta 1.6.0] Defending troops standing away from ladders on the wall, during Pen Cannoc siege battle.

    Summary: On the left walls, the defenders will group up away from the ladders. How to Reproduce: Fight a defensive siege battle in Pen Cannoc. Have you used cheats and if so which: No. Scene Name (if related): Don't know. Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: Probably irrelevant.
  2. Trade skill bugged?


    I have exactly the same problem.. in native, I have used a LOT of time trading, and I know most prices and where to buy and sell by heart, but since i started Diplomacy it has been much much more difficult to profit from. I also tried disabling economic changes, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

    Some of the differences:

    Note: My trading skill is at where it always is when i trade: 4.

    Velvet: You can buy this cheap at Jelkala in native, now its as expensive as its selling price, so its not even worth touching anymore.
    Oil: Could earlier be bought at various Rhodok and Swadian Towns, especially Suno, at ~300-350 and sold at ~430-450, but now the buying price is up to the selling price, same as velvet.
    Spices: This one is not as bad, but the selling price has dropped by ~100 everywhere.
    Iron: Selling price dropped by ~50.
    Raw silk: Usually could be sold at Veluca and Jelkala for >700, now its down to <600.
    Flax bundle: Previously bought at praven at ~95-110, sold at ~200-220, now its ~120-130 and ~170-180.
    Linen: Previously bought at Sargoth for ~120-160 later sold for ~250-270. Now its ~220-240 and ~240-260.

    The list goes on. The evidence is pretty clear that something is wrong.
    It's too bad, because I love everything else about this mod, especially the fact the lords can be let back to their original faction.
  3. Changing upgrade costs

    So if I don't need to differentiate between two upgrade paths of a unit, it should be possible? Im just modifying the base troop trees, and adding some units to some of them. If it is, is there some kind of tool do that?
  4. Changing upgrade costs

    I see.. is it the same thing with the amount of xp they need to be upgraded?
  5. Changing upgrade costs

    I know I probably should be able to find the answer to this somewhere, but I simply can't. I'm playing with making custom troops using txt editors, but i need to change to upgrade cost between them. How do I do that, if at all possible? Thanks in advance.
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