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  1. King_Peter_Of_Swadia

    Can the multyplayer be more Casual. Your killing it with the Competitive mechanics.

    Introduction Have you not notices no one is using the bad search mechanic for siege and death-match. Have you not notice every one keeps complaining about the balance of the class system, the weapons and the horses. Now some of those "balances" you are doing are leaking their way into the single...
  2. King_Peter_Of_Swadia

    Fixing Upgrade trees (1.5.0)

    Hello once again, I have noticed that some upgrade paths don't make sense with the "Skills" gained or the equipment gainned. For example: I have noticed this weird dip in skills in the line toward the batannian falxman and Swadian Pikemens, as well as the loss of good equipment which is...
  3. King_Peter_Of_Swadia

    Horse Archer AI seems to be Bugged(1.5.0)

    Hello, I have been playing a cav only build after doing a infantry only build and one of the beta update made it that fresh lords respawned with a ungodly amount of special heavy cav collapsing my line and killing my expensive archers. That's beside the point, I have been trying different...
  4. King_Peter_Of_Swadia

    AI Army compositions makes no sence at all to the players Recruiting capability 1.4.2 Beta

    Any one else notices since 1.4.2 how lord come back which strong armies. like battanian and Vladian having 30-50% cav right back after a defeat when cav should theoretical be rare for both of them.(Rare from a player point of view since vladian cav is a special unit and battanian don't have...
  5. King_Peter_Of_Swadia

    Ai lords attacking me out of blind rage

    I am playing on beta 1.2.0 Vassal of Vladia with 2 cities and a castle, 3 enemies which are lords that I besieged and voted against.(before mass execution, but not much of them left alive to hate me) Short story: I mass executed 15 nobles of the northern empire after a battle outside their...
  6. King_Peter_Of_Swadia

    Suggestion for a Recruitment Overhaul

    The Suggestion: Splitting the troop trees more into lines of roles. I do like the fact that recruiting troops require good relations with a community leader. I have not played enough but I think the renown does affect it too like in warband? I also like the Idea of the split troupe trees but I...
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