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  1. Discussion General MobileParty.All not listing player parties in 1.62 and maybe before

    I will add, it's not even possible to correct this issue, cause if you wish to add mobile parties to those managers, you are facing many road blockers. The only object that is not private or internal is a MBReadOnlyList where you can't add anything into it.
    Methods to add parties to the list, but also heroes, clan etc are all internal in CampaignObjectManager.
  2. Suggestion Mesh Editor rename mesh files?

    That would only move the issue, the now overwritten mesh would make issues instead of the old one.
  3. Discussion General MobileParty.All not listing player parties in 1.62 and maybe before

    It's mostly in the title, i was wondering why some parts of my mod weren't working anymore, other party you created not being affected by changes i made. The answer is simple MobileParty.All that is supposed to list all the parties in the game simply forget all player's parties except the main...
  4. Discussion General Partyscreenmanager long time issue

    Ok so i dug a bit more and i understand the issue and why you changed it now, but that do not solve the issue at all and put more questions in the balance.


    So first i asked DNSpy to find when OpenScreenAsManageTroops was called and no surprise it reported exactly what i said in the first post, it was called for garrison and new parties but not on the party conversation.
    So i checked what the party conversation was calling and it's another methode called OpenScreenAsManageTRoopsAndPrisoners, and this one set PartyScreenMode as normal.

    And this is my issue here.The party clan management should use the same mode, they should both use Normal (So before 1.5.7 that was never set correctly) or they should both use Normal mode to be able to transfer prisoners too, but then GauntletClanScreen.OpenPartyAsManage isn't set correctly and should be switched to normal for consistency, as they are supposed to do exactly the same thing.

    By the way, i also wonder what is called Normal, cause there is also a "Shared" mode ...
  5. Discussion General Partyscreenmanager long time issue

    I only change the logic if it's in TroopsManage mode, i replace the logic with my own class to allow transferring companions under certain circumstances.
    Basically i do
    PartyScreenManager.PartyScreenLogic.SetTroopTransferableDelegate(new PartyScreenLogic.IsTroopTransferableDelegate(ClanManageTroopTransferableDelegate));
    with my own code to have it work.

    But that shouldn't affect anything about the issue i talked about earlier. I do replace only if in the correct mode and i only change the logic on the current call.
  6. Discussion General Partyscreenmanager long time issue

    Hello, I have worked on a mod changing a bit the partyscreenmanger sometime ago and while the access wasn't the easiest in the world i could make just what i wanted. Then after a patch (Might be 1.5.7 or 1.5.8 don't remember) there was some weird issues with my mod and since i was busy i didn't...
  7. Suggestion General Hero generation

    I'm trying to change how heroes are generated by the game.
    Each hero is built on a template that consist in a set of traits that are processed by the game to derive stats from those traits. However if you add new traits or simply wants to change how they impact the the hero you need to make your own HeroCreationCampaignBehavior what isn't the issue.

    What the issue is, once you did everything required in this behavior, you need to actually initialize your newly created hero and this is made by a call to the class HeroDeveloper and an internal method inside : internal void CheckInitialLevel()

    While i'm at it, this class HeroDeveloper have many internal methods inside and i'm pretty sure they will make more issues for modding in the futur. So if you could check this one particularly for the next patch.
  8. Suggestion General Opening the Traits class

    Well if you wish i share my code

    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem;
    using TaleWorlds.Core;
    using TaleWorlds.Localization;
    namespace LoOTGA
        public class LoOTraits
            public static LoOTraits instance { get { return ((TheGuildAge)TheGuildAge.instance).looTraits; } }
            public static TraitObject MountedCrossbow { get { return instance.listTraits["MountedCrossbowman"]; } }
            private Dictionary<string, TraitObject> listTraits = new Dictionary<string, TraitObject>();
            public LoOTraits()
                listTraits["MountedCrossbowman"] = createTrait("MountedCrossbowman", "MountedCrossbowman", "MountedCrossbowman Description");
            public TraitObject createTrait(string id, string name, string desc, bool visible=false, int min = 0, int max=10)
                TraitObject temp = Game.Current.ObjectManager.RegisterPresumedObject(new TraitObject(id));
                temp.Initialize(new TextObject(name), new TextObject(desc), visible, min, max);
                return temp;

    This is the class i made to copy the defaultTraits TW class, it works mostly the same even if the internal is a bit different. I instanciate it in my submodule class with an "instance trick" to have it accessible from everywhere with TheGuildAge.instance and where i could set my global variables.
    So far there is no error in VS but i can't really test how it is working cause i need to deal with the other issue related to character generation i have mentioned here, forcing me to recreate full classes of the game to be able to initialize correctly my heroes once i have changed HeroCreationCampaignBehavior to reflect the changes i made in the traits.
    So i can't really tell if it's fully working until it's complete.
  9. Suggestion General Opening the Traits class

    Will give it a try, thank you.

    Maybe you want to pin that somewhere or add it to the documentation, this could be useful.
  10. An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    As always modders just cry and cry about everything, its the same in every game...
    If you are on this forum that means you are creating a mod, you are using one or you are trolling. In any of those case your comment is as stupid as it's offending.
  11. Suggestion General Opening the Traits class

    I would say, i saw this message telling us we could add or change traits, so i had a look at it and ... We don't have the same definition of what can be changed.
    So first i took a look at how the game was dealing with the traits and all is dealt in the class TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.DefaultTraits.
    Inside you can see how traits are created and how they use the Game.Current.ObjectManager.RegisterPresumedObject<TraitObject>(new TraitObject(stringId)); to add more just like they would with any object.
    So yes, basically we can add traits, but the issue comes to when and how to use them. I'm going back to the DefaultTraits class, every TraitObject have it's reference stored in a private variable to be accessed, here the example of surgery :
    public static TraitObject Surgery
                return DefaultTraits.Instance._traitSurgery;
    as it looks really hardcoded to me, no way to add more like it would be possible in a dict. So if you want to add or change traits you need to make your own class to make them accessible. DefaultTraits isn't derived from any other class we could implement and even worst in TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.Campaign the game is wanting exactly a DefaultTraits class and not one you would write yourself :
    public DefaultTraits DefaultTraits { get; private set; }
    So to be able to change traits, but i looked a bit around and it's the same with perks, you need to rewrite the whole campaign class? Looks like a bit excessive right?
  12. Suggestion General Hero generation

    Hello, It's the second time i'm trying to change how heros are generated and how the traits are changed into actual skills. If i could change HeroCreationCampaignBehavior to my liking there is always an issue each time you try to create or alter a hero, it's a call sooner or later to the...
  13. gameModel loading issues

    Found the issue, never mind.
  14. An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    I'm happy at least talented and known modders put their efforts together to at least be heard.

    It's been almost a year now i warn about the internal and private issues and nobody seemed to care, most of the modders answering me "Use Harmony" what made me left the modder discord cause i was bored being harassed each time i was saying Harmony is a bad practice and should only be used when no other choice is left.
    It's been months i was warning about how Harmony was making the game almost impossible to debug as soon as it was used, what is a shame in an EA game where the goal is to fix it and make it stable. I tried to ask TW to remove some of those roadblocks that were only pushing more people to use Harmony, making new players learn how to use the patcher and not bother to learn the M&B2 API.

    Might be a really small step but after a break, i'm really happy to see the community seem to have recovered it's reason and that TW seem to finally listen at least a bit and start to understand the issue that is slowly building, sending the game in a wall of brick if nothing is done.
    And people telling "TW need to focus on the game and not mods" are still completely blind. The game itself is a mod and i hope Tw use their modding tool to make the game. If not they have a serious issue. What will happen when they will add content? What will happen when there will be spin off like there was for Warband? That's now they need to set the mod features correctly, cause they are the very foundation of the game and you don't give love to foundations once you are building the roof, or be prepared to break everything again.

    Now i really hope the tools given to us, and this include behaviors, models and all the assets will truly be shared and accessible, and i hope i will be able to move to my other mod project that are not progressing at all cause i'm forced to fix patch after patch one single not so complicated mod. Simply because i have to spend more time on guessing what they changed, why they changed it and what is the purpose of their change, than really adapt my code to match the new update.
  15. Bannerlord - Taleworlds please add durability to weapons and armors

    I actually loved this system in both games and was actually really angry with Bethesda for removing weapon durability from Skyrim and Fallout 4. It gave smithing a purpose outside of just creating armor or weapons (oblivion) and made it so you had to salvage for guns of the same type for their spare parts it made it feel like you were actually a scavenger in a post apocalyptic world that had limited resources to work with (fallout 3). These systems in my personal opinion added a layer of depth and realism and while some may consider it to be tedious, I never found the system to be annoying at all but rather something that contributed greatly to my enjoyment of both games.
    Well then go back to play to those RPG annoying games. In a tactical or strategic game where it's already quite the cancer (a lot more than it should be) to farm your stuff before fighting i don't want to see this kind of annoying behavior that adds micromanagement for absolutely nothing.

    Oh i hope in the next update each arrow shot will cost money and needs to be in the inventory! Yeah that would be the next request of the same time and would improve the game SO MUCH >.<
  16. Cannot Launch Modding Tools (I have tried EVERYTHING)

    The tool do not works with beta version of the game. Might be your issue.
  17. Official Modding Tools

    Rofl an editor to make mods that works only for the stable ... Was wondering why it was crashing at start up and missing so many files.

    The purpose to make beta versions is to solve all the bugs before the release hit stable (What you don't really do at TW), so it's why many mods are developed on beta branch so we can have to push it to stable at the same time the game do with most bugs solved. I guess you missed the mark here.
  18. BL Coding Editing the value of arrows

    In M&B2 every item have it's price calculated depending on it's uncapped tier. And the tier is calculated depending on the stats of the item.

    You can change this by changing "DefaultItemValueModel" value class or by making your own.

    Actually there are a few prices that are complete non sense because of how a tier is calculated, for arrows and quiver it's simply damage + quantity -20 if i remember correctly and the price is something like 3^tier*100 leading to serious nonsense and really exponential prices for items of higher tiers, meaning in the case of bolts/quiver you can have a stack of 60 arrows costing more than an armor plate.
  19. In Progress Disappearance of people (NPC's)

    I have made one, but am not sharing it so far. Making mods that will be useless after a week isn't really my cup of tea ... But if talweworld takes month to fix it like the ingineer XP issue ... Yeah will have to ...
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