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  1. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Has anyone seen the succession mechanic in play yet?

    I browse these forums every single day but I don't think I've seen anyone talk about the succession mechanic actually working. I know vaguely what's "supposed" to happen but no screenshots or anything. Most people don't even know how long their character is supposed to live, and a lot of people...
  2. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    u g l y

    why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. so much lost. so little gained. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why. why.
  3. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Future Plans

    Hi everyone, After 3 years of fooling myself that I'd continue this mod at some point, I think it's time to lay it to rest. I will post the source code in a few days so that anyone who wants to can continue working on it. However this is not the end, it's only the beginning, as I will explain...
  4. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Iron Chieftain: Simulated RTS and Citybuilder

    I introduce to you Iron Chieftain: An upcoming RTS Citybuilder with a strong focus on population management, city building and diplomacy. It is set in a fictionalised ancient world with a variety of factions to choose from. Planned (complete or almost complete) features: - Automatic civilian...
  5. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Blog Nomenclature

    Searching for and differentiating the callum-era blog posts in the forum is next to impossible. They're needlessly titled by indistinguishable short dates when they actually have proper descriptive titles. It's not a big deal, but when you see 12/04/18 24/07/18 13/11/17 just scrolling down your...
  6. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Deleted Lust Thread Conspiracy [not clickbait]

    Why are most of the original blogs hidden from the developers blog board? Lust made something like 15 blogs in total but only number 9 is actually visible on the board: Developer's blog board:,253.0.html The rest of them are still around, and still...
  7. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    British Museum: Scythian Exhibition

    There's going to be an exhibition at the British Museum in London, where a number of scythian artefacts from siberia have been borrowed and collected from other museums. I'll be going and I'll take photos, but if anybody else is interested I'll see if we can make a mini taleworlds outing of...
  8. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Dumb Ethnography Megathread

    This keeps popping up in various places, so from now on if you ever see dumb ethnography, discuss here. Modern egyptians are a mishmash. The egyptians of mid-antiquity were also a mishmash. This allows pretty much anyone to find their preferred haplogroup in DNA tests on mummies or even modern...
  9. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

    Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is set to release on the 20th of January. It's set before the events of the first Homeworld, but on the planet surface rather than in space. Looks like it's going to be a generic RTS, but it basically came out of nowhere literally a week before release...
  10. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Any advantage to locking threads/request for notice on Forge.

    Is there any advantage to locking threads? Theoretically, if all the little 2-reply threads get locked, would the forum run faster? Do locked threads show up in search results? I'm saying this because over in The Forge a lot of threads get locked by the OP as soon as they get one answer...
  11. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    SP Tutorial Module System Complete Guide to Adding Factions

    This tutorial by Nord Champion has been the go-to guide for adding factions in warband for as long as I can remember, but it misses out a few a ton of vital scripts and bits of code that need to be added when you create a new faction. So here's a guide to adding new ones that should hopefully...
  12. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    OSP Code Combat Form Musket Square

    A quick idea I came up with while reminiscing about algebra and geometry last night. Pretty self-explanatory -- upon pressing a key (default T), soldiers will form a hollow square formation, where the first script parameter determines the rank depth, up to 3 (although a modder with some...
  13. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    A Use for Tracking?

    Has anyone ever found a practical use for tracking? Even without Borcha starting with 3 levels, I've never found a use for it and thus never give anyone points in it. Rationale: 1. Any time I need to find a specific party (like a find-bandit quest), the tracks are overwhelmed by the other...
  14. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Permission to use assets in your own mod

    I have deliberately refrained from using OSP items unless when absolutely necessary, mainly for aesthetic consistency but also to improve performance and give me more control over colours and re-editing. As a result, most of the outfits, armours and uniforms you see in-game are my own. You are...
  15. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James


    Credits Sound and Visual Effects Cinematic Compilation - DOMA_ and others Combat Animation Enhancement - Papa Lazarou Cries of War Soundpack - Eisenhouwer Fire and Smoke Sound Mod - andeve3 Grandmasters Shaders: Basic Seasons & Wind effects - La Grandmaster More Death Animations Mini-mod -...
  16. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    What did cause you much ire to-day?

    Novos Threados. Workingtitle: subject to change
  17. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    [OSP][Code] Advanced Formations -- Updated

    Advanced Formations was a feature added shortly after WFAS was released. By enabling "use_advanced_formation = 1" in module.ini and following these instructions, it is possible to use commands such as "form 5 ranks" and "left platoon, fire". But you knew that already. However, these weren't...
  18. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Download Here!

    This is where you'll find all the current downloads links for current and past versions of Sayazn. Version 1.0     Patch 1     Patch 2 Version 2.0 Version 3.0     Map Hotfix for 3.0 To install the above patch(es), drop the contents of the folder into modules/sayazn and overwrite when...
  19. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    Bug Reports and Suggestions

    Bug Reports and Suggestions go here. If you spot something untoward or gamebreaking, make a post detailing where you saw it, what the circumstances were and (if applicable) any errors you see in rgl_log.txt (look in the base warband file). Feel free to give suggestions -- I'll take as many of...
  20. Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James

    OSP Code Combat Overhauled Morale and Routing (Also Reduces Stuttering)

    Here's a set of codes that should make the morale system in Warband work better and run a lot faster. Soldiers take into account the number of enemies of the battlefield and the number of their own dead, so it's possible for a small army to rout a larger one if the casualty ratios are large...
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