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  1. Haikon

    In Progress Pravend Siege AI Pathing Bug (Attackers)

    Summary: I used trebuchets to break both walls at Pravend and then initiate a siege battle. The enemy had 4 ballistas up, both walls were broken, and I had one trebuchet up. The majority of the soldiers in my army either pathed directly into walls outside of the settlement or stood around doing...
  2. Haikon

    In Progress Party Size Limit Doesn't Update when Changing Quartermaster

    Summary: Party size doesn't update when you change the quartermaster in the clan menu. This causes the party limit to be over (or under) its actual value until the party menu is opened (through the world map or after battle, etc.) This can be exploited to grind XP for an assigned Quartermaster...
  3. Haikon

    Need More Info Infinite Dialog Loop

    Summary: I just convinced a lord (Fafen) to join my kingdom (vlandia) when I met him out in the field. After paying him ~1 mil denars to do so, the scene exited back to the world map, but immediately upon trying to move, Fafen engaged me again with hostile dialog. I had no option to respond with...
  4. Haikon

    Council of the Commons Policy is Too Powerful

    Council of the Commons in its current state gives 1 influence per day per notable in each settlement owned by a clan. It also increases militia production by 1 per day per notable in those settlements. The results is that with one settlement, you end up getting a hefty +10 or so influence per...
  5. Haikon

    Need More Info Siege bug resulting in inability to play

    I've just come across this bug while sieging Onica Castle. During the siege, I was approached by an army from the Southern Empire and entered into negotiations with their army leader. I convinced him to join our side and paid him 1 million to do so. Afterward, the army dispersed on the map as he...
  6. Haikon

    Need More Info Main Quest Progression Stuck

    My issue: The first main quest, "Investigate 'Neretzes's Folly'" is stuck at Nobles to Talk to 8/10. Talking to other nobles does not increase the counter and the quest cannot be completed. I have already spoken to 10 nobles about the artifact, and the last two did not tally progress...
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