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  1. No servers?

    Okay! SHe's back
  2. No servers?

    What happened? I now don't even see an option for Quick Play, Captains, or Skirmish. Nor any threads about this?
  3. Suggestions And Wishes for Mp

    I disagree that cavalry is too strong. Riding at spears and cavalry doesn't get hurt? Uh, not in my experience.
  4. Bannerlord MP is a disaster and garbage, Taleworlds MUST stop being stubborn and ignoring their own community

    Did anyone play War of the Roses? It had excellent multiplayer modes that were like these two games, and what still feels like more accurate weapon swings. And good mechanics for a class system. You could play competitively with intro builds, but could customize characters with experience for an extra edge. It meant there was actually an incentive to win.
  5. Since the latest patch, crash on round 2

    Just keeps happening
  6. Bring back the City Map!

    The 2 new maps are pretty much equally urban. In Captains, you just have to accept that some maps are only suited for infantry, and some players don't know that. Mixing the old city map in wouldn't hurt things any! I miss never seeing it.
  7. Some of the troll accounts who have been impersonating players in game

    If you read my post I said, " I am not sure if there is a real "Questionible" who he was impersonating, or if that identity is of his own creation". So yes it would be reckless to start accusing people randomly, but that never happened here. The account that I was talking about and linked, is 100% a troll account because it had changed it's name from "Questionable" to "Snail Down" has been actively trolling under that name. Looking through your two messages I suggest you go back and re-read my original post because it looks as if you misunderstand what I was saying throughout it.

    As for the "Don't get it wrong and accuse the real players", please tell me where I did that. I linked 4 accounts, all of which had a history of stealing multiple other players names and trolling under them. If you are suggesting that anyone has a legitimate reason for pretending to be several other players then I would like to hear it.

    Listen, multiple people are saying multiple things, some of which applied to you some of which did not. Once it happens to you, you'll realize why u want it to be stated carefully, cause all kinds of ppl keep accusing you and threaten to report u cause they think u screwed up their game earlier and they're mad/irrational heh. Overall, what's important is that we should be clear that this is one or a few/small number of people using many accts.
  8. Some of the troll accounts who have been impersonating players in game

    This same troll also got me muted. I know it was someone using the name Snail Down because they bragged about it when I was in server. No one else KNEW I was muted. Tried to convince others to report me AGAIN while muted, and I must be a troll since I wasn't saying anything etc.

    And had talked other players into reporting in one server to get me muted initially, at least I assume that's how it happened. Oh that's Questionable the hacker, report him. So, y'all have to be cautious about what you're doing, when it could be playing right into the troll's plan to F with us. Meanwhile they'll just get a new acct and apparently is no way of catching them. I may have been legit muted when ppl review it because I was watching these hackers and telling everyone they are BS and should be reported. The game punishes US
  9. Some of the troll accounts who have been impersonating players in game

    Hi, this is Questionable. Just to correct the record, I had the troll impersonate me! It's not me, y'all, just like it's not most of the ppl you're listing.

    Don't get it wrong and accuse these real players. That only play's into the troll's hands. PPl tell me it's Cpt Codeine, idk. But it's incredibly reckless to just start accusing people that the troll wants you to falsely accuse.
  10. Muted

    Assuming it wasn't the name-stealing troll
  11. Muted

    I mean, I know there was one guy who 5 rounds in a row, kept suiciding every time then saying "no, but srsly next round I'll try". And I def said he was bs after 4 rounds of it, ha ha. Oh how terrible of me, I used an abbreviated swear word heh. Dude was being a systematic troll. I have a feeling it was something like this
  12. Muted

    WAIT... this was probably related to that troll who took my name and caused all that trouble. If I was seriously muted by mistake, that is really stupid
  13. Muted

    The game seems to embrace a culture where the toxic players band together against anyone who dares to say anything about them. Probably the admin or whoever was down with the toxic player and friends
  14. Muted

    I would be very interesting in knowing what I said that was "abusive" in chat. Probably telling someone they're a jerk is a problem... if this thing is just a popularity contest.
  15. Muted

    I was muted by someone else. Probably for telling off the player who was trolling incessantly when I entered a new server.

    Man, when I have witnessed so many players purposefully trolling, not playing at all, hiding in cliffs etc, this is ridiculous!
  16. Muted

    I feel like I muted myself on accident. is there a key for this? Or did the world mute me? I'm confused
  17. Need More Info Game won't update: aserai_crafting.tpac is locked

    Okay, looks like it was an issue with Mount and Blade Launcher not closing. Have posted about that issue separately.
  18. Need More Info Game won't update: aserai_crafting.tpac is locked

    Says aserai_crafting.tpac is locked. It is not though. Game will not update or run.
  19. Need More Info Update Will Not Install When Finished

    When I try to start the game from the download manager, It says the file aserai_crafting.tpac is locked. It is not though.
  20. Need More Info Update Will Not Install When Finished

    It def has the free space required.
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