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  1. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    The devs seem swamped by urgent tasks and are late with everything they do. That state of mind is not conducive to looking for ways to improve the game. If you stepped into their studio and said "I think voice overs would add a lot to the game", they would stare at you as if you were at a wrong address, despite being completely right. They just want to finish this and not make more work for themselves.

    Wait, that's reality and reality = bad.
    I mean, the devs would welcome your suggestion and take time to hire a good writer to write a novel-worth of interesting and original dialogs, then hire a voice casting agency that will find the right talent and finally record the voice overs in a professional studio under direction of the talented game designer Armagan himself.
    There's so much potential here! Maybe they already made this and will surprise us in the next patch! This must be the reason why it is delayed! :iamamoron:
    drugs are bad, mkay
  2. BL Coding Editing/modding values?

    i would suggest to ask some modders directly. maybe you can even get additional tips and tricks. i assume on nexus mods you will find some contact
  3. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    at least that hotfix absolves people from waitng for a bigger patch this week. since why would they get a hotfix out when they plan on releasing a bigger patch a few days later.
  4. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    I guess you tried the common things like reinstalling, desactivating the anti-virus, update drivers etc...
    I feel sorry for you, really :sad:
    no, i found a better solution. deinstall and reinstall in few month.. probably. thx for the kind words anyway
  5. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Yeah, I start to be sorry for myself though.
    Because I can't even say it is all fine in this forum without taking the risk to be bashed...
    those people are just jealous. at least i am. wish i could ignore all the flaws and issues. but its hard when you run into them all the time.
  6. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    I don't want to be antagonistic but I started playing since 1.5.6 and never got any critical bug.
    Except that graphic glitch with the noble bracer, but it was quickly resolved.
    i´m very glad for you and hope it will stay this way. but i´m afraid that solves nothing for me
  7. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Did you buy cyberjunk at release? That's some real bull**** in a box.
    no, i preordered it on gog. i make all the good decisions
  8. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    it surprises me everytime how much incompetence they were able to gather in one single company. i guess its an achievment in itself. one rare bugfix leads to multiple crashes and more instability then before.
  9. is there any news about 1.6.0 patch? (Presumably)

    putting additional stuff on an instable fundament can cause problems. who had thought?
  10. Please fix/remove death in battle

    Haven´t done it yet, what´s random about it?
    guards and bugs
  11. Please fix/remove death in battle

    We all know (even TW said it) that the death rate is too high at the moment.

    But TW still wants to gather data, which I don´t really understand because how do they gather data from my game? As far as I know the game doesn´t send any data to TW if you are not on the telemetry build.

    So at the moment we have 2 "random" reload scenarios:

    - battles when someone died
    - marriages

    Maybe we can get a third one too?

    Of course you don´t have to reload when someone dies in a battle but this leads to other issues that were already mentioned by a lot of players.
    Third option?
    ask and ya shall receive. I present you: Prison break
  12. So Rhagaea can marry after all

    In my current campaign fighting for Southern Empire I married Ira knowing that you cannot marry Rhagaea. I thought for a moment I could marry my brother to her because in chat options I could offer his hand and she said "These things are not rushed into" but there is not options to progress you can only choose nevermind.

    However a bit later in the campaign she had an army in Aserai territory and I have the Enhanced Tournaments mod active which will alert you for a celebratory tournament whenever high ranking nobles have children or get married. Sure enough I got an alert saying Rhagaea married an Aserai noble named Haqan from the Banu Qild house.

    Although it was reassuring to see she remained part of her family and ruler to the Southern Empire instead of suddenly becoming part of an Aserai family. I wonder if that is a special exception for Rhagaea or would the same be true for any female faction ruler?

    Anyways, I just have never seen her get married in any of my campaigns. Is this normal or quite rare?
    i´ve seen her getting married quite often. but who ever marries her, joins her clan. so it´s impossible as player right now. and should you be able to marry your brother to her (don´t know if it´s possible), you would just lose a clan member. like when you marry of your sister.
  13. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Yes, but they don´t want to make this game more "complex" and we also have mods. So what DLC should we expect? More hair cuts?

    Or something elementary like a diplomancy system? I don´t think so. Also just look at the EA progress where they should focus on the development on Bannerlord, I mean there is no real progress. And the progress TW makes is very very slow. In my opinion the last meaningful feature were the rebellions and the next and last one will be the region system.*

    No, I don´t think we´ll get any meaningful DLC that´s worth more than 4,99€ and that will expand the game in any useful way.

    They´ll just move on to their space game and repeat the Bannerlord history: Hype it with trailers, dev blogs, release EA, cut off a lot of the shown stuff before, work on the next game, release space game and repeat.


    *Like fixing siege AI or the smithing system, that´s no real progress or content for me, that´s stuff that should be working already like months ago. But I know, it´s not a priority for TW, like banners :sad:

    I mean modders have already proven that they can add banners in some way into the game. And that improved my gameplaye experience, they just look cool in big battles. Why can´t TW use a placeholder system like those "simple" mods?

    They could, if they want, easily add them like the modders did and say something like "It´s not the final version of the banners, but it´s better than nothing we hope." I guess the community would love it, TW wouldn´t need that much work to add them like the modders did and everyone would be happy.

    But of course this would mean that TW is really interested in things the community likes and they need to communicate with us like saying "not final" but instead they´ve said "we´ll add them later at some point" and we´ll never hear anything about them again until day X arrives.

    Have they said anything about the "place troops before battle starts" perk which got silently removed but "we´ll add this option later"? I don´t think so, this would also improve the game for all players. I´m not even sure if they remember that they had this perk :grin:

    What´s their communication with us overall? They drop a patch/hotfix and release the patch notes, that´s all since half a year or so. Some devs like Mexxico/Duh/the ones I forgot are telling us some stuff otherwise we would know nothing.

    I mean, what should we expect with the next update? Bug fixes? Region system? New hair cuts? It´s a secret until it´s released. Yea, great communication from their side. And how do they react to the all feedback/suggestions in their official forum? There is no reaction...the thread where Duh answered some stuff (not really but he tried at least) needed like 7+ pages to get at least some reaction from TW.

    So many good suggestions/improvements threads in this forum, all this time wasted by players who love this game without any reaction from TW, it´s just sad for an tripple A price EA game. There is not a single EA game I own (I own a lot) with worse communication than Bannerlord. And Bannerlord is by far the most expensive EA game I´ve ever bought :grin: .

    Just check Dejans/Callums activity in their profile. They have like 2-4 posts each week and then remove the release notes posts and you get like 1-2. Remove the posts that don´t say anything about suggetions/feedback/upcoming features and you have 0.
    bad communication? yeah, couldn´t be worse. I think there is just 1 dev who acts as reliable source of information and he even he doesn´t do (can do) it very often.
    but regarding the content i think you are wrong. correct me if i´m wrong but didn´t they say something about keep fights?
    beside that, you said yourself, the game isn´t really brimming with content. i think there is plenty of room for them to rake in some more cash. new factions, diplomacy events, in game shop for armor (ok, the last one is made up, i don´t think they are totally evil). it´s also much easier for them to add something to a existing game then coming up with something entirely new. if it´s worth more then 4.99 that´s up to you to decide. if they go on with what they do, i personally am disappointed enough, i wouldn´t buy anything from them again. regardless what it is.
    i don´t think they are already done with the game. could ofc be wrong, but for the sake of everyone who still believes in TW, i hope i´m right.
  14. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Easy one, Bannerlord will be released first at the end of the year.

    TW wants to focus on their new game while Chris Roberts is only working on Star Citizen. Also Chris Roberts can just get like infinite money if he keeps selling new space ships to his customers while TW will only make more money with Bannerlord when they release it again as a final version.

    At least I don´t think they make that much sales anymore compared to the first 1-2 months after the EA release because the hype train crashed.

    I´m more afraid what will happen after the Bannerlord release, I don´t expect a good support from TW if there will be any bugs after the release. And I don´t think we´ll get more content after the final release from TW.

    Just my 2 cents.
    you think they won´t release dlcs? i don´t know about that. it´s basicly extra money
  15. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    yeah.....I don't think you got the sarcasm.
    no, i think the one missing the ironie was you :grin:
  16. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    i wonder what will release first, star citizen or bannerlord. any bets?
  17. Please fix/remove death in battle

    The good thing about death in this game when you join a Battle or make an Army .
    It makes you have to think shall i join and help . Shall i make an Army and go on a Steamroller .. and at the end have no Lords left ...It slows the player down and makes him think in what he is going to do .. play the long game.. more real to life.. yes some little changes needed .. but all in all its needed..
    actually no. even if you lose a city or more. what is the benefit when you permanently lose a part of your forces that you cannot replace? There are no new clans and the next generation will take a lot of time to spawn. death in battle is not bad in general but the game simply doesn´t support that high numbers of casualties. same goes for armor. it doesn´t seem useless but considering the amount of dmg that is in the game it is meaningless.
    the game lacks balance in very many ways. unfortunatly it´s of no priority to TW
  18. Caravan strength?

    at start of EA caravans had 50 men. then they decreased it to 30 with the option of getting better units. in any case, bandits scale with player level. when u get to clan tier 4 caravans become an expensive hobby at best. there are perks that could help in tactics and scouting, but your companions will never be able to reach that normaly. so you basicly you have the option to kick your caravans in late game or cheat. there is a good reason why so many people rely on smithing. until TW decides to actually fix the late game but that could take a while.
  19. My character got pregnant without being married?

    Maybe it´s the attempt to get rid of a very bad design choice? Instead of staring at the screen and waiting for a message to pop up, it now simply happens?
    I know that´s not happening but a boy can dream, right?
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