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  1. Piédalf

    Crash after Dorestad merchant in storyline

    I recently started a new game with my Mac (I used to play on pc). Every time I try to go in the merchant in Dorestad during the early quest, my game crash (go to the desktop). I can't go further in the storyline. my spec: MacBook Pro (13, early 2011) 2,3 GHz Intel Core i5 4 Go 1333 MHz DDR3...
  2. Piédalf

    Warfare in early medieval Britain and Brittony

    I'd like to discuss about tactics used by the britons, the anglo-saxons and the gaels during early medieal brittain. There is some topics I'd like to discuss, things that were featured in the Viking conquest DLC and I'm not sure about the accuracy. The aim of this thread is to collect materials...
  3. Piédalf

    Help for modding VC

    Hello, I might create a submod for viking conquest, but I don't know how to balance a few thing: I'd like to make nex units and removing some of the preexisting ones, but do I need to edit some lord troops first? With more units added to the troop trees, will the lords have them at the...
  4. Piédalf

    Vaegir ethnogenesis theories

    Recent discussions, like this one,372472.0.html , argued about the origins of the Vaegir. Here we can post our theories. What do we know about the Vaegir during Warband? -They were already present when the Nords came to Calradia. -They have a slavic...
  5. Piédalf

    Cheaper companion relation gifts

    Please, developers, Make the gifts that increase companion relationship cheaper. It's annoying You'd have to pay a king's ransom to get good relations with your companions. I like to play Royal sandbox and Briding lords is already the hell expensive. Getting relations is important because it...
  6. Piédalf

    Modification project for VC: The Iron Price

    Hello, I'd like to make few modifications on viking conquest to reflect my vision of the viking age warfare. I just need some advice for few details: I want to prevent companions from becoming adventurers, what file should I modify? If I add units in faction trees, will they be present in IA...
  7. Piédalf

    Horrible lags

    I recently bought a new computer. It is powerful and I can run many recent games with no problem, like Fallout 4. I can also run any warband mods with excellent performances. But when I run VC and the troops start hitting each other I have horrible lags, even if I run it with low graphics. I...
  8. Piédalf

    A mod request to get strong conquest factions.

    When I play sandbox, something bothers me: It's not a viking conquest anymore because Northymbre is weak and surrounded by many factions. Usualy they have weak lords because they never stop fighting, so they never conquier anything. My idea: giving them a regular army (sort of very trong...
  9. Piédalf

    New units balance suggestion

    Well, I read the Sword and Shield submod post and I think Kale 3 hans some good ideas, even if I don't like some others. He suggests melee peasants with spears and shields and low stats and no more helmets for level 3 units. What I suggest is -peasants with spear (and knife) but no shield...
  10. Piédalf

    Weak goidelic players

      I noticed that hey were no strong irish/pictish chest armors. All other cultures has a 50+ armor mail. Even the lighter scale lorica is norse design (you can see norse bandits with it) and it has large pants, unlike irish units (they have regular short pants with celtic design because they...
  11. Piédalf

    What defines heavy cavalry?

    In ancient times they were many kind of cavalry that plays differents roles on the battlefield: light cavalry to take disbanded units and throw javelins and heavy cavalry that acts as shock troops (we will not talk about archer cavalry). So what's the difference between both? Armament? a...
  12. Piédalf

    Cavalry skirmishers

    I heard that in early medieval times, celtic and saxon cavalry was only skirmish cavalry that can come in melee against disbanded units. Only franks and byzantines had cavalry shock troops (heavy cav.). In the game cavalry seems to be weak at skismishing and irish have pretty good heavy cavalry...
  13. Piédalf

    Historical anvils

    In game I saw many anvils but they are not 9th century anvils. Anvils from the Mästermyr chest, 9th century:
  14. Piédalf

    Axes! (not a two-handed axe topic)

    Hello, I would like to disuss about axes, especially about the ability to parry with them. I think that axe parrying with short axes is unreallistic. The weapon is not balances, too short and not designed to parry. Maybe 5+ feet axes can parry because they have a long handle.
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