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  1. Need More Info Brother Marriage- Missing Spouse

    Assuming you checked clan menu to make sure where she is exactly, took a look at both tavern and keep, the best you can do, if you own a settlement, is to assign her governor there. She'd appear in the keep after you re-enter the town. Also sometimes members in clan menu appear as holding instead of waiting, which means they're in limbo, so it's best to give them a few days to appear somewhere, waiting.
    Thank you for responding!! I checked the keep, the tavern, and the dungeon and had been all over the map and it said she was holding at Ocs hall the whole time without moving. I have no idea how to get around this, especially since my brother is also waiting at Chaikand
  2. Need More Info Brother Marriage- Missing Spouse

    Summary: I jumped through all the hoops to get my brother a spouse. I spoke with her father and paid a hefty sum of money to buy her hand with my brother. This was sufficient, but when the deed was done the spouse was nowhere to be found. Before starting the conversation with her father she was...
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