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  1. small faction leaded by chuck norris

    gongo said:
    hi, small factions (like navarra and cimry) has enormous troop in their only city.....and other faction can't attack these cities, cuz there is an army of more than 2800 soldier.......

    so what? hunger them out, and defeat their armies when they sally out. rinse and repeat.
  2. How is the mod going?

    Should I give you a summary of the 3-4 threads one needs to read for about an hour or so to get the info you are asking for? Or would you rather have the devs take a break from modding and explain their progress and the patch you heard about to you?  :cool:
  3. Weekly income

    Mohamad said:
    Hello all,

    I am a lord of a village and I server the emperor of Constantinople. However, I am not gaining money from my village as weeks pass? Why?

    Note, I am not noble. I am just a warrior.

    Not a noble but you have a fief? How is that possible?
  4. Question about companions

    DrTomas said:
    The number will change, but you probably will be able to have less of them. But total number will probably be bigger. IE recruiting them from England will bring a bit different companions(in name, basic gear, appearance and perhaps some minor stat changes) then getting them from Russia

    Daggers or clubs? For the murdering I mean. I prefer daggers, to be honest.  :twisted:
  5. Question about companions

    DrTomas said:
    They were never finished. Because of that I'm gonna murder them and introduce a slightly different companion system. This will be done soon.

    I'm all in for the murder thing, aye, but ask me the questions three first:

    Will I still be able to equip them as I do now?
    Will they still number 29?
    Will I still be abley to promote them to lordship, when I own a kingdom?
  6. The new Subversion.

    sifis172 said:
    Well i couldn't defend at a ratio 2000 to 1000.
    I would pretend i had other very importnt bussiness like
    hunting down Gragdar the mouse,or taking a cattle herd
    to a very important trip of cattle tourism.

    If you play as archer, you can. With a good shooting spot and some heavy armor troops to defend the gap, you can kill unlimited numbers of enemies. I once made lvl 24-27 in one siege defense. But I rather play as melee. :-/
  7. new features?,196192.0.html
  8. The new Subversion.

    Haatsh said:
    i never troll. It's retarded kid's word anyway. Normal people have "provoke". But whatever you do or say is full of so hopeless retardiness... that i just can't not smile. I really curious, how you guys survive in real live?

    and admins are another exaple of idiots. LOL, Mayakovsky would be perma banned after 1 post, i'm sure :grin: Retarded turks...

    you remind me of someone...juicydeath, is it you?  :razz:
  9. tha Thread (formerly: That sucks)

  10. Bow values

    :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

    I think I can end this discussion here with a single quote:

    Legolas: "Faeg i-varv dîn na lanc a nu ranc." (Their armor is weak at the neck and under the arms.)

    nuff said!  :mrgreen:
  11. The new Subversion.

    hey waffenbaum, win7 or xp?
    I guess it's win7, because of your 4GB of memory.
    so, do you run the game 'as administrator'? and have you tried compatibility mode?
    it's always worth a try with older games.  :wink:
  12. Bow values

    Lazyman said:
    The best indication of how good a bow is , is the power draw requirement, I believe it goes like this.

    Mongol Bow>Hun Bow/Composite bow (could not see any difference/Self bows

    I have never played with a Longbow so IDK, but it certainly is not as powerful as the Mongol bow .

    Personally, the only thing I find strange is the super long draw times, but I guess that is for balance.

    Has any of you guys ever actually used a strong bow?
    Yes. you can draw a 120 lb bow as fast as cou can draw a 35 lb bow. Until you start tiring.
    And trust me, you will start tiring damn fast.
    That's the reason why expierienced longbowmen hold a certain pace in shooting, so they could go on for an hour and more.
    Count that in, and don't simply multiply the possibilites of a single shot.
  13. tha Thread (formerly: That sucks)

    yes...tha thread rises again, to walk the earth and long for brain.  :mrgreen:
  14. The new Subversion.

    Natural1 said:
    KnightPeter said:
    as the peasents might stole them?

    Darn thems pesky peasants!!!

    I think its time to start the wholesale slaughter of all of the peasants I meet from now on.

    What makes me shiver is that the difference between a hunting party and near-genocide is just one missing h, and the birds go free...
  15. Swords.

    Disco Ninja said:
    Lazyman said:
    Well one of the sword I never get to find is the Elite Scimitar...always have to get that from cheatmenu.

    Elite Scimitar? That exists? I thought that was urban legend.  :razz:

    Join Crusaders, find yourself a decent battle, outnumbered 4 to 1, and kill some hundred men...then search the equipment that covers the ground. You almost always find an Elite Scimitar. I always find it kind of enjoyable to equip my companions with the family heirlooms of my enemies. ^^
  16. General suggestions thread.

    KnightPeter said:
    DrwHem said:
    Is there any chance of you integrating the recruiter mod into your mod? this way you can just hire a recruiter to go out and recruit in specific regions. for instance if i am in serbia but i want byzantine troops then i could hire my recruiter to go pick up some byzantines instead of the serbs.

    This is not realistic. Not becouse of serbia but how you recruit troop at serbia but not serbian?

    hire foreign sellswords?
  17. My way of playing as Teutonic Order vassal

    KnightPeter said:
    For me i am not playing advanced but what i do is at start keeping man close to each other after that spear man at front against cavalary charge. after my enmy engaged spearmans  with cavalary fallowing me i try to flank (or rear)  them then i order charge to everyone.

    why i find archers useless biggest reason is they dont stand close to rest of my army (some problem also for spear man). They die fast kill less. if m&b has some more controls (easier) i could use them more effective. maybe there is i just dont know. i am still using vanillia style controls.

    I select my infantry (I don't bother about spearmen or swordsmen, I combine them all in infantry, group one), let them advance four times (10 paces each time) by pressing 4 times F2;F1. This catches the cav charge if I can't meet the enemy cav with my own in time. If ever possible, I position my archers on higher ground than my infantry, to give them a clear shot over my own shieldwall. If not possible, I let them go backwards (F2;F2) two times, so they can shoot better. If I have to do that, I hold my cav close, and intercept enemy cav when they go for my archers. If not, I lead my cav to the flank, wait for the enemy cav to impact on my infantry, and then charge my cav into them. With a little luck, you dispose most of the enemy cav before the enemy infantry can come in fighting range. I lead my own cav out before it gets all too messy with enemy infantry, break clear, and shift my archers to the side and forward, so they can shoot from an almost right angle at enemy infantry in close comabt with my own, or dismount the leftovers of the enemy cavalry. Leading the cav first to the enemies ranged units, and after finishing that business, let them charge the back of the enemy infantry, at least what is left of them and doesn't look like hedgehogs. Rinse and repeat in big battles, hold formations and don't charge silly after retreating enemies who unite again with their reinforcements. don't forget to tell your archers to hold fire if there aren't plenty of worthwile targets for them around.
  18. My way of playing as Teutonic Order vassal

    Astacius said:
    I dont have any archers they seem useless to me.

    Theyre completely useless in this mod.

    let me guess...F1+F3 is all of the command options you need? ^^
  19. Troops Balancing and Equiping

    DrwHem said:
    what about the issue with the ranged damage? was that by design? if so i think ill sub out crossbowmen/archers from my armies lol

    what issue? my archers do fine work, as long as I ensure they are not shooting right into a shield wall.
  20. The new Subversion.

    Squiglet said:
    I recommend Guinness.  :wink:

    I...I am speechless...that's exactly the kind of beer I thought of. Do you know me?  :shock:
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