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  1. Any way to play 1.4.3 beta in Epic Launcher?

    there is for example a beta branch for satisfactory you seperatly have to download, but the devs have to set it up i suppose
  2. Can we do something about the khuzaits?

    Crusades certainly were a thing. THE crusade however was not. Oh well, I think this doesnt serve a purpose. Sorry for derailing the thread.
  3. Can we do something about the khuzaits?

    Superior? LOL
    Yes. Around 1000 militarily they fielded bigger and more advanced armies, they were tolerant against other religions, education was more wide spread and easier to obtain, medicine was way more sophisticated. In europe they were mostly busy waging war against each other and being good christiabs
  4. Can we do something about the khuzaits?

    the crusade definitely was a thing. The 1st crusade was only part of the bigger crusade(hence the name 1st crusade), like during ww2 nazis successfully invaded poland, but they were later defeated and driven out, so you can't call ww2 a nazi victory. The crusade had a goal and the goal was not achived at the end, they might have won some battles, but that doesn't change the result.
    Uhmn... no. The first crusade was the first crusade. the second the second. the third the third. there was no "bigger crusade". But to be fair, yes, their was an overarching goal of all crusades, which was "to check the spread of Islam, to retake control of the Holy Land in the eastern Mediterranean, to conquer pagan areas, and to recapture formerly Christian territories " ( and that failed in the end, at least until the end of the first world war. That doesnt mean that some of them acchieved what they wanted.
  5. Can we do something about the khuzaits?

    you keep bringing up the 1st crusade, but that is only a part of the entire crusade. And it wasn't impressive at all, the enemies were unprepared and underestimating them.
    Well thats because you are talking about "the crusade" which isnt a thing, like there isnt "the jihad". there were multiple crusades, and the first of them happened to be a militaric and strategic success. Yes, ofc they wouldnt have succeeded against united moslems, after all the muslimic states where quite superior to their european counterparts in that period of time, both militarily and culturally. Still, conqering 2 of the best defended cities at that time and defeating the enemys that managed to conquer most of byzantines holdings is not a small feat.
  6. Can we do something about the khuzaits?

    well sorry its late where i am :grin: about 100 years later.
  7. Can we do something about the khuzaits?

    "The Crusaders, therefore, attained their goal three long years after they had set out. Against the odds this struggling, fractious, and naive enterprise had made its way from western Europe to the Middle East and conquered two of the best-defended cities of the time. From a modern perspective, the improbability of the First Crusade’s success is staggering. For medieval men and women, though, the agent of victory was God himself, who worked miracle after miracle for his faithful knights. It was this firm belief that would sustain centuries of Crusading. " source:

    maybe some reading wouldnt be that bad. The _first_ crusade was considered a success. they stayed in the holy land until saladin united the moslem states to finally kick the christians out 200 years later
  8. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    I wonder if the addition of the new lords/ladies is in preparation down the line for moving to younger generations as everyone at the start ages/dies out. Otherwise, we're in for a lot more armies if even a small amount of those added can fight in the field.
    havnt tested yet, but my first thought was that they function as some kind of replacement if fighting lords and ladys die, mostly due to execution by the player.
  9. Um..the so called "Road Map" doesn't actually mention any new content....

    So if you review the statement put out by the developer Duh_TaleWorlds you will see that it does not actually include any mention of new content or features.
    I came to the same conclusion, however I've not taken the comment as a complete roadmap but things that are on their priority list right now in this moment. I've seen it as an attempt to please the people who demand a roadmap without giving a roadmap.
  10. Wow the Battle AI is painfully bad :(


    Combat Missions

    • Performance
      • AI performance optimizations
      • Formation system performance optimizations
      • Memory management improvements
    • AI
      • Battle formation AI and tactics overhaul
      • Siege tower and ladder usage fixes for AI
      • Additional fixes on siege battles
      • Agent AI combat enhancements

    Please keep in mind that these priorities are neither all-encompassing nor set in stone. We will adjust them if the need arises.

  11. Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine

    What do you guys think "Simulation Health" means? I frankly think it sounds like doublespeak.
    I'd say they are talking about kingdom stability and balance, all the mentioned points are vital for having a somewhat stable gameworld after some time. no snowballing, no bankrupt lords, clans being (mostly) where they belong, no huge discrepancy in wealth, no starving towns without hostile interference and so on.
  12. A call for heavy handed moderation

    problem will solve itself most likely after some time since ppl have vented their frustration and left or stayed and work with what we have.
    i dont think more moderation is neccessary, when people start to insult each other they get muted. nonsense threads that lead nowhere but voicing frustration are getting closed. i dont think doing anything more is healthy or needed.
  13. Next patch notes will be something like

    I'm pretty much upset that no content has been added yet, but from my former early access experiences i know that its pretty much normal to not recieve anything major for the first 2 to 3 months. would feel nice to get something though. or at least know whats in the pipelines. perk rework is nice and i appreciate it a lot, the one handed perks didnt overwhelm me though. its getting there but not much wow :smile:
  14. Taleworlds nerfing things too hard

    nah im fine with the nerfs. workshops earning around 200 to 300 a day when you set them up correctly feels pretty much fine to me. thats about 30 soldiers wages. progression is extremely fast. sure, i dont want mmo grind but fielding a large army of top tier troops should feel like an accomplishment not like the base. same with top armor. xp gain still feels too slow for me though, especially on outliers like tactics, medicine etc.
  15. Another quick patch has been pushed to Beta branch

    Imo its also about specific policies arnt too powerful. It can always happen that a kingdom does not enact the most beneficial policies, I'm not sure how the ai decides to support a policy or not but it seems rather random to me at times, my best guess would be the relation with the person suggesting a new policy is the main variable here. But still, some kingdoms dont enact CotC and hence are at a clear disadvantage compared to other kingdoms. Even after the nerf it should still be a noticeable difference between kingdoms which have this policy or not when it comes to daily influence income of all clans.
  16. Patch Notes e1.2.1 & Beta Hotfix

    I don't know what's the background for this but ooooooouupphh...this will result in more stupid losses of high tier soldiers when fighting nearly naked looters with stones in simulation. Don't like.
    its about the advantage that cavalry heavy nations like vlandia and mostly khuzait get, despite being faster on the campaign map allready.
  17. The Final Release Date

    dont be too harsh to him. apparently he's a magic the gathering player. after what wizards of the coast have done to him its no wonder he cant trust anyone anymore
  18. So I bought a RAM

    Also this

    downloading ram confirmed
  19. So I bought a RAM

    It's not a goat, it's a mouflon. A little bit of respect with mouflons, please.
    thanks for the clarification.
    thats a majestic mouflon. Where can i download it?
  20. So I bought a RAM

    thats a majestic goat. where can i download it?
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