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  1. tha Thread (formerly: That sucks)

    What are you looking at? Yes you! What are you looking at?
    Move along, nothing to see here.
  2. Merry Christmas guys!

    kuauik said:
    ntb_15 said:
    Merry Christmas all!
    you :mrgreen:
    Shhh!, dont draw too much attention, Tomas might see me.  :mrgreen:
  3. Merry Christmas guys!

    Merry Christmas all!
  4. How to download

    Try this when you encounter error while downloading,
    right click the folder -> TortoiseSVN -> Clean Up
    and then start the update again.
  5. kuauik's sweatshop ;0)

    NikeBG said:
    Unless you're from the Balkans... :razz:
  6. kuauik's sweatshop ;0)

    Actually thats based on the bulgarian tsar.  :razz:
  7. kuauik's sweatshop ;0)

    A small bump to kuauik's thread with one of the armors i am looking forward to the most... :mrgreen:
    kuauik said:
  8. tha Thread (formerly: That sucks)

    What madness is this? Tha thread is in page 7!

    Just leaving this here... Sound familiar anyone?  :razz:

    The lyrics are awesome.. :lol:
    They come over here and they take all our land
    They chop of our heads and they boil them in oil
    Our children are leaving and we have no heads
    We drink and we sing and we drink and we die

    We have no heads, we have no heads

    They come over here and they chop off our legs
    They cut off our hands and put nails in our eyes
    O'Grady is dead and O'Hanrahan's gone
    We drink and we die and continue to drink

    O'Hanrahan, no O'Hanrahan

    They buried O'Neill down in Country Shillhame
    The poor children crying a fe dee din de
    Hin fle di din fle di din fle de din de
    In hey bibble bibble hey bibble bibble hey fle bibble hey

    O'Hanrahan, no O'Hanrahan

    We drink and we sing and we drink and we sing, hey!
    We drink and we drive and we puke and we drink, hey!
    We drink and we fight and we bleed and we cry, hey!
    We puke and we smoke and we drink and we die, hey!
  9. Hey you! I recognize that helmet!!!

  10. kuauik's sweatshop ;0)

    kuauik said:
    you mister....come back
    I'll be back next thursday. :razz:

    I'll be back soon bro, i'll send you a PM soon.  :mrgreen:
  11. kuauik's sweatshop ;0)

    CounterPoint said:
    Oh hey fans of 1257AD, I'm CounterPoint and I some great news -- even though kuauik's next pack is on hiatus, I will be releasing to the rest of the dev team a visual pack while you wait for kuauik's big update. This will be focusing on other visual aspects of the mod, such as terrain borders, as well as some new scene props

    here's a sneak peak of the breathtaking vista's you can enjoy

    Counterpoint391!! Ur back!  :mrgreen:
    Terrain borders are desperately needed, i started doing some mediterranean ones and gave up half way.  :sad:

    That looks awesome.  :grin:
  12. The new Subversion.

    DrTomas said:
    You! Stop disappearing!

    I'm batman.
  13. Banat of Bosnia??

    First, there are many other kingdoms much more important and autonomous than bosnia.

    Second, during this time, Prijezda I was the ban of bosnia and he was a vassal of Bela IV of hungary.
  14. The new Subversion.

    Mmmm....smoked fish, the secret to the might of the varangian guards. Have a fish smoke pot and cook it while its high.
  15. kuauik's sweatshop ;0)

    DrTomas said:
    kuauik said:
    tht is not necessary,no need to be moderator  :wink:

    Ha! too late for that!

    The King is dead. Long live the King.  :razz:
  16. Assassins Creed III - trailer released.

    Hmm just saw the E3 trailer:lol:, awesome. Wasnt really interested in ACIII before, but now am pretty hyped up for it.
    I was pretty dissapointed before, that they turned Ezio into a Chuck norris like superwarrior, but given the setting of ACIII, i am actually looking forward to playing as the lone indian that charges a battalion with a tomahawk and bow this time. :razz:

    Ringwraith #5 said:
    Well yes, the whole Desmond framing device is stupid and pointless, but I liked Altair's character development and the little post-assassination dialog with the targets. That at least gave each of them some motivation and made them seem like real people. AC2 and onward had cartoonishly evil villains doing dastardly deeds seemingly for the evulz, which was a major step down IMO.
    I liked those post assassination dialogues.
  17. Decreasing a garrison

    English_Knight said:
    It was fun working out how to beat them before, but now every single Irish lord's army is composed of them and their spear counterparts entirely. I seem to remember reading that 1257 included "no top-tier armies"...and now it seems like every Irishman has state-of-the-art weapons and armour and can take on 10 men at a time.

    Hmm, i am not sure whether its the same with the lance recruitment system, but with the native recruitment system, the quality of troops that the ai lords carried around depends on the 'Campaign difficulty' setting in the options menu. Try lowering that setting, if its at high.
  18. Mediterranean landscapes.

    kuauik said:
    welcome back buddy,glad you have rejoin our two man team :smile:
    great work on the trees :razz:
    Thanks bro :mrgreen:
    Feels great to finally get back to the virtual world! :razz:

    Dromel said:
    For the olive, these can help you?
    Not quite, i am looking for close-up photos of olive branches, like these pics.


    So that i can make a texture out of them. But thanks for taking the time to help out. :smile:
  19. Mediterranean landscapes.

    Hey guyz, back after a looong break.. :razz:
    ...Some new plants for the meditarranean terrain.....i'm not sure what plant this is, i made this based on a reference pic i had saved a longtime ago.
    Critics/suggestions please :smile:  (i noticed the seams problem with the first one, i'll fix it soon)
    They are meant to be small trees, around the height of a man)

    and, am still looking for photos of olive branches, if any of you can help?
    ntb_15 said:
    Does anyone have any good photos of olive tree branches to make a texture out of? Most of the pics i found with google are way too low resolution, or are too far away from the tree.
  20. Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Sierr 1 said:
    Thats awesome!  :eek:
    How long did it take to render the scene? And on what PC did u render it? :eek:
    Great job with everything! Animation, textures, effects, idea..everything is great..!
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