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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.5

    This is what I read on the forums for myself; players could be content with very, very little different content from the Viking Conquest ( Warband ) dlc. However, the current game is far from that and the devs see code, not game. I don't think they opened the game like a player and played it even once. They are only focused on the money they get and the code they write...
    We are talking about a huge empire and it is only 15 cities divided into 3 parts. cities have 2 or 3 villages. let's say they are the town but where are the rulers?
    We set off from sturgia, which has snowy lands, and we can reach the aserai deserts in 2-3 days with the game day. On the way, I come across only 3-4 cities and they have 2 or 3 villages each. We can take the entire unit from where to where without camping or resting. I'm playing bannerlord because I don't want an anime or mystical game. I can't even compare with the maps and cities of the games that correspond to the price they want for the game.
    I take a comrade myself to my clan and I cannot command him where he will go or what he will do. Which village to loot or where to defend, whether to donate his soldiers or not... I become a huge king, an army is formed without my approval, and according to what reason, the castle and city are besieged? Isn't this a rebellion?
    Whole empire and this empire does not have a capital... or it is no different from other cities! They want to present the empire as a civilized civilization, but they have NO difference from the barbarian battania, neither their cities nor their economy, except visually!though there is nothing to do in the city... Even though I clean the bandits inside every day, a new one appears again every day.
    I enter a city, a merchant comes upon a merchant, the trade is very lively and the level of prosperity is enormous. the production is good, the workshops are working and the production in the surrounding towns is good. but you bring all the merchants together, there is 50-70k gold in the purse. When I sell the goods I have for the money of the merchants in that city, the profit I get is not enough for my unit and garrison for 2 days. If you say the spoils of the war I won, that greater damage...
    Let's get past all of this and enter the battlefield. All the soldiers are waving their swords, as if they are zombies and want to turn those in front of them into zombies at my command. Without any fear of death or any forward or backward moves! And really, after the first sword blow, the battle in the big square ends in 3 minutes, sometimes 5 minutes. I don't even want to mention the sieges and the defense and attack sequences to be made in the siege. I can't even command the horsemen to attack the archers from the right (without using mods)? Speaking of mods, they are bored with the patches that have no effect on the content that constantly spoils the mods and that the producers break and fix.
    I was waiting for bannerlord with big dreams in 2020. What I saw when it first came out was disappointment. However, it was said that we will continue to improve the game with player recommendations and the huge staff we have. Then they mentioned that they did code validation and it would take a long time. Once again, they fixed their own bugs, except for the ridiculous plugins. Anyway, there is only one thing that I am sad about now, if I had bought bitcoin with the money I gave to bannerlord, my money would have been worth 17 times more...
    this kid dont know the diff between a game and real life,
    complain about bandit emerge after they are killed. end where do you think u will got exp for ur troops if not kill bandit?
    and the Capital is where the KING STAYS.
    NOT ALL NEED TO BE PRECISE AS THE REAL LIFE. go conquer ur nearby village then if so obsess about a real life experience. lol
  2. Community Feedback-based EARLY ACCESS ROADMAP - ready for you, Taleworlds!

    make it as hard a s possible, but still got a change to do so
  3. Why do some people want Bannerlord with Crusader Kings 3 Features/Diplomacy?

    That would be utter crap. I and the majority of steam review users are happy with the way the developers are taking Bannerlord. In that it will be a combat-oriented game, not a diplomacy simulator. Of course, there are features that are still needed in the game, and it is not yet finished.
    Like feasts, proper dismemberment, assassinations, being able to make your companions into new lords with their own clans, and some other juicy things.

    Imagine being forced to sit through a bunch heavy weight diplomacy just to get to the fight already.

    I have played Stellaris, and its biggest downfall is that there is too much build up/diplomacy and so few wars. Who would want that except for a noisy forum minority?

    Praise be to getting to the action quickly. Heck, the game is slow enough with all the world map traveling already.

    Thoughts? Feelings? No drama, only war.
    Coz this is not call of duty so U can just login and shoot anybody.
  4. All kinds of problems with the main quest

    I am having all kinds of problems with the main quest. First off, it says that I have twenty days to disrupt the supply line. The quest fails in 5. That's barely enough time for me to even get to the general area, let alone do anything.

    Then it tells me there's a base of operations near a castle. There is. no. base.

    What the heck? Why are they making this so annoying? I see why no one likes the main quest.
    U supposed to FIND A BANDIT LAIR, Its already mark on map zzzz
  5. In 1.59 I cant move my troops and companion prioritizing in Party UI. Anyone know why?

    In 1.59 I cant move my troops and companion prioritizing in Party UI. Anyone know why?
  6. Which Faction Needs the Most Love and Work?

    Yes, but it's boring.

    Yes, but it's boring.

    If the lore is boring and poorly written, change the lore. Lets be honest, nobody really cares about the continuity between warband and bannerlord, especially not the developers.
    Nah, its just you mate, The empire is already lore wise and sensible
  7. How Many people want MALE ONLY LORD in Bannerlord?

    here you go

    Its not working, it crashes multiple time on 1.57 ver


    But Its the mod reduce the Lord quantity? In Native They make HALF the lords FEMALE, so if I let them go home, the amount of LORD WILL BE DECLINE,

    How about changing their gender only?
  8. deleted

    Somebody please created MOD with ALL LORDS ARE MEN...... 3-5 female hero is fine, but not half of lord all female, I try change them 1 by 1 but got stuck at some point
  9. How Many people want MALE ONLY LORD in Bannerlord?

    Just want to check how many people want MALE only LORD?( maybe 3-5 outstanding female only, not half of them woman) I check the forum and mod, no one exist. Oh yeah and simply also, I don't want to Fight and beheaded A WOMAN.
  10. Mod suggestion - scale down calradia so the player feels more in control, and less grind

    Imo bannerlords map is too huge and makes the player feel powerless against the amount of towns, castles, villages,lords ,clans, ladies and map size in general
    , I would like a smaller scale where you actually get to meet the lords during feasts, and improve relations with them, only 3 clans and 4-3 towns per kingdom would make things less convoluted, the smaller maps would also diminish travel time in general.

    The point of this game is to GAIN POWER and BECOME KING/QUEEN as FAR AS POSSIBLE, if you feel powerless than u don't meant to ruled this land. Just activated "death in battle" and be done with it.
  11. Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine

    Ok I just get to the point of what I think should be improve:
    1. Start as commoner just like Dragoslav777 suggested that u can join lords party as mercenaries/soldier.
    2. Commoner should NOT have banner standard (really important). Impersonating noble should be punish by DEATH.
    3. ITEM PRICE DROP should be LESS valued than the original one, let say 40-70% cheaper than town/village market.
    4. UPGRADE TROOPS should be based on their Equipment PRICE or at least half.
    5. More Scenario at the beginning : commoner, noble, baron retainers, escape prisoner, etc each having their own + and -

    Others than that is just looking great to me.
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