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  1. In Progress Nimr has no relatives

    Nimr doesn't have relationships with any other member of the Banu Sarran:
  2. In Progress battanian noblewoman has wrong culture?

    she has imperial culture. not sure if this is intentional as she would currently be the only character with a different cultural background in the entire game:
  3. Add Buzkashi, Polo and Tzykanion Games to Towns

    the arenas are already there, and it's a bit more engaging than the boardgames. it also should obviously improve your riding skill.
  4. Resolved Some Northern Empire nobles have no family relationships

    they are Encurion and Epipheria of the clan Impestores, and Tasynor and Panalea of the Phalentes Clan. you can check it in the encyclopedia:
  5. Faction Troop Trees - an analysis as of 1.5

    this thread is supposed to compare and contrast the various troop trees and how they work. the aim is to improve the logic and consistency of troop upgrades and balancign within and between factions. first off, the aserai: general outline: the aserai begin with the recruit. it then branches...
  6. More Horse Armor

    i'd like to suggest more horse armor. specifically, there is not enough 'soft' horse armor like textile and quilted horse armor. not that this armor was also used as cover for chain mail bardings. here are soem examples: conversely, the khuzaites should also get lamellar horse armor made...
  7. Resolved Eastern Helmet physics glitch

    Summary: the leather neck guard of the eastern helmet often bugs out and bends upwards. happens often after taking damage. the issue seems to have been present since early access. How to reproduce: equip eastern helmet, take damage (maybe while moving around. dropping from a horse should trigger...
  8. Resolved [1.4.3] Hideout disappears in Rescue Family Quest

    Summary: so i reached Odokh and the quest triggered. the hideout then spawned between the villages of Danara and Kohi Ajik. i went to Danara first and accepted the quest "kill X number of outlaw parties". after i killed the first party, the hideout was gone when i returned to the world map. How...
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