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  1. Bannerlord Coop?

    It would be great !
  2. [WNL3] Division A - Week 1 - Deadline 13/04

    I have to say that it was a close fight  :cool:

    Good game
  3. Apis Europae [AE] Masters of the Universe

    lol don't you like it !!!
  4. The Nameless - Official Clanthread

    No problem Watly, and good luck to you
  5. The Nameless - Official Clanthread

    Yeah sure, it must be because I don't feel the need to tell to everybody every 20 minutes what I feel if I'm in the toilet and what color is my ....

  6. Apis Europae [AE] Masters of the Universe

    Happy birthday Mitchell !

  7. The Nameless - Official Clanthread

    Horse and Sword EP 009

    Watly : " Yeah, legends are like the worst team ever " .

    That's disrespectful dude.

    Come on, next time think about what you're saying, especially that two of our players ( kellermann and I ) played for you in BeNe team.

    We already proved our worth, we don't need peter or anybody, we train hard,... that's disgusting dude. Seriously, especially coming from you.

  8. MB_tv | #NC2016

    I should commentate, My english is da best in my opinion
  9. [WNL3] Division A - Week 1 - Deadline 13/04

    That's a big division :grin:

    Good luck everyone and have fun !
  10. How famous is the above player?

    German cheater who only use thrusting strokes  :cool:

    ( Fuc.... good duellist )
  11. [WNL3] The Betting Corner Season 3!

    Who needs help ?
  12. [WNL3] Team Rosters & Substitutions

    Could you add me : Caius to Legend roster

    Because paulo is absent these days. If you can't I'll ask him
  13. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    When are we going to see gameplay !!! we want moarrr
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