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  1. SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    vernonfastback2 I mean I'm excited for this mod. It will be epic. 😉
    Sorry, my mistake, It doesn't need hype given the size& Scale!
  2. SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    No. Not hype. I've done about 150 so far. England's done, and I'm halfway through France. And the mod can use all the ones from my Scotland mod, Scotland 1269 at Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Nexus - Mods and community ( check out the pictures with lots of banners in) although some are from a later part of the medieval era. So whether or not the mod can see the light of day, at least all its little pixel soldiers will be fighting under the right banners. If you have a decal for a chicken let me know, as I could use it for a Luxemburg shield. otherwise.........
  3. SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    Most of it. I'm currently designing 952 shields for the mod, so I can testify there's a lot of factions.....from all over Europe
  4. SP Medieval Medieval Scotland Mod

    Thanks. Lots more to do.
    I've managed to update the map from the main map, especially around the Borders and the Highlands, and adapted the navmesh, so I need to put an updated version out.

    After that, I was thinking through the troop trees but haven't done much with them yet. So, definitely more bare legged but fast highlanders for
    the gaelic culture, , also take out most of the archers and many of the heavier knights for the Anglo -Scots, and change the crossbowmen into normal archers for the English. At the moment I'll cope with the islesmen being Sturgian, although that needs to be amended as well.
  5. SP Medieval Medieval Scotland Mod

    Thanks - I am squashing the bugs - and should have a map to share - handcarved from the main map, in about a week or so.

    Progress to date::::

    1. Find the bugs. - There's a crash when you walk around a village or get a mission from a village; also sometimes when you speak to a new companion in the taverns. - still with placeholder of quick dialogue!
    2. Take out the Aserai - currently I've changed the culture to be more European, - and cut off all the exits to Scotland in the map! They're now there, but dont bother you.
    3. Seek a modder who can put a functioning Scotland map into the game - Me, it would appear. - I have handcarved a map out of the main map. it works, and looks good - but there are lots of things to do - still in process. All of the settlements retain the same placings on the map, so there's no problem in save games.
    4. Design the proper castles in the proper places. Stirling Castle should be the pivot of Scotland. See above. Handcarving the map.
    5. Amend the timescale to place this as the Scottish Wars of Independence from 1296, with changes to ownership, clans etc, and include some of the Lords of the era - Yup give me a bit of time on this - will be done once the map is good to go - as at that stage, you get the English controlling the choke points. Wallace banner is simplicity itself
    6. More rain. Still seeking support for Scotlands crap climate. MJst have more rain, less palm trees
  6. Your current Top 5 essentials mods for Bannerlord

    POC Color -
    Pretty much essential to the game. I can't stand clan colours changing when you join/leave. Also need the Bannerlord Mod thing, which unlocks the fun of proper heraldry ( )to mod the shields for clans you want to see (and make proper heraldry with more than one icon on a shield)
    Battle Size Unlocker -
    Up to 1,000 a side
    Realistic battle -
    better battles
    Less Damage. -
    With it toned down to 30% of vanilla damage, you get a chance to let battles take a reasonable time

    Scotland 1269 -
    For this one I'm biased! its my mod & I made it to recreate something of Scotland. I can't play without it now
  7. SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    Hi, thanks for the PM re banners, happy to help.
    Well done on this list on Scotland so far - A lot of this is really accurate, I think, but bits are from later period. Its confusing as the sources of the time are poor in any case.

    My bad regarding the work you'd done on the Hebrides of Scotland, as they're in the list for Norway. They seem to be good. Comments on your list in bold below.

    Kingdom of Scotland (23):
    Dunkeld - Edinburgh (City), Stirling (City), Scone (City), Dumbarton Castle, Montrose Castle. A pretty succinct list of the ruling house holdings base. Both Edinburgh and Stirling should be the biggest and baddest forts you can get!
    Coluim - Macduffs Castle, NOT Tantallon Castle (Not built until 1400s)
    de Lennox - Balloch Castle, Rosneath (Manor), Row (Manor)
    de Moneteadhaich - Rusky Castle
    Comyn - Rattray Castle, Kingussie (Town), Banff Castle
    Stewart - Rothesay Castle, Dundonald Castle, Renfrew Castle, Mar Castle, Renfrew (Town), Kilmacolm (Manor) (Stewart were a minor clan at this time, they really became powerful after they married into the Bruce line from the 1320s, and places like Mar were awarded to them later on, so this might need to be amended)
    de Carrick - Turnberry Castle (Castle)
    Ó Beólláin - Inverness (Town)
    de Menteith - Menteith Castle
    Cospatrick - Balloch (Manor), Dunbar (CASTLE - fantastic castle built on five rock stacks linked by bridges, just like the Greyjoys on Game of Thrones - sadly just a few lumps in the sea now), Berwick upon Tweed (Town), Swinton (Manor), Coldingham (Manor)
    Fitz Roland - Kirkcudbright (City)
    Strathearn - St Johns Town of Perth (City) (Thats what they called it then)
    Douglas - Linlithgow (Town), Hermiston (Manor)
    de Valognes - Benington Castle, Kilbridge Castle, Inchgall Castle
    de Brus - LOCHMABEN Castle
    Wallace - Kyle (Town)
    Gordon - Huntly Castle
    de Giffard - Yester Castle (Yester was I think built later on - Hailes Castle was built at the time and was nearby so might be a good substitute)
    Mac Donald - Aros Castle (Clan McDonald did not exist at this time, they were sons of Donald, Lord of the Isles which wasn't big until later in the 13th century)
    MacDougall - Duart Castle
    Campbell - Campbell Castle
    Macsween - Sween Castle
    Ruaidhrí - Castle Tioram

    Some additions ( but these are not exclusive)

    Main castles of the Border Marches
    • Hermitage Castle (but may have been build later)
    • Hume Castle
    • Threave Castle
    Other bits
    St Andrews (City - main powerbase of medieval Scots Church and one of the richest in Scotland at the time)
    Dunottar Castle (near Aberdeen, incredible clifftop setting)
    Finlaggan on Islay, (centre of power for the soon to be 'Lord of The Isles' in the Southern Hebrides)

    a few clans which were in existence then.
    • MacEth - Earls/Mormaers of Ross
    • MacGregor
    • MacNeil
  8. SP Medieval Medieval Scotland Mod

    I am part way through the development of a medieval Scotland Mod for bannerlord: I know a lot about Scots history, and when I saw the base game it was easily the best game, with the mechanics the Taleworlds team have put in place, to mod into medieval Scotland. The world map is about the size...
  9. SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    I've worked on the Scotland 1269 mod which has a fair amount of heraldry, names, conversion done - Mainly its a text based and POCcolor conversion, but you're welcome to use any or all of it for Scotland, and I'd be happy to help where I can. But the attempt I've made so far has shown me the limitations of what I can do, and the size of task that's needed to make a comprehensive mod work. Its at the Nexus Mods pages here:

    I'm still working on it but really lack the detailed modding skills to get a map in place, even with the modding kit release - what I would say is that doing all of Europe in the detail that's required is a massive thing! The world map seems about the right size for Scotland, never mind the whole of Western Europe, so good luck. And, absolutely, don't do it alone!
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