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  1. Tsubodai

    Capturing Noldor and rescuing Knights?

    Ah ok thanks! Yh i meant order knights.

    For the Noldor I was confused as I attacked a party with "3/16" troops but wasn't able to capture the already knocked out ones.

    Fair enough for routing, there might have been too much in native. (EDIT: actually am yet to see a single rout in this game!)

    Its a real shame that you can't recruit from prisoners troops like Valkyrie though...
  2. Tsubodai

    Capturing Noldor and rescuing Knights?

    Hi, I am playing the latest version and seem to be unable to capture any Noldor in battle and also cant seem to recruit Knights from prisoner trains, any ideas? Btw I have 2 Cobra Warriors in my party and have read somewhere that this can be bad? Any help welcome, thanks in advance! EDIT...
  3. Tsubodai

    TweakMB (With Fire & Sword support!) [v5.09; updated 12.29.13]

    Similar question to above, will this work if I make my own mod?
  4. Tsubodai

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Hi has the source code for this mod been released?
  5. Tsubodai

    Quick Questions/Quick Answers (Unofficial 'Ask Questions Here' Q&A Thread)

    Hi, has the source code been released for this mod?
  6. Tsubodai

    Mod idea collection: I want this mod.

    I have seen quite a bit of talk about merging Native Expansion and Diplomacy and was just curious if anyone has attempted this? I see that the NE code has been released so perhaps someone has had any luck?
  7. Tsubodai

    Player Suggestions and Feature Discussion

    Lots of awesome stuff from the looks of the description, just one question: are there multiple ladders in sieges?
    EDIT: Nevermind.
    However, I think the armour for the sarranid cataphract and the other cavalry is the wrong way around.
    Also, could use the samurai armour as it is already there...

    EDIT 2: Also one problem with the multiple ladders is that the defenders don't seem to actually defend the second ladder
  8. Tsubodai

    Claimant Quests bugs

    I have come across some very odd claimant bugs in warband 1.158. What makes them especially odd is that I've done claimant quests in older versions of the game but not had these issues before. First I completed the quest for Arwa and Sultan Hakim became a vassal of the new Queen, and was made...
  9. Tsubodai

    Capturing/freeing Lords

    So I found out something interesting that I thought I'd share (though maybe you already know). If you defeat a lord and let him go rather than capture him, you get a little +rep but sometimes they get annoyed afterwards. However I just captured one and then rather than ransom him when you talk...
  10. Tsubodai

    Quest Deluge: Mehmed missing after becoming King

    SOLVED: just took ages for him to appear for some reason
  11. Tsubodai

    Quest Deluge: Mehmed missing after becoming King

    Hello, having a bit of trouble with the Deluge questline. I have just installed Mehmed as the new Khan and now need to speak to him to remind him of his promise to ally with Poland but he is nowhere to be found on the map, any ideas? (all the Lords say they don't know where he is and it has been...
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    What has been the result of that? Do I need to contact the admin too?
  13. Tsubodai


    Could also increase the morale boost of existing food to offset the effects of larger parties
  14. Tsubodai

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Hi, I have PoP version 3.41, is there a patch for the latest version or do I have to just download the whole thing?

    Many thanks
  15. Tsubodai

    Nice mod but..

    yh true, its cool
  16. Tsubodai

    Nice mod but..

    What did I tell you about such promises zemdu? sigh...
  17. Tsubodai

    [OSP][Item] Mongol Stuff (update1 - Armor)

    dia151 said:
    MightyGreek said:

    panos you retard, you wanna get muted on this forum too  :grin:

    That is a very serious accusation. Can you guarantee that MightyGreek is lying?
  18. Tsubodai

    Singleplayer Mod Recommendations? - The "I'm looking for X mod" Meta Thread

    For a Roman mod singleplayer click on my sig:
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