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  1. I heard battle size of Bannerlord is capped at 2048, but why?

    There are 2 engines in the game. One is written in C# (.NET) and this is what mods can use and override/extend. There is another that handles the rendering and low level stuffs in the battle scenes (maybe written in C++ ?, but I have never really studied that, so this is just a guess).

    Anyway, with a mod you can increase the battle size to whatever you want (in the .NET code) but the underlaying (low level/rendering) module crashes above 2k when it gets this number, suggesting that there is a hardcoded buffer/list with that maximum size, and if you give a bigger number, it overrides and corrupts memory - and crashes the whole game.
  2. Recruiting mercenary clan while have no money exploit

    For information, current situation is like this :


    I will suggest mercenaries to get wanderers to their clan by time if casualties / deaths happen but I give it 25% chance to be accepted. Probably they can prefer new heroes to spawn instead of switching wanderers to minor factions. However this will not solve wanderer inflation. Minor factions to recruit wanderers with same culture is more immersive design.

    I support this suggestion! :smile: One more argument for it: the player uses this same mechanism, that is, to recruit from the wanderers for the clan, the game even uses this as one of the very first quests.

    Thank you!
  3. The whole "buy horse to level up troops to horsemen" thing is illogical

    A) I agree that the AI should use (almost) the same rule as the player when upgrading to horse soldiers. A simplest way could be that every time an AI lord goes into any fief (village or town), and there are horses sold at a medium or cheap price, and they have the money, then they should buy those horses. This would make horses rare and the prices would be higher, but that can be balanced by spawning more horses at villages. Of course this way the AI should only upgrade to horse troops if it has the required horses to do so. Note: since Khuzaits have more horse villages then others, it still should make Khuzait lords be able to have more horse troops then others.

    B) I also agree that troop upgrade should need more then just gold. It could be some form of generic armor & weapon set, which the player and the AI lords could buy in the towns. These "sets" could be produced in the smithies and tanneries, and could be divided into a few categories, for example the same as the current troop groups (footmen, archers, horse archers, cavalry, skirmisher, heavy footmen). This also would make smithies and tanneries (and the required raw goods for them), more viable and make this part of the economy a strategic goal in the game. This would also slow down troop upgrades and would make upgraded troops more valuable. Note: since the actual troop armor and the "sets" to upgrade them are not linked in any way, the actual troops and the upgrade sets and economy could be balanced independently in the game.
  4. Selective targeting for formations in battles.

    This community suggestion was brought forward before but was rejected. I'll make sure to bring it up again.
    When bringing this up as a suggestion please separate the camera part from the command request, the later should be something like this: be able to designate a target for group orders, like charge, move to, face, etc. It's just my opinion, but the RTS camera part is really a bit out of the M&B II first person style game. However I feel an approval would have a bigger chance if asked separately.
  5. Recruiting mercenary clan while have no money exploit

    They will die also by time. So we need to create new wanderers. Actually this is also needed and another problem. If you continue game from your heir there will not be wanderers most will be past away.
    Has this been changed? I remember a game a few month ago where new wanderers came to the game a few years after the start.
  6. Recruiting mercenary clan while have no money exploit

    If side effects are solved this can be a good quality of life improvement imo but maybe they can say this feature does not suit well to our sandbox world or our game is not that kind of game you should open dialog with npcs from distance, I cannot know this :smile:
    Yes, the mods that created this feature are practically used as a way to cheat the game's first person mechanic.

    However, one of the mods used "pigeons" as a carrier, and made it an offline message feature. Thus, with a new dialog option the player chooses a message (or statement or question) to be sent, sends a pigeon, the bird takes some time to reach the target, and then a yes/no or accept/denied message gets back via the bird after a few days. This was the solution that I liked the most and this was the solution that seemed to be the least exploitive and required the lest modification in the game.
  7. Recruiting mercenary clan while have no money exploit

    Here are ones I suggested at last one and 1 is rejected

    Thank you! To be honest the timeline feature is not realy a must have for the game, while also a perfect candidate for a mod. :smile:
  8. I Have No Control Over My Vassals - I accidently started an Oligarchy

    We carried some of your ideas to meeting and also we added some ideas. However sadly most are rejected. As a decision there will be only 2 implementations at this subject.

    First of all, thank you very much for your support and efforts in this matter!

    Yes, in Warband you are a single person with phisical limitations, not a god governing every small ant from above the clouds. Thus you can only talk others by phisicaly aproaching them, (and when you are a king) you can form armies and pass laws.

    The 3rd. denied featuer is a bit puzzling though, because advancing a priority target in a war is very much like passing a law, not directly controlling someone, so I (too?) don't understand why this decisions was made.

    (To be honest I feel angry that those who have chosen this path are not here and explaning the reasons behind it - they may have another solution in the pipeline, or could have a very valid reasining we have not though of, but without any word I kind of feel neglected.)
  9. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    We do not give lots of free soldiers to AI, only about 10 free soldiers when they first spawn. It has nothing related to our problems. This is nothing big.

    I am not fan of AI cheats and try to remove as much as possible but we have to give passive XP to NPC parties because player party and NPC parties so different in lots of terms. Player make more battles compared to an average lord party (average lord party life (time between spawned - prisoned) is less shorter than player party) and if we do not give passive XP as AI cheat 80% of troops at Npc parties be tier-1 or tier-2. This damages gameplay so badly, we have tons of troop variety but we cannot show them to player. With passive XP cheat this ratio (tier-1, tier-2 troop ratio) reduces to 50%. I want to reduce passive Xp more but I fear to damage gameplay especially at combat side.

    One huge difference for me compared to the AI is (and I'd guess for many players too) is that I care for my troops. I only ever do simulation battles if I'm 100% sure i'll suffer very few (if any at all!) casulties. All other battles are fight - and in fighintg I use shield wall and advance very slowly and use archers a lot - thus preserve troops and let them level up. Since AI can only use simulation they loose a lot of troops always.

    So for now I guess AI cheat with passive XP is ok, because it "simulates" the player behaviour more (not the way, but the result). Maybe simulations could be made better? I think there were a lot of talks about that already?
  10. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    do it in full vanilla, sometimes really different mods can affect different things

    Yeah, now that I know how to do this, I'll try it that way too. :smile: Every day learn something new. :grin: (BTW mod is mine, so I very well know what it does. :wink: )
  11. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    yes, first go and open the cheats. Then press lalt and é. Then write these commands. it will take 2-3 hours

    Ah, ok. :grin: Thank you! I used my own mod with speed boost and put the game into the background for some time to play it's own. :grin:
  12. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    campaign.set_main_party_attackable 0

    campaign.multiply_campaign_speed 10

    campaign.move_time_forward 40320

    I must have missed something - what is this? Console commands?
  13. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    Just for confirmation: if I speed up the time to 16th (instead of the default 4th) it won't effect testing, am I right? My own tests show this as ok, but maybe someone somewhere knows something different?
  14. In Progress 1.5.6 performance big lag on saving game, autosaves when leaving settlement etc..

    The lag is related to the memory leak bug introduced in 1.5.6. From the initial 1.5GB memory usage the game crawls up slowly to 3-4GB about half an hour of play.

    The only side effect I saw about this is the slower save time and slower inventory open time. Just exiting to the main menu and reloading the game helps most of the time, though from time to time I used to restart the whole game.
  15. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    Yes 45 will be enough. In 1.5.6 do you feel snowball is a major gamebreaking problem still? 1.5.7 will be better than this so no need to spend more effort to make fully balanced game (this can be a must for some other games but it is not a must for M&B series). Also we need to implement other features too. So it will be enough for this problem. I think having a full balance is not that good for Bannelord too. Of course Khuzaits will be still powerfull but after 1.5.7 this problem can be only solved by giving them some negative culture bonus.

    Because of your analisys I have tweaked a bit 1.5.6 like this: 30% cavalary bonus only in GetCavalryRatioModifier and Khuzait battle strength is only 90% in GetBattleAdvantage (advantage*0.9). (I did not change anything else in 1.5.6.)

    This practically put Khuzait on pair with others.

    This is not a good solution, I know, just information to you.
  16. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.3

    where did y find so many spicevendor companions? usualy in my playtru i have 0-1 swift\spicevendor

    "Free" are always only 0 or 1. When you hire them, after a while a new "free" will spawn.
  17. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.3

    workshops gives no profit except wool one. caravans sux too, 0-200g\day
    also main gold sourse 90% is battleloot. towns n castles are not profitable since it usuale stagnate 3-4k prosp cuz of never ending village issues


  18. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.3

    One thing - a mistake, if you like it - I have done previously that I had many companions in my main army. They cost a lot! The higher their level is, the more they cost. Nathanos at level 22 costs 46g / day - you can have 4 tier 5 troops for that one alone! When all my companions were running caravans (5 currently) I had so much passive income I could field a hundred+ army and have 500g / day to spare.

    • always have the maximum number of workshops, and prioritize for those types that have at least 2 village incomes
    • have as many caravans as you can
    • always trade with your main army while moving around, and win battles and sell loot and prisoners
    This is before you create a kingdom and have fiefs. When you are a kingdom fiefs must be your main income source, but I don't have too much experience in 1.5.3 with these yet, and how to make them work well.
  19. Resolved 1.5.2 Campaign Map Freezing Often

    It happend to me on 1.5.2 all the time, and in 1.5.3 also. When you click on a new target to go to after some sceene (battle, village etc.). It feels like there is an auto save done in the background, but I see no save file with that time and date.
  20. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.3

    Since the 1.5.3 beta the Game map microfreezes after battle and in other situations, thread about the problem is here:

    It was in 1.5.2 also. Mostly when leaving something, like a village, or after battle and clicking on a new target to go to on the map - then, there is a freeze of like 1-2 seconds, almost as if the game did a save.
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