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  1. Yiyang Chen

    3dmax 2011 plugin

    Where can I download a 3dmax 2011 halflife SMD plugin? I mean both import and export Or is there any other way to import and export rigged meshes to 3dmax 2011
  2. Yiyang Chen

    OSP Oriental 2D Art 1.3 Yiyang Chen's new faces textures

    Some faces I made by Photoshopping including face textures from other downloads - 24 Female faces - 39 male faces - A completed Jed Q face collection - The wedding dance mod's faces - The Hanhun mod's faces - Thel's Faces - Some Asian faces from HanHun Totalwar mod - Something for...
  3. Yiyang Chen

    New face textures

      I made some new face textures, made by combining face textures together with PS, download them and use them as you want. And don't ask me for permission.   Here's the download link
  4. Yiyang Chen

    Different People

      Well th original game has only two kinds of people(three kinds in M&B, two in Warband), but the game can't only women and men, there should be different kinds of women and men, tall people short people fat people skin people kids and old people, and babies as items held by pregnant mothers etc.
  5. Yiyang Chen

    Body and Face

    Is there a mod that makes the body look better, 'cause I think the body has a few problems, and I have a few ideas. 1. Well, the game has great graphic, I don't admit it, but the body mesh looks abit too rough, can anyone make a better model. I tried it a few times... or mabye a lot of times...
  6. Yiyang Chen

    Vision Effect

      Is there any way to make some vision effects, like making the screen go blurry when you get hurt really bad. And let the screen go black and white when you die, or make dizzy effects when you fall on the ground? Realistic effects, something like that.
  7. Yiyang Chen

    How did this happan

    I was trying to make the body mesh look better(Well smother) but, after mesh smoothing in 3dmax and converting, joint assigning in MilkShape and this appeared when I used OpenBRF
  8. Yiyang Chen

    Riding elephants? or maybe ships?

    Mount and blade...... well it's all about mounting and blading right? But mounting only a horse would be too boring, so is there a way to mod the game so that it's not only horses? Well, I know many people tried making nonhorse mounts, but most of them are the same hight, like small elephants in...
  9. Yiyang Chen

    Movie into mods

      Which movie or story wuold you like to be made into a mod?   I'm wishing for an Avatar mod or a mod for Pandorum.   And I think some of these mods won't need a map, only scenes. so it will be easier to make.
  10. Yiyang Chen

    Some changes must be made

      Don't you think there should be some big changes?   For example, the faces, the buildings, the hair style, and blahblahblah, post you ideas here......   Chinese buildings at that time Northern China Old Shanghai a poster on the streets bandits fort in the woods
  11. Yiyang Chen

  12. Yiyang Chen

    Biggest Map

    How big can you make a map, I mean what is the BIGGEST value of the length and width of a map :?: :mrgreen:
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