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  1. Talinoth

    [AAR] - The Miko of War

    (I've never written an AAR before. I haven't even read one for quite a while. So if I'm doing something wrong, sorry! But I really feel like writing something, so I'm going to give this a try.) ~Talinoth ==================================================================== Chapter One The...
  2. Talinoth

    Is there any way I can change the text font in this mod?

    See title. I can't read this new font you put into all the unit descriptions, dialogue, events on the field map - literally everything. It hurts my eyes so much. This looks like an interesting mod, but if I can't actually read anything it's going to be an absolute dealbreaker for me. How can I...
  3. Talinoth

    Technical difficulties, please advise!

    Whenever I start Silverstag, everything plays smoothly, I can play with a lot of the really cool new features (especially the tournaments, wow), until I move outside the town I start at. When I try to move on the travel map, I get an error "INVALID OPCODE 8" and the game immediately terminates...
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