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  1. Anistec

    High death counts makes me lose heart

    I think a good solution would be that if there is 1 member left in a clan with children (or without) they should be able to adopt ppl into their families to keep their name going..just like how they really done it in real life...just spawn some random new characters and there you have the solution i guess
  2. Anistec

    Pick a wife

    I try to marry in the first year of the game.

    I go for the following:

    1. Faction of future intent to join or rule - partner may become a governor so good to know.
    2. High traits: steward, charm, trade, tactics, leadership - charm because I'll leave them in a city for a few years where I want to use as a base to get my recruit levels up.
    3. Armour and bow. For me, having good armour and a noble bow allows me to go without a party for a year or two - solo runs speed up your faction and character levelling up.

    I usually end up marrying one of a small group of the same men or women (I play as either depending on my mood) where traits align with gear. But some gear I leave for down the track (I used to look for a glaive or rhomphalia, but I tend to go for a sledge hammer early game now). I'll marry off my brothers strategically to get more gear, a good horse, imperial armour or good trade skills (because they're all going to run caravans in the early game - brothers and all) - unless there's someone left on the shelf with really high medicine or engineering, I might take them into my party.

    I don't care about their fighting skills. They're all going to end up alongside the archers with a crossbow anyway.

    What's this 'looks' thing you talk about?
    you are not wrong...but at the same time fighting skills give also government perks....and you know what i mean about looks.bro!i am sure you have seen in game female characters *Rhaghea couch cough cough* and was like ''daaaaamn i need her to make me babies!''
  3. Anistec

    Pick a wife

    Mesui is so hot!

  4. Anistec

    Pick a wife

    I got Svana in my current playthrough :wink:
    She's the Sturgian version of Rhagaea
    yes!!!...she is hoooooot....i also use a mod that lets you change their appearance cuz most companions looks like potatoes so i make her a bit shorter to match my height :razz:
  5. Anistec

    Pick a wife

    I don't care about age or culture. I go for the cuties and hotties. Weather they're feminine or amazonian. I use console commands as well because I HATE the current system that's a one try and most likely to fail even with 300+ charm. Lets see I married

    Ira (if I can't lay with her mom I'll take the daughter)
    Zuad (cutest Aserai)
    Arwa (most exotic of the Aserai bachelorettes)
    Corein (cutest Battanian and a decent warrior)
    Siga (mature women ftw death by snoo snoo)
    Svana (another dominate looking woman that could shatter my pelvic bone any day)
    Bolat (adorable young Khuzait bae)
    Yana (if I can't have her mom I'll take her instead)

    I honestly don't care much about the clan, age, race, or fighting capability. I just look at their appearance because what else is there? Its no like The Sims where they have personalities. We'll need modders to add those things like the unique companions from Warband.

    Oh I just noticed I never married a Vlandian woman. Heh they don't got any good candidates in my eyes. Plus there's no feasts so I don't care for their culture yet. Gotta wait a few hundred years till Warband kicks in for Butter Feasts galore.
    i just deleted my 20 hours save file cuz i felt like i did a bad wife choice..(dont even comment it...i know its stupid to delete it just cuz of this but heyyyy...i like it how i like lol)...i totally get it my dude...i do the same...hell..Svana looks AMAZING...a bit tall...but still...also check Silvid from Vlandia...she is a hot one
  6. Anistec

    Pick a wife

    If you get a battle ready one she'll die in like the first battle
    that has to do with you and not the skills right??if you tell her to charge there is a good chance to matter who she is
  7. Anistec

    Pick a wife

    So in a search for a wife all over Calradia...and i was thinking...which wife would be the best (except looks)....would be better to get a civilian wife with just horse riding and steward and work my way up with her skills or should a pick a battle ready one with not much room for improvements?
  8. Anistec

    High death counts makes me lose heart

    The death rate is 2%

    i think you just being unlucky
    only 2%? really doesnt feel like 2% at all
  9. Anistec

    High death counts makes me lose heart

    So...ive been deleting my saves every time half way through before i even have a fief...the reason for that is that i lose heart to keep playing my save whenever i see so many dead noblesafter a even some clans are getting destroyed around 200 days...does anyone else had this...
  10. Anistec

    How does the persuasion work and how do you get higher chances?

    It seems high roguery it gives overall better persuasion chances...whenever i get this specific skill high up i get 90%-100% in some options while flirting
  11. Anistec

    How does the persuasion work and how do you get higher chances?

    As the title says....i would like to know how you get higher persuasion chances whenever you talk or flirt with someone...does roguery or other skill have something to do with it?
  12. Anistec

    1.6.5 crashing with any mod that needs to be checked in the launcher

    Is there a bypass for that??or do i have to wait for a hotfix...cuz maaaan...cant wait to play
  13. Anistec

    Personal Troop Tree as an idea for future patch?

    So i was thinking....after we make our own kingdom why shouldnt we be able to create our own kingdom's troop tree???like we should be able to name them and buy their gear...and be able to recruit them only from our fiefs....i wish they will include it in the future
  14. Anistec

    Best way to LvL up Medicine? (1.5.7)

    i wasnt asking for the player's see...most of the times i go for the medic's oath perk...(i think its called so) that means some times i need to train a willowbark to get it for sure....but never knew how to lvl it up fast
  15. Anistec

    Best way to LvL up Medicine? (1.5.7)

    As in the title
  16. Anistec

    -- Needs A Tutor Quest (question)

    So i wanted to know if this is a triggered kind of quest....because i find it so do i have to be specific clan tier???do i need to be in a specific date?anyone knows?
  17. Anistec

    Patch Notes e1.5.7

    i am getting fatal error when i try to engage a fight in battanian lands...something about flora
  18. Anistec

    1.5.7...are those bugs in every campaign??

    Probably "Call to Arms" perk from Tactics tree caused this. It makes parties that are joining armies %1000 faster instead %10.

    The secondary effect of the "Famous Commander" perk seems to be bugged and works for everyone. It gives 200 XP to recruits.

    Militia doesn't join defenders if the loyalty is low this might be the reason.
    you are mvp my dude....thank you for the explanation
  19. Anistec

    1.5.7...are those bugs in every campaign??

    So...i got 3 bugs that i feel like breaking my game...1st bug is that when a lord creates an army everyone fast forwards and joins a magnet pulling them..insanely fast....and second bug is that when i recruit recruits they are ready to lvl up without doing anything....third bug is...
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