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  1. Why is Sturgia so desperately poor? (1.4.1)

    Totally need more villages for Sturgia. It is easy to see Sturgia has the worst recruiting routes given how sparse the settlements are. More villages, more recruits, more goods, more food, better economy.
  2. Ideas for A Satisfying Ending

    Hey great idea, I'd love this kind of ending.

    and rank you with a unique title for all these attributes

    Looking forward to this part. Even a simple good/bad guy ending is better than nothing.
  3. Refusing fief

    I think that 1.4.1 has broken the game, it's pure bonkers tbh. I've tried playing it and I've just rage quit, in fact I'm starting to have doubts if I should keep playing, the game has been giving me more grief than fun, it's not even good for killing time anymore.

    True. I also quit playing after 1.4.1 for the same reason, the thing is just not fun anymore. Whether start a new campaign or continue one, it's just the same grinding, with some new no-brainer feature to make the campaign last longer. I just hope the devs could treat the disease not the symptom but apparently that's just too hard for them.
  4. Refusing fief

    For the complains about being given unwanted fiefs, last time I checked there's a pattern for distributing fiefs. Typically if the king thinks you have too few fiefs, or you recently joined and everyone else has about enough fiefs, then the king will likely give you the new fief. So it would be wise to keep an eye on where your kingdom is attacking and what's your desired fief. You could either wait for other lords to siege this fief then become a vassal hoping it will be given to you, or become a vassal and siege it yourself. But if some other clan also has too few fiefs then it's not guaranteed for the player to get the new fief. Getting the desired fief as your first requires some "Timing". Then when new fiefs adjacent to your fief are taken and you haven't reached your "fief limit", you will at least get nominated.

    The issue is being forcibly given fiefs that may be too physically far from you for you to ever get there before they're lost and

    About the physically too far case, in my experience the king likes to give new fiefs to adjacent clans, or clan that has no fiefs at all. So if it's your first fief then it's no surprise. If it's just far from your other fiefs then it's a weird issue.

    In other words, if the king is distributing fiefs considering the strength of clans, then sounds about right to me. Otherwise how would you like the fiefs to be distributed? Aren't the distributed new fiefs always the ones on the front line?

    One last resort: do some random staff or save and load to change the RNG before voting.

    So the game now is either cheating by smith or owning a town. Everything else is a waste of time

    I don't rely on daily income anymore, the thing is just unstable. Smithing gets boring so easily and personally I don't use it much. So for me, the best way I found is to do some good old trading and reach 100k denar. Then start to train troops, get fiefs, and lose money everyday. But the 100k will help you get through this phase. After establishing a military force, then make money by fighting big fights. Daily income is just, don't bother.
  5. What do you want Bannerlord to be?

    Mount&Blade is a crossover between a classic roleplaying game, CK2 type strategy and total war battles from ego perspective.
    Whilst it didn't do any of the above great (it cannot do them all great since it does them all at once) every aspect of the game was just about
    good enough that it kind of worked. This crossover made it unique and revolutionary.

    It's hard to achieve all these, but once it does, it would be a game that lasts another 10 years (hopefully not).

    With the traits and relationship system, I also think the devs are trying to have a honor system in the roleplaying part, but this part is sadly broken now. A well-designed honor system does not force the player to choose one path. Instead, the two (or more) paths bring different flavors to the game. Like the honor system in RDR2, different choices lead to slightly different dialogues and contents. Bannerlord honor system is more of a placeholder atm. Hope they have something better prepared.
  6. So I basically won?

    Up everything to realistic
  7. What are you Waiting for Before you Jump Back in for Another Playthrough?

    I have also quit for now after roughly 250hrs. At this point disappointment during gameplay has won over joy so I just stopped playing. For me, I'm waiting for:
    1. Better kingdom structure, improved diplomacy system (war/peace/alliance).
    2. Noble system overhaul (stronger ties between clans and kingdom/culture and their fiefs). More dynamic within a kingdom's nobles.
    3. Solve the snowballing problem but also solve the lord respawn problem of the current easy-fix. This is also related to player executing lords problem.
    4. Balance the kingdoms, Sturgia first.
    5. Balance the campaign difficulty and pace. Presumably start with improving the npc lord's decision making, they are dumb in so many ways now.

    I know this is a lot but these are all essential. I also want perks, want more functionality of castle, want passive-training, want improved smithing system, but these I can somewhat live without. The listed ones are so crucial that they either significantly impact the gaming experience, or heavily affect the emersion feels, and there's just no reason for me to continue playing after seeing everything the game has to offer now.

    The way I see it, the problem is simple. There are so many things to fix that the devs have to use brutal cheap-fix to counter some of the problems, but this leads to more problems. I love this game but considering the way they are "improving" it now, I'd rather sit back and wait for couple of months until they have some real breakthroughs.
  8. Train troop quest need reminder.

    Suggestion in title. Right now I fail this quest not because I'm not doing it, but because I just forget about it. Reminder before quest expire would be nice.
  9. The cost of peace increase is nuts

    It cost me 2M to sue for peace which is more than half of my cash, and this is when I'm wining. The war just can't stop now. Great job TW for over fixing, again.
  10. Beautiful Landscapes

    Especially the sunset ones are great. I'd like to fix the battleground time setting to sunset if possible.
  11. What's the point of beating the sh*te of gangs in towns?

    Beating them increase relation with all other notables in town. Two gang leader is ok but three is more ideal. Beat them in turn could farm relation with them.
    You can increase relation with normal notables in your town passively (through a perk I think?), but this and running their errands are the only ways to improve relation with gang leaders.
    I normally do it when I'm smithing in one town. Smith when strength is full and fight gang when health is full.
    But yeah, this system is not fully implemented and has limited importance.
  12. Empire Cavalry

    Tip: To recruit noble troop, look for "Landowner" notables with "Powerful" influence in villages. They replenish noble troops a lot.
  13. Should the clans be more, distinguishable

    I'm not sure about the idea enabling each clan to form their kingdom that so many people mention. Would it add complexity? Sure. But is it meaningful and add flavor to the game? Not necessarily. The current number of kingdoms is already enough. They are distinct, and kingdom sized warfare is possible. If you further divide it into pieces, then it would be total chaos without some proper complex diplomacy system. If you don't divide all of them, then the independent clans would make no difference and get wiped out easily. Thus, have independent clans forming more kingdoms sounds more like a mod or DLC idea to me, mainly because it contradicts the general vibe of the current game.

    Sure, many strategy games have many factions fighting each other, like shogun based or totalwar etc etc. But they all have dedicated diplomacy system, which is not the case here.

    Plus, legitimacy is required to establish a kingdom historically. That's why the player need a Dragon Banner from the main quest to establish a new one.
  14. Should the clans be more, distinguishable

    The kingdoms in the game are at least distinguishable, but the clans are not so much. The clans should have a deeper background that affects how they perform in campaign, thus make them more distinguishable. Right now given a clan that defected several times in the late game, I just can't tell...
  15. I don’t want a static world

    I agree and I'd even add that the units are way too balanced. In warband you had nord with just crap archers and excellent infantry, swadians had everything, khergits horse cav was annoying af etc. Now it seems that everyone has everything, with some things being better, and only the battanian noble archers and khuzait horse armies being really distinct.
    I agree

    having the same factions getting destroyed every playthrough isn't distinct though.
    And I agree as well

    how is this contradiction happening now:facepalm:
  16. Should the horse/cavalry system be more complex?

    After field battles involving cavalry, there's always some horses left on the battlefield with their owner killed/wounded, so it got me thinking: 1.The horses and war horses perhaps should not be permanently assigned to a soldier when upgrading. Instead, the horses with their owner slain should...
  17. I feel like I'm missing something with cavalry.

    I think they're currently working on expanding the Battle Orders system, which will probably come with extra commands we can give to cavalry. At least that's how I interpret this post from Duh_TaleWorlds:
    I do hope they are working on this. It's just confusing to me that AI lord will give you commands such as flanking and attacking certain troop types when the player is in their army, but the player can't order the troops to do such things as the commander.

    It would be great to be able to order the troops, especially cavalry, to target specific enemy troops. Otherwise, cavalry is just not realizing their significant strategical importance. For now, position them behind the enemy troops and make them collide with the target troops along the way is more efficient as they will melee fight the enemy during mobilization. But it's only a sloppy fix to the problem.
  18. The value of Castles vs Towns

    so the player decides that taking a castle first is strategically the better option.
    Agreed. Adjustments like this are more meaningful than introducing restrictions.

    your army consumed double or triple food during sieges.
    Great thoughts but this just violates the realistic idea of the game. The troops are not gonna eat triple amount because they are sieging. Not able to buy in enemy towns is already a soft restriction in this respect.

    Another soft approach in my opinion would be, making the invading army/party that goes too deep into enemy territory (like going past two castles/towns) visible to all lords in the kingdom, and nearby lords would actually gather to fend off the invader. But considering the scouting distance feature right now, this could be a bad idea.:grin:
  19. Lance couching seems useless right now.

    When you can one shot kill a unit with either couch lance or glaive, and glaive can do it three times when couch lance can do one, you just go for glaive, simple choice.

    To make couch lance a proper alternative over glaive, either increase the armor strength so that glaive can't one shot kill heavy cavalry and such in low speed (which is logically), or nerf glaive so that it won't be so OP (but it's so satisfying right now).

    Or, introduce duel between mounted lords before battle and provide some boost for the winner, where couch lance somehow performs better than glaive. I'm no history expert, is such duel a thing in real warfare or it's only for tournaments?
    Sidenote, I like using couch lance in tournaments. But glaives are just better atm in field battle.
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