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  1. CXZAR

    Character customization menu hair bug

    Hey guys! Since I last updated to 1.5.6 (I haven't tried out the1.5.7 beta yet) I have been experiencing a bug after you create your character and start a campaign. If you press V on the campaign map to access the character creation menu again, everything is ok Except the part of the hair and...
  2. CXZAR

    6800GT 256mb AGP vs 7600GS 256mbAGP???

    hey guys, im about to buy a new video card, the one i actually have is a 6200 256mb, AGP... i Don't have money to upgrade to a PCI-X system, my current rig is: P4 Intel 2,6 Intel 865(something) MB AGP 8x 1024 Corsair Ram Dual Channel Geforce 6200 256mb anyways, i allways wanted a 6800GT for...
  3. CXZAR

    Anoying bug - Character attribute points related

    ok i just donwloaded the new version (0.750) and everything was fine, u imported my character from the last version and it was great, until like 2 seconds later when i walked i noticed i was REALLY slow, when i check the character screen, my athletics feature when from 10 to 0... that's right...
  4. CXZAR

    i got Ba.. Bolts..

  5. CXZAR

    how to recruit dark knights???

    hey guys, i was wondering how can i make the dark knights recruitable in Zendar??? can u guys give me a hand? im used to mod almost every game, but certainly i dont understand most of Mount & blade code :(
  6. CXZAR

    Hitting with shield... ??

    hey guys, i made a search on it, i found everything except what i was looking for... Anyways, i was wondering if it is possible to use the shield to hit or push an enemy? u know, Like Roman Legions who used their shields to push and hit and then used the gladius to stab... probably it can be...
  7. CXZAR

    WTF?! can somebody please lend me some horses??

    i think i need a few... :?
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