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  1. AdmiralNelson6262

    Need More Info New save limit - 54/55? Posting for visibility

    Update on the 45 saves situation. After the new patch, it appears we can now save up to 54/55 times before crashing, with multiple users reporting the same thing, anybody else finding this?
  2. AdmiralNelson6262

    Need More Info Save Corruption- 45 load limit

    Noticed many people have the same issue, saves becoming unloadable and crashing after perhaps 20-30 hours in the game. It appears a user on steam has tracked the issue down to loading a save, then saving it, 45 times in total (...
  3. AdmiralNelson6262

    MULTIPLAYER & possible MP Regiments list

    NEW SERVER COMING SOON....thx to QWW:,216483.0.html here is a list of currently recruiting 1755(NOT 1776) regiments, with a link to each one. if you would like to add your regiment on, please pm me. 34e La Sarre Regiment(currently recruiting)...
  4. AdmiralNelson6262

    facebook page

    hey, after reading that mm mod has got one, i thought getting a fb page would be a good idea, as it would further advertise the mod. any thoughts?
  5. AdmiralNelson6262

    good luck crums

    i have oppened this thread to wish crumbs good luck as he takes the giant mantle of team leader from gabby. i am sure the mod will do just fine untill our beloved gabby comes back
  6. AdmiralNelson6262

    guns animation bug

    first off i love the wfas game. it is amazing, and so far the only thing i dislike is the fact that the guns do not seem rigged properly. by this i mean when you run the gun barrel seems halfway through your hand and when you aim, you appear to be aiming a foot or two below where you aiming...
  7. AdmiralNelson6262

    Thanks to the community!!!

    i believe that a big thanks to the commuinity of this mod is needed. since this mod has gotten a board, this mod has been flooded with supporters who have contributed to this board, in many great ways. in just downloading you support this mod, but you come back and comment on it as well, further...
  8. AdmiralNelson6262

    Gabs own regiment intro and roster

    This is a future multiplayer regiment that will contain those who are in gabs credits who have helped with the mod, and those who have been chosen by gab himself.we are currently inactive, but will hopefully become active when this mod has a finished multiplayer mode.  type: light infantry...
  9. AdmiralNelson6262

    Oldest "Old frontier" supporters

    If you have supported this mod since nearly its beginning, then here is a topic dedicated to you. If you have followed this mod since the first version or two, post something on how the mod has evolved and improved, a sort of Old frontire timeline if you like. It would be nice to hear from you...
  10. AdmiralNelson6262

    unexpected end of file -items kinds text.

    what does an unexpected end of file - items kinds1 text. mean?
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