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  1. Kenzo-0-

    Conqueror's Blade Style Unit Controls for Bannerlord

    Now before anyone comes and spams they're different games without reading the thread let me clarify, I'm aware of that. But i dislike how little I control on a battle and how ai can act randomly. If the player can micro manage the basics of the units, bannerlord battles will be more...
  2. Kenzo-0-

    Editing Death Rate

    I dislike the death rate, vehemently. I'm wondering if there is a way for me to edit my game files to reduce death rate the way i like, couldn't find a mod that does the job. Don't feel like braking the game files so if there's anyone experienced at modding the bannerlord, perhaps we can solve...
  3. Kenzo-0-

    Resolved Influence bug while donating prisoners

    There is an influence bug in 1.5.7. Go ahead and donate a lord to prison, u'll get around 5 influence. Click done and without leaving the "dungeon" page go back to donating again. Now just donate one single looter, u'll get 5 influence again. Do it as many times as you want, donating 1 prisoner...
  4. Kenzo-0-

    Npc's are dying like flies

    I'm at 1.5.7, got birth and death on. Almost at every single battle i play, someone dies. Problem is; if you join a lot of battles, clans will get wiped. Khuzaits have already lost around 10-12 lords. A big battle happens => 3-4 npc deaths. I loose a battle => my companions are no more. I think...
  5. Kenzo-0-

    Resolved Hilarious troop bug

    This save was at 1.5.6, i had harmony, butterlib, uiextender and mod configuration mods on. After 1.5.7 game crashed at launch so i deactivated them. Game runs but when i load my save here's what happened; Not every troop is bugged. I only have bannerpaste and bannerpeasants on. I've...
  6. Kenzo-0-

    New Clans

    Does anyone know based on what thoose new clans are spawned? At my campaign both southern and northern empire got new clans (they were the weakest factions, after me ofc). They are spawning as clan tier 0 and their leaders have 0 skills but with 191 top tier soliders (191 legionaries, 191...
  7. Kenzo-0-

    Resolved New Clans are buggy

    New clans has spawned on my campaig for the empire factions, problem is one of them spawned at a buggy location and he is stuck there. Also they had 191 top tier soliders (191 legionaries, 191 bucelleris etc), another problem is even tho they are op, since the clans are level 0 and their leaders...
  8. Kenzo-0-

    Resolved Garrison soldiers are kids?

    I'm at 1.5.1, photos are pretty self explanatory. I've no mods related to aging. my mods are; bannerpaste, recruitable prisoners, true prisoners.
  9. Kenzo-0-

    Resolved Car Benseth Siege bug

    Armies besieging Car Benseth are getting teleported to on top of a rock. Whoever is there gets stuck. I've taken Car Benseth then i disbanded my army, whole army was stuck on top of it. Than someone else was attacking my city, i was trying to help but i was not able to move there. It's...
  10. Kenzo-0-

    Lords are still defecting for no reason at 1.4.3

    With the 1.4.3, defection system was changed so that main reason for a clans defection is poverty. This has not been the case for my campaigns, lords with over 500k+ denar are still defecting left and right. It almost makes no sense, my kingdom is stronger, he is rich and we are at sieges on...
  11. Kenzo-0-

    Resolved Possible fix for crash problem came with hotfix

    After 1.4.3 hotfix i've recieved all sorts of crashes. I've seen devs telling people to uninstall the FixedLauncher mod, which wasn't active on my list. I've re-installed but problem wasn't fixed until i manually deleted the files which was changed or added by FixedLauncher mod. Perhaps when i...
  12. Kenzo-0-

    Need advice for Warband mods

    I've never played warband before, couple of hours at fire and sword and around 300 hours at bannerlord. Since people are complaing how weak bannerlord is compared to warband (content wise), i've decided to go for warband until bannerlord is updated. I know that mods are essential for warband...
  13. Kenzo-0-

    Resolved Game crashes after 1.4.3 hotfix

    Game will launch after an error promt, when i load my save, it crashes immediately.
  14. Kenzo-0-

    Re-supply assignment

    So we all know how frustrating it is to disband an army, leave a siege just because of starvation. Adding more content to the game about this matter seems possible to me. While moving with an army, assigning one of the clan members to resupply the army could save us from trouble. Just like the...
  15. Kenzo-0-

    Resolved Dead family members at marriage

    At "propose alliance via marriage" dialogue line, dead clan members are shown as suitable for marriage. For example my wife has died and i have executed a lord. When i talk to the new clan leader i can arrange a marriage for 2 dead people. Never proceded to the final stage so i can't tell...
  16. Kenzo-0-

    Resolved Parties are running away from garrison causes a loop

    Parties that are trying to move between Thorios Castle and the river, will constantly run away from my army at the Thorios Castle and they aren't able to go through, they will run back and forth instead. I've been waiting at Thorios Castle for a while and in between that river and Thorios...
  17. Kenzo-0-

    Resolved Castle wall's doorway is closed

    So i was at the siege of Shibal Zumr Castle, at the walls there was a doorway which was suppose to be open. Troops were trying to move through that wall but it was blocked. Hard to explain but please check the images.
  18. Kenzo-0-

    Resolved Lords are getting frozen/stuck acroos the map when summoned to my army [1.4.2 beta]

    This was happening quite a lot recently but today was the most irretating of all happened. My whole army consisting of fresh parties (with at least 90 members) has literally starved to death (i presume). I was at a siege and summoned nearly whole kingdom who was at east of the map, not only no1...
  19. Kenzo-0-

    Combat AI

    Bannerlord really needs a complete overhaul for it's battle ai imo. Just today on a 495 vs 80 battle i've commanded my troops to advance and had my cavalry follow me, u know basic maneuvers. Everything was fine until i saw a completely red kill feed. What happened was 215 of my footmen was...
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