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  1. Garedyr

    SP Other [WB][STORY MODE] The Erased Century

    Disclaimer Mod was originally intended for MATURE audience only. Sensitive content can be disabled via mod settings. The Erased Century A storyline RPG - SCI-FI mod Description: Mod aims to bring RPG elements such as storyline and immersion to Warband. The story starts from the exact...
  2. Garedyr

    WB Coding Formula for the final weapon speed

    Hello guys, I've been doing a lot of tests lately and the results were satisfying up to some point where the numbers stopped being accurate so my guess & proof method failed at sth. What's the actual formula for the weapon speed that takes the speed rating, animation sequence duration and...
  3. Garedyr

    Need More Info Trebuchet user AI bug

    Summary: One of the soldiers intensively scratches his itching back instead of using the trebuchet. How to Reproduce: Make your soldiers use trebuchet during siege scene. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Makeb Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: 1.0.8 Computer Specs: OS: Win 10 Home GPU...
  4. Garedyr

    Need More Info [Bug] Fief ownership strings are broken

    Summary: The fief ownershop strings are broken on fief decision screen. Sometimes they show the duplicates for lords, sometimes they show player workshops instead of player fiefs. How to Reproduce: I don't know exactly when it started to occur but right now I'm like ~600 days in gameplay...
  5. Garedyr

    Resolved Crashing after loading save during Bandit Hideout ambush screen

    Summary: Both auto-save before attacking ambush and save made manually after doing it is broken. Unavoidable crash on loading. How to Reproduce: No idea, everything was working fine with bandit camps before the latest patch (altho I had the issue with corrupted saves which were working again...
  6. Garedyr

    Need More Info [Bug] Quest starts with -1 remaigning days

    Like in the title.
  7. Garedyr

    Resolved [Crash] Saves from before & after tournament are broken

    Posting here because the crash tool wasn't able to send the data. The game crashed once I tried to load the save before I lost the tournament (save was made in the town screen). Auto-save after the lost tournament also crashes. It was never the case before, I didn't have any pending quests...
  8. Garedyr

    WB Coding set_trigger_result not overriding melee inflicted damage for ti_on_agent_hit trigger, works fine for ranged

    Greetings, Any idea what might be the cause of set_trigger_result operation not overriding the damage for ti_on_agent_hit trigger if the damage was inflicted using melee weapon? It works fine for ranged damage. I was fiddling around with multiple placement combinations (both at the top of the...
  9. Garedyr

    OSP Code QoL Books & scrolls reading presentation

    Some RPG games have implemented system where you can read book and scrolls. As you probably noticed - books serve no purpose in M&B games except being one time use objects for raising your character stats. That's why I decided to create this bad boy to bring some immersion and content to your...
  10. Garedyr

    The current state of the project

    Greetings, I would like to know if the mod is still in development or rather if it's dead or not.
  11. Garedyr

    Crash during sea battle (part of story mode)

    Warning! Spoilers! It's really awful when you cannot complete the step of the main quest. I have the lowest possible settings, but my game is crashing every time I'm trying to start this battle. This scnene shouldn't take a lot of ram, because it's only a ship battle. How much men do this scene...
  12. Garedyr

    Bug with Shipwright- he cannot go on board.

    Welcome users, and Brytenwalda team! I've found the bug that don't allow Shipwright in Friese beach scene to go on board. If he won't go on board, then i can't complete the quest. My version of Warband is 1.167 and Viking Conquest DLC version is 1.04. I hope, that you'll fix this bug as soon...
  13. Garedyr

    OSP Kit SP Masterancza's/Garedyr's bank kit

    {!!!}THIS SCRIPT IS GOING TO BE REWORKED{!!!} [OSP] Masterancza's/Garedyr's bank kit Credits: This script adds bank. You can create bank account in dialog with all of Guild Masters. It's required to have 1000 denars to create bank account. You can deposit money and hand out it. All of...
  14. Garedyr

    Problem with non-steam version

    Hello! I have a big problem. I don't have the Vikings Conquest DLC, but I want to buy it. As you can know- the DLC can be downloaded from so I've made it. Problem is- when I'm running the DLC, the activation window is not appearing. Please help me, because I want to buy this...
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