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  1. PijeIBije

    Let me explain something because you don't understand

    Imagine there is bad marriage. The dude is an alcoholic and is beating and verbally abusing his wife on regular basis. The wife doesn't want to leave him because she remembers times when he was a good boy and she thinks that noone else would be better for her anyways. So she stays begging him to...
  2. PijeIBije

    Captain mode and classes.

    Hello, I've stumbled several times on opinion that the class system can potentially work well only in Captian mode. Personally I think being able to create your own units that counter specific enemy setups would be much more fun. What do you think?
  3. PijeIBije

    I hope TW won't give up on MP

    Bannerlord is the only game I know that is subject to a constant flow of hate despite it's developers not committing any major gaming world sins like micro transactions, scamming people, politics etc. If you look at the forums every other thread is filled with negativity and it goes for a really...
  4. PijeIBije

    Suggestion: Different class sets for each game type.

    Hello, TW clearly wants preset classes very badly, but at the same time they want Universal Balance for both "RTS" and "FPS" version of their game. How about they make it so that mechanics, items stats, character stats and perks effects work the same across all game modes, but each game mode...
  5. PijeIBije

    Modding loadouts...

    Hello, I want your opinion and hopefully feedback of the developers on following matter: We can see that although it seems very likely that modes will be balanced separately, the classes and perks are here to stay. Devs also stated that "visual customisation" will be implemented later on. I...
  6. PijeIBije

    A missing melee class.

    In "many players" modes when on foot I found out that a very effective setup is light armor (10-20), big shield + 1h and good 2h. With such equipment 2h is used when safe like during successful flanking etc and 1h+shield when under fire or outnumbered. The whole shockness of 2h shock troops...
  7. PijeIBije

    Next patch when.

    Since devs seem to respond randomly in threads and it's really hard to find proper info, have ne of you dedicated fans stumbled upon even some vague info (but coming from dev) when the actual "big mp patch" is going to happen?
  8. PijeIBije

    Is there any solid confirmation that game will be fixed?

    I managed to dig out some really sparse information on upcoming changes from all the fights between haters and dickriders but out of all this mess I still haven't managed to extract a direct confirmation that the combat will in fact be FIXED. Like, make it enjoyable and fun kind of fixed. Have I...
  9. PijeIBije

    Limping, bleed, dropping weapons and other fine suggestions

    Hello, I see pretty much all of the mp community are silly gooses that really don't know what's best and fun for them. Here are some suggestions that could advance combat and gameplay overall in the direction it's headed already: Add limping - whenever character is hit in the leg make them do...
  10. PijeIBije

    Armor values for mp classes

    Hello, I was wondering what's up with armor values shown in armory. For example Aserai Guard looks fairly armored compared to Sturgian Warrior, yet they have the same value for armor stat. Another example could be Vlandian Peasant Levy - the base class has 5 armor, but if you choose Improved...
  11. PijeIBije

    I love the graphics.

    Let us take a moment to appreciate the graphical style of Bannerlord. It seems that nowadays the trend is to make even games with lots of violence look all silly and cartoonish, with retarded emotes, bright colors etc. like we're all living a on a rainbow. Also it seems it's mandatory for every...
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