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  1. wookdaddy

    Will there be more content added?

    Most of the patches thus far have been crash or balance related, but the game really needs a lot more content. Not just the main quests, but what you're able to do with your parties, managing kingdom. It has endless potential. Do the devs have plans to release a lot more content or just fixing...
  2. wookdaddy

    Upgrading PC for this game (y/n/maybe?)

    I'm on a 4790k, 1080ti, 16 gb ram, normal mechanical HD for Steam games. Although the 4790k has been a beast for many years, this game is just so CPU intensive I don't think it can keep up. Battles have to be limited to 400, map stutter is moderate (although my normal, mechanical HD probably...
  3. wookdaddy

    Sturgia needs a buff

    They are supposed to have the best infantry but their second highest tier unit has crap gear. Their cavalry is extremely weak and their archers are below average. They struggle against pretty much every single kingdom. If the infantry is supposed to be good, make every tier have better gear...
  4. wookdaddy

    Need More Info “d3d_device_context_-> Map at rglGPU_device::lock_texture Failed! The GPU device instance has been suspended. Use GetDeviceRemovedReason to determine"

    Not playing beta or alpha. Something about my GPU (a GTX 1080TI, factory OC) failing. I don't understand that at all. I'm crashing at startup (infinite loading), or if I can manage to load a save, I crash shortly after (tinkering with Reshade settings in the menu) or just on the map...
  5. wookdaddy

    Thank you TaleWorlds!

    Just wanted to say thanks for releasing Bannerlord for EA and thanks for the constant updates. It can't be easy at a time like this, and especially with so many people posting issues, it's easy to focus on the negatives. The game is really fun so far....thank you!
  6. wookdaddy

    Need More Info Poor performance on mainstream high-end hardware

    Running a 1080ti GPU, 4790k CPU, 16 gigs of ram, everything on my PC is clean and updated. I bought the GPU a while back for this game...but the units are being processed by the CPU!! It's at 98% load. This game needs to be putting the max # of unit stress on the GPU. I don't understand how some...
  7. wookdaddy

    Snowlion Brigade story?

    Don't recall catching it in the taverns...are they just Sarleon deserters, or what? Also thought it was pretty cool that the Snowlion infantry switch to spears when cavalry approach, and then swap to swords when engaging other infantry. Seems to be a recent fix in the latest version...nice job.
  8. wookdaddy

    Jarl Marius

    Is this a bug? I'm on the longest game I've ever played, and the hardest. I started my faction around day 2,000 (I wanted to try a game that went ultra-late), and it's been very interesting, and difficult. So...had 800,000, only had Marleons, but a gigantic garrison. I foolishly left Sarleon...
  9. wookdaddy

    Submod: Wook's Warband 2016 (Modern Graphics Overhaul)

    Hey all, This is a project I've been working on for a long time. This pack changes the textures of Warband, nothing PoP related, except the banners. However, it is designed to be used with PoP. The outdoor environment and all the interior design have been upgraded, as well as mundane things...
  10. wookdaddy

    Removing dust trails permanently and increasing FPS drastically

    If you want to get rid of dust trails on horses permanently - pretty much the only thing that slows down modern pc's, go to your particle systems file in the main PoP (or any module) folder. Find the three groups, which are very near the top: psys_game_hoof_dust 78336 prt_mesh_dust_1  5...
  11. wookdaddy

    Looking for name of specific file

    1) Not in the quick questions, quick answers. 2) I'm looking for the file(s) names for the textures/scene obj (not sure which) when you are in a battle in the field. It's like the outlying area of the map that extends your view to make the game look better, and make the battle scene appear...
  12. wookdaddy

    Continuous music

    Is there a way to that music is continuous? It can get boring when there are long periods of silence. I've played with other music in the background but sometimes I prefer the PoP music.
  13. wookdaddy

    How you optimize your game for performance

    This isn't a quick question with a quick answer. I have a really good computer, but I've noticed I can barely increase the battle size from the native 150. When I tried 400 it was laggy. My question is what options do you all leave disabled or enabled? What do you set your fps as? I most things...
  14. wookdaddy

    Can't recruit Lethaldrian as a vassal the 2nd time

    Hi. I made a kingdom which failed the first time, and I rejoined Ravenstern (with lethaldrian and Frederick as vassals). I got Frederick back, but I cannot get lethaldrian. He has the same disposition towards me as Frederick does (both were about 60-65ish). I captured him, but his options are...
  15. wookdaddy

    What music do you listen to while playing? Some ideas.

    Hey all, Eventhough the music in the game I already enjoy, sometimes I like to change it up. Particularly when there are periods without the soundtrack. Anyway, here are a few tracks I added to my itunes playlist that go along with the game well. Try it out and post what you listen to. 1...
  16. wookdaddy

    Fierds OP

    I play a game of PoP maybe once or twice a year. Usually the games are good and the entire map is taken. This time around the Fierds own 3/4 of the map, Ravernstern is confined to Rane and Poinsbruk. The D'Shar have their 4 original towns and that land, they're doing okay. I stuck with Sarleon...
  17. wookdaddy

    War of the Roses

    Who's going to buy it? Looks pretty badass if you ask me. I'll probably not buy it on steam though as that caused me massive headaches with warband. Link: Don't forget to join the beta. Official release date is October 2nd...
  18. wookdaddy

    Companions and Lances/Spears

    I always want to give my companions multiple weapons to use, but with my mounted knights the AI just seems too poor to have them use these weapons properly. You give Sir ___ a lance (with their 400 proficiency) thinking they will switch to their sword after they land, but for me they just keep...
  19. wookdaddy

    Amazing job on patch

    I was reluctant to download 3.5 and lose my long save, but this patch was awesome and well worth it. The improvements in the faces, textures (the barclay, fierds, empire, etc. all look about fifty times better - holy ****), new units, items, are all amazingly well done. If every patch you guys...
  20. wookdaddy

    Some questions regarding economy, arrows, and overall gameplay

    Hello all, I've read through the FAQ and am very familiar with the game and the mod. I had a few questions after some headaches.. Playing the game on max difficulty everything. Currently have 9500 renown, 4 towns and a castle. My question first question is, how the hell do you ever get a...
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