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  1. Narduiran

    Ability to save and load character appearance

    If there's already a suggestion for this, I haven't found it through the search function. Sorry if it's a duplicate. I for one always tried to use the character creator to make an avatar that looked like me. In Warband it didn't take too long but now the tool is much more time consuming...
  2. Narduiran

    [Suggestion] World event news propagation

    I've been a little bit perplexed by how the news circulated in Calradia since I started playing way back. Instantaneous news of what is going on in the world is somewhat less immersive and realistic. But how to do it is the real problem. If we combine the fact that news circulate too fast and...
  3. Narduiran

    [BUG] Tulga tournament spawn outside of arena

    There is at least one spawn point outside of the arena it seems. I used the wall exploit to get outside and kill the remaining troop, all can be seen in this capture: bug.wmv
  4. Narduiran

    [BUG] Tavern brawl bug + misfeature

    I've been seeing the drunk in the tavern, and well, in its current form, the encounter is broken for a couple reasons. For example, as soon as you enter the tavern, the conversation panel pops up. You have no option but to fight the man (I had to fight him with either choice to apologize or to...
  5. Narduiran

    [Suggestion] Alternate throwing axe nerf

    I don't know if anyone discussed this, but browsing some Nord threads and the last 3 pages of threads, I didn't see anything about it. Of course, we're all now familiar with how more expensive the thrown axes are. People are complaining that they cannot afford it in DM, and other people are...
  6. Narduiran


    Title says it all, for some unknown reason (probably just pressing a wrong button  :roll:), I frapped a tournament that must have happened somewhere in the last month without noticing (which also tells you how much my computer has trouble maintaining a constant framerate). While looking at it, I...
  7. Narduiran

    152 VS 477

    Hi people! I captured a crazy fight I had yesterday and edited it into something watchable. Lowdown is 143 Rhodok sharpshooters and my 8 companions versus various Khergits numering to 477. I left the first wave and the last wave out as it lasted over 30 minutes and edited some of the 'new...
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