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  1. Seek n Destroy

    SP Medieval [WB][Submod][LSP] Iberia Map for Hispania 1200

    Iberia Map Replacement for Hispania 1200 Hello gents, this here is a submod for the base version of Hispania 1200 that replaces the base map of the mod with one made by rgcotl, some additional changes include repositioning the parties, tweaking some scripts so the sea travel system from the mod...
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    Mod List Info

  3. Seek n Destroy

    OSP Kit SP Mercenary Camps (of Calradia)

    I've started working on this a good while ago and decided it would be nice to have at least a released version that could be of use for some mods. - What does it add/do? Current version is mainly a template for modders to add parties on the map where players can recruit troops/mercenaries...
  4. Seek n Destroy

    RaW 2.55 open testing and work in progress versions.

    Long time no see, long time no news. Anyway I'll try to make it brief for people with short attention spans or generally lazy, we've not been very active lately but eventually we want to get the mod back on track. It's a bit hard to get back into it after yet another long break so the idea at...
  5. Seek n Destroy

    Blog 1 - RaW 2.6 what? Where? When?

    From RaW 2.5 release in April 2015 to October 2016 Most people that still bother checking the board for any signs of life probably wondered why we are taking so long or at least longer than usual. Our usual workflow consists in us working on the mod until we have something we deem worth showing...
  6. Seek n Destroy

    Developer Blogs

    Joub suggested that we should make Dev. Blogs/Updates on what we are working on or what's going on. We usually post a finished model that eventually gets remade once Rgcotl decides he's not satisfied with it, but it's just now and again as to show that the mod is not dead. It's usually just a...
  7. Seek n Destroy

    [Research] Lucanians/Bruttians

    So we are increasingly interested in making the Lucanian and Bruttian tribes to fill the gap between the Samnites and the Greek colonies of southern Italy (Megale Hellas/Magna Graecia). Originally they were an united tribe which by the mid fourth century started to part ways but for convenience...
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    MOVED: Legion III Augusta Equites

    This topic has been moved to Rome at War: Clans.
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    Important notice for RaW 2.33 server owners

    During release the extra encumbrance feature was broken (The one that penalises the heavy armored troops to give light infantry a better chance at fighting). A fix was made yesterday and tested on RaW official server and it's now working, so if you are a server owner and want the feature you...
  10. Seek n Destroy

    RaW Item Balance Thread Mk II

    The place to discuss balance and share your opinion Instead of reviving the now obsolete balance thread I opened a new one where I can post stats and keep updated. Rome Greece # Will be updated with some more info and images so you can know what it is referenced
  11. Seek n Destroy

    Cursus Honorum II; Release Info and Credits ALPHA I

    Important Note!: Start the mod with WSE otherwise it will not work properly. Cursus Honorum II folder -> WSE -> WSE.exe Link: Other links: Gamefront exe installer Nexus exe installer Team: Seek n Destroy - Coding Tsubodai - Coding, Founder of the mod Zemdu - Modeler Dexm - Scener Jackstory...
  12. Seek n Destroy

    WB Mod Cursus Honorum II pour Warband

    Je me permet d'annoncer mon mod, Cursus Honorum II pour warband 1.143. Il s'agit d'une conversion totale qui prévoit de refléter le monde vers le IIIe siècle av. J.-C., des Iles Britanniques jusqu'à L'inde. Encore aux premiers stages de développement mais néanmoins figurent dans la version...
  13. Seek n Destroy

    Cursus Honorum II ; Announcement Thread

    I estimate that we achieved enough progress to make an announcement and some previews. Stay Tuned! Preview I: Map This is the map that will be featured in the Alpha release, With currently 6 Factions Preview II: Character Creation Now when you create a character, you select your path The...
  14. Seek n Destroy

    WB [Code/Tuto] [Warband] [SP] Patrouilles, éclaireurs, fourageurs, etc...

    Encore un tutoriel inédit rédigé par mes soins avec du mauvais français. Pour ce  tutoriel il vous faut: -> Module system de warband -> Notepad ou programme similaire d'édition du module system Q: En quoi consiste ce tutoriel? R: Ce tutoriel consiste à rajouter, comme le nom l'indique, les...
  15. Seek n Destroy

    WB [With Fire and Sword][S] 1700

    1700 Pour l'instant c'est un simple projet qui ne promets pas d'être complété mais qui vise a transférer WFaS du 17ème au 18ème siècle, je ne vise pas l'historique mais plutôt le fun. Je vais poster ici tous le progrès qui auras été fait pour recevoir un peut de critique, le projet est...
  16. Seek n Destroy

    WB Creer une map monde solo

    Bonjour a tous et a toutes (on peut toujours rêver ^^), Je me suis décidé a me lancer et faire un map, les débuts on été difficiles mais avec un peut de persévérance je commence a m'habituer a Thorgrim map Editor. Je voudrais un avis plus professionnel sur mon map/carte et quelques conseils...
  17. Seek n Destroy

    WB [Warband]Tutoriel:Ajouter une nouvelle arme/armure en utilisant le module_system

    Bonjour ( et encore un tutoriel) Je part du principe que vous venez de télécharger/créer des items pour warband et vous voulez créer un mod avec ces items. Ce tuto vas vous apprendre a ajouter ces items au module_system. Necessaire pour acomplir cette tache: Le module_system de warband ou du...
  18. Seek n Destroy

    WB Tutoriel: Créer votre propre menu et écrans de chargement

    Bonjour, ce tutoriel vas vous aprendre a créer un nouveau écran de chargent et menus, pour ceci vous allez avoir besoin de: -Un programme pour éditer des images ( j'utilise qui est gratuit mais il existe aussi Gimp) -Un programme pour convertir les fichiers de vos images en .dds  si...
  19. Seek n Destroy

    WB Tutoriel: Créer et recruter des nouveau mercenaires

    Bonjour, tout d'abord je voudrais m'excuser de mon "mauvais" français et des erreur que je risque de commettre. Et je serais heureux que l'on me corrige pour les éviter. Pour commencer je part du principe que tous connaissent le module_system et comment créer des nouvelles troupes, si vous ne...
  20. Seek n Destroy

    SP Native [WB] SnD's Polished Native

    SnD's Polished Native is a small compilation of scripts, small mods and graphical improvements for Warband This mod is still in early stages of development but a stable download is available: Released a fix for the current bugs in the freelancer...
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