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    SP Fantasy [WB] OakScape

    This is a mod where it brings runescape onto warband, it relies heavily on texture packs for multiple objects and a lot of items vertex paint textured(no texture), it adds multiple skills and no world map, it will be using the same source as explorer mod where you have multiple scenes. we are...
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    LSP Other 3D Art Grims Workshop: New: Some Fantasy Items

    This is an Idea where this page will add more LSP's you guys vote in polls as well random LSP's that could work with warband. Grims Recolorable Hats! Download Link: These hat models are fully...
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    LSP Oriental 3D Art Chinese props and other items from BSS Community.

    Here are some items and props from the BSS community/CN forums for [Mount and Blade games] Download link: Credits: BSS community as said from the main sites page. Thank you SupaNinjaman for being able to download them and upload...
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