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  1. What MUST be changed in BANNERLORD !

    I'm not clicking a video with someone's "hysterical" face on it, I'm not 12 anymore.
    As people said, anything you could possibly say was already said many times on this forum and illustrated with long game mechanics posts, pictures and videos made by the suffering fans. Since you probably only play MP, you may be ignorant of what was going on with SP all this time. So, no clicky for you CaptainFace.
    Now if you had established forum credibility with knowledgeable posts and good judgement, I might have had a look at what you say. But no, your forum activity is almost all about MP and then there is this. (lol)
    Hello there,

    Since when you should have credibility on a forum to express yourself. How do you know he only play multiplayer or singleplayer (If you think forum posts is relative to time played, your wrong)? And the question isn't even that. Someone with 1 hour on single player can have a good argument on something. I only see in your post a desire to be unpleasant, or a completely distorted view of reality.
  2. Resolved Unable to play multiplayer - disconnected from lobby every time

    I also have the issue. Do you have a fix for it? The issue happen after i change my Bannerlord ID, disconnect and try to connect again. Don't know if it's related.

    EDIT: I solved the issue (or maybe it's solved by himself). I've waited sometimes, reinstall BattlEye (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\BattlEye) and it's work fine for me.
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