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  1. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    is the forum broken for anyone else?

    you have to be a powerful man to be de fish
    I agree.
  2. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    One year later...

    Did you know that after I click my attack, it takes approximately 1 full second to attack on certain weapons? lmao
    ... Yikes.
  3. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    One year later...

    Well, it's been one year since early access opened and I gave my initial impression; lets review the state as it exists now. This will largely be a subjective take as there are plenty of great objective criticisms regarding specific details that I'm not going to rehash. Since purchasing the...
  4. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Reminder that even with an overwhelming negative response to the MP, Taleworlds won't change any fundamental design decision.

    Obviously CS;GO, LoL and Cod Warzone were abble to produce a competitive scene with only a few dev. Kappa.
    Funny thing is counter strike has been a serious e-sports contender since it's birth. The successful competitive game-mode has always been a one-life game mode with lots of individual customization... not classes. It is a tried and true successful e-sports model but for some reason TW doesn't see it that way and refuses to parley on the issue with the people they are demanding to like their choice. 🤡
  5. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.5

    Only took you one year lol.
    It'll be more like a year and a half maybe two by the time they add it.
  6. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Does anybody know if ranked mp will be available post release?

    I wonder whether TW will ever publicly acknowledge everything that's wrong with this ****show that they call multiplayer.
    Not likely, they refuse to concede that their vision was entirely off the mark and obtuse to what the veterans, whom spent tens of thousands of hours in pushing the limitations of the game to the breaking point; were telling them.

    To concede would be to acknowledge that the fans knew more about what made M&B unique and stand apart from other games in the genre. Those games that I might add; whom plagiarized off of M&B in the first place; yet never attained the dedicated fan-base that TW has and died just as fast as bannerlord has. TW largely decided to mimic them with bannerlord in this installment; forsaking what made M&B special.
  7. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Does anybody know if ranked mp will be available post release?

    Well MP is dead so if you want to kill it even further; you could always add MMR to destroy what's left of being able to find a match. TW had a chance and it could have worked at one point, but released open EA too early/broken/buggy/lackluster to keep any interest people had. Any means to regain that interest in vanilla is an uphill battle now that the first MP impression was so poor for the masses.
  8. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Unresolved Retrieving a Lost Serial Key - now that eSellerate is gone?

    I had a similar problem luckily I registered the game with my forum avatar and have still access to the email. Via Avatar I could get the key.
    Can you provide how you accomplished this? My old M&B has been registered to this account however I am having difficulty obtaining my lost serial and it seems I did not purchase the game on my steam account as it is not registered as purchased in my library.
  9. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Any changes to MP since April?

    class system is still in the game rip
    Almost worth coming back it sounds like... Just need Battle and removal of class system.
  10. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Spear review and spear mechanic proposal/suggestion

    Can people please stop bringing this video of a bunch of larping dudes caressing each other with plastic phallic objects as a "proof" of anything happening in real life or history?
    Yes spears weren't good at all in real life. That's why it was the single most used and mastered weapon throughout the entire history of humanity until we got guns... and even then, spears are so bad it's why we even still teach similar spear techniques to modern soldiers for when with bayonets are attached.

  11. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Taleworlds needs to hold themselves accountable and admit that many key decisions regarding multiplayer have backfired.

    I know but this is the one I'm angry about!! :wink:

    Jokes aside though - yes largely the community is fine and I acknowledge that but it is certainly a lot more hostile then it used to be and a lot more hostile then it should be.
    Fair enough :lol:.
  12. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.2

    Warband was far from balanced though. Khergits were literally banned from being used on 99% of servers. Rhodoks had terrible shields for melee combat and awkward weapons. Veagirs had the ridiculously and equally broken Elite and regular scimitars. Nords & Swadians got a great range of armour whereas Rhodoks went from a couple of hundred gold filthy rags straight to top-tier chainmail with nothing in between. Swadians had access to the greatsword (and no one else did) which was broken as all balls; and the great lance which was again terribly busted in a 1v1 cav fight.

    I mean this doesn't mean it was impossible but dear god was Warband unbalanced... I loved it but it was all over the place. NeoGK (amongst other mods) did good work it but still; it was not the gold standard of balanced gameplay :grin:
    We advocated for fixing those issues back then too but it was largely ignored. Glad that doesn't happen anymore. :iamamoron:
  13. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Taleworlds needs to hold themselves accountable and admit that many key decisions regarding multiplayer have backfired.

    This thread (until recently renamed) was literally demanding a TW employee be forcibly resigned. It was targeted and unnecessarily hostile (whether it was sarcastic or not) and that's what caused pages of arguments.
    Actually made an edit to include him as the exception. You have 34 pages of threads with several pages of comments within them, mostly with constructive feedback/criticism and 1 thread with a dumb title made by some outlier. By the law of large numbers, there will be one or two anomalies from the norm, but you are making it sound as if the community as a whole is hell-bent on seeing TW burn down for their sin which just isn't accurate. You're actively cherry picking the few and far in-between cases of irrational outrage and claiming it as the norm, out of the sea of rational content.

    That's not even including the thousands of comments in the old beta forums that also were well-mannered.
  14. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Taleworlds needs to hold themselves accountable and admit that many key decisions regarding multiplayer have backfired.

    Thank you. That does make me a lot more comfortable with a lot of this discussion.

    I truly am on the same side as you guys; largely I want the same changes... I have just worked in customer service (in various ways) for most of my adult life. I dont like the way some of us treat TW sometimes; or more exactly the real people who have to read these threads. However I understand that the intentions are good... I just wish we could badger the hell out of TW in a civil way.

    Big ask on the internet I know but if we could do the same things we are now with just a drop or two more of good humour and a bit less throwing curses I'd be very very happy.
    Where are you seeing curses thrown out en-masse towards taleworlds employees? Saying a feature of a product 'Sucks, don't like, hate, dumb, is stupid'; isn't cursing out taleworlds employees. I've yet to see people riot to have armagan publically flogged or any of the developers/designers. Working customer service is not the same as developing a product in the name of a company. Disparaging a product of a company is not making personal attacks towards the team that made it.

    There is a difference between saying on a company's feedback;
    'Hey this dish soap leaves smears and smudges on my plate and I think it sucks'.
    And saying

    I am seeing far far far more of the former rather than the latter (with the exception of one idiot saying the person who made classes should be fired). But I see plenty of apologists that are saying product feedback aimed towards getting the attention of decision makers is somehow a personal attack.
  15. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Taleworlds needs to hold themselves accountable and admit that many key decisions regarding multiplayer have backfired.

    I dont use it as a scapegoat at all, theres no reason for that. Warband had mechanics that I absolutely hated and when it was removed in bannerlord, I was incredibly happy about it. I can enjoy the game for its faults, but for the life of me I dont understand why I should when it doesnt make sense to keep it. I want the freedom to pick what I want to without being limited by, no offence taleworld, people who dont play the game. Tonight I played Warband with 1 person without a helmet, 1 person without shoes (and a dress but thats a different story) and 1 person with "proper" equipment. The system allowed each of us to pick what we wanted, while playing the same class. That matters a lot when playing casually. For competitive I enjoy going over the equipment options and seing how we can optimise our setup through drops, which is now almost entirely diminished unless you count swapping classes (which we cant do atm because items on the ground dissapear too fast)
    Will it ruin the game for me if the classes stay? Not entirely. It definitly ruins public play more than competitive. Will it massively reduce my enjoyment of the game? Absolutely. I dont want to be Varyag #3 with a fishbanner.
    Improvements to the combat will come, we shouldnt expect anything major. Will they re-do animations?Highly doubtfull. Honestly I guarantee more people would return if they removed classes(and note when I say that I mean return to the warband way) than if combat was fixed.
    The reason we spend our time on mods for warband is the game is very plain and thats entirely ok, its an ancient game and they were limited back then. That limitation is mostly gone but our product is not only more expensive but more basic and limiting than the older product. Warband didnt have matchmaking, bannerlord will. If/when skins will be sold, its in Taleworlds best interest to keep people playing Native. And, I dont have any coding experience myself, how hard would it be to entirely remove the class system, considering just how vital it is? Classes are not extra, the class system is arguably more important than combat, and this is from a 10 year veteran competitive player.
    Can confirm. Would return (at least for a good while) if classes were removed. I would return and play thousands of hours if they removed classes and added battle. I would return and play tens of thousands of hours if they did all of the above, along with profiles, banners, and continually made progress on smoothing out and fixing combat. (Along with the already promised server files and module system.)
  16. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.2

    What is the status on a one death game mode? Battle was the only place for me as I have never enjoyed respawn mechanics in any game of a similar genre, as it destroys the essence of deliberately thought out equipment, composition, movements and placement; an aspect one would think to be fundamental of medieval warfare. Respawning instead, largely creates a tug of war; while enjoyable for some, not for everyone. CS:GO would never have succeeded competitively without a one death game mode..

    When if ever will we see the return of battle mode or will I still have to wait for mods to bring back one of the most tried and true multiplayer game modes?
  17. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    RIP MP

    I wish I could get a refund. Not only does this game tax my system irregularly for the power of my PC, all of the game designs were a complete and utter letdown. I don't know why I expected better, maybe because I have been around for so long and loved both mount&blade and mount&blade warband so much; having spent tens of thousands of hours in-game. I assumed that they would have honed their successful formula into something even greater and truly special; worthy of being a successor to the games that made the franchise great.

    Instead what we got was a complete disgrace to the name mount&blade, inferior even to other gaming companies who saw mount&blade and created their own games out of that inspiration. Inferior to a game that spawned from a team that modded Warband, who routinely listened to their community, and brought their ideas and community to a new original title where they had more freedom to create.

    The problems won't be fixed with a few number tweaks, optimization, or even an overhaul. It's a failure of understanding at a fundamental level between the game's designers and it's community. This was easily the most disappointing $60 game I've ever spent and I only wish now that I could get a refund.

    You may have made the game Taleworlds, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. An artist can't force their personal thought of a piece; be the widely loved interpretation.
  18. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Incredibly large shields!!! Archers should be buffed and cavalry nerfed!

    No stamina in mount and blade
    Obviously lol. I was telling him, a cataphract wouldn't only move at 20 cm/hr. At best if you wanted realism in the game, a person would get winded quicker wearing armor than not; but their speed wouldn't be this super slow-mo bs that gets touted around because of hollywood likes their heros to wear leather.
  19. Jess_the_Hobozerk

    Incredibly large shields!!! Archers should be buffed and cavalry nerfed!

    yeah and cataphract would move like 20 centimeters per minute due to his heavy armour
    Wrong. At best you would have a stamina system that depletes quickly in extended combat due to rebreathing CO2 and a marginally larger weight burden. Wearing armor was more tiring than anything else. Your speed remained nearly the same while fresh.

    (also the armor was very much lighter than you would think) Modern soldiers fight carrying up to 3x the total burden than a person wearing armor did.
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