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  1. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Mercenary Gameplay: Let kingdoms send you offers of employment

    what's the priority and what's coming in the upcoming patch? Battle terrain system, maybe?

    Keep up the good work guys, love ya, have 700 hours already in this game and i am eager to give it more time :wink:
    Hey Polson and welcome to the forums.

    Generally speaking, our bigger priorities are described in the future plan's blog. We don't share too much about upcoming patch content to avoid false expectations (testing might always reveal an issue that prevents content from being released).

    Happy to hear that you are enjoying the game.
  2. Duh_TaleWorlds

    An honest critique

    You can right click the game in your steam library, go to properties, betas and select an older version of the game that works with your mods. If you want to wait for a larger amount of changes before switching from a version that works for you and your setup, you can do so. (It goes back to e1.1.1.)
  3. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Prioritizing Recruitment in Army

    yes good point. they always instantaneous recruit on arrival. It would be better if they recruited on leaving so the player has the option first. @Duh_TaleWorlds would this be a possible change?
    I had previously discussed this with Mexxico (a year or so ago), but there were some concerns. I don't quite recall the details but we can look into it.
  4. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Is There A List Of All The Features Implemented Since The Early Access Release?

    While it doesn't include a good portion of this year, you can find a summary for the first year of EA here:
  5. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Mercenary Gameplay: Let kingdoms send you offers of employment

    @SadShogun @Duh_TaleWorlds safe to assume this got rejected?
    No. It may be explored, but it is not a priority.
  6. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Troops always take the most direct route rather than the smartest/most obvious in siege battles

    I was actually talking about the ways up to or down from the wall within the castle/town through towers or staircases, rather than the ladders raised by attackers. I'll have to take screenshots to explain.
    Ah, my mistake. Sorry. The challenge with what you are describing is most likely performance. I am happy to forward any screenshots you may have for evaluation though.
  7. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Troops always take the most direct route rather than the smartest/most obvious in siege battles

    If an attacker takes the section of the wall where the ladders are raised there are usually two or more routes up to that position, rather than taking advantage of those clear open routes to surround the attackers are retake the wall from both directions, the group of defenders sent to retake the wall will all charge up the stairwell nearest to where they or the enemy are and get stuck there in a sort of bottleneck fighting on the staircase as a blob of troops waits at the bottom waiting to be killed one by one. The same is true for attackers, who will all run along the wall until they reach the gatehouse or ignore short ways around a building which would allow them to easily flank or surround the defenders, only taking the most direct route.
    The combat side isn't my area of expertise, but as far as I understand there is a problem with pathfinding in some scenes that have very high Z value deviations between different ladders, which causes the AI to think that the unoccupied ladders right next to them offer a path of much greater distance to their ultimate goal (on top of the wall). This can lead them to clump up below one ladder, even when there are apparently others available.

    A fix for this is in the works.
  8. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    You're my role model and you just made me cry, how does that make you feel?
    Have this for better mood and general well being
  9. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    @Dejan To Clarify, could we still get 1.6.2 as main branch this week
    Generally, it is better to have a "stable" beta branch for a few days before moving it to live. When a range of issues are fixed during that transition, there is a risk for the live branch that some issues remain or new issues are introduced that slipped by internal tests.
  10. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Do prisoners get released when you make a kingdom?

    It may be an unintended consequence. Will have to look into it next week. This is a nice ping, I was looking into factions stances with a colleague and this raises another aspect that we hadn't yet investigated. Thanks.
  11. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Reinforcements Spawn Points Ruin Battles!!

    @Duh_TaleWorlds Is this topic/issue being explored while working on the Order of Battle feature?
    The experience is more likely to see changes with the battle terrain system. (Providing you with some control where you spawn on the scene in relation to the opponent.)
  12. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Thanks for 500 hours... SO FAR (personal post, pls ignore)

    I was scrolling Game Pass one evening, looking for something to sate the hunger. Looking for a weekend "time sink" if you will. I had looked over the title cards dozens of times and saw WB amongst the rest of the rabble and thought almost nothing about it "just another game with dated graphics on Game Pass" "under a gig to boot"

    Fast forward a few months and I cave and pick it up. I was promised "...a land torn asunder by incessant warfare, it is time to assemble your own band of hardened warriors and enter the fray. Lead your men into battle, expand your realm, and claim the ultimate prize: the throne of Calradia!" and it delivered. 350 hours I put in to that game and by the time I "got gud" at WB and stopped riding in to trees while throwing commands, Bannerlord was on the horizon...

    Which brings us to today. Around hour 500 of Bannerlord. I am thrilled with the work you've put in to making MB2 Vanilla feel like a true successor of WB. While some features of WB are missing and other new features seem wonky, I firmly believe TW and the community will continue to make a truly satisfying product.

    Thank you Devs for the effort and bless your patience with TW Management and the Forum community.
    Thanks for the kind words, mate.
  13. Duh_TaleWorlds

    CRASH ! CRASH ! I've had a gut full of this game..

    Allow me the opportunity to apologize for my attitude, and to compliment yours.
    Appreciate it. I know we can all grow frustrated at time.

    My situation, however, is that I have the impression that a Mods-heavy dump is going right to the end of the line. "Play without mods!" I would rather be able to diagnose the crashes better. The crash logs indicate "disposing of scene" and then... a blank line. That is, if I had an idea as to the source of the issue, I'd be looking there as opposed to the forums.
    I see. Well, I would still be happy to provide you with said information, if you share the dump ID with me. We have discussed and will look into providing additional information in the modding tool client.
  14. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Future Plans

    Hey, morning!

    If you don't mind me asking about the OOB and related perks, now when the perk say Captain will the companions perk be applied to the formation we put he/she in? And what about the player will the Captain/Commander perks be applied or will be kept only, and for the player only, when he's on armies?
    Captain perks have been and will be applied to the formation based on the captain of the formation. OOB will enable players to choose a captain directly/explicitly (atm it's based on who is in which formation and some other stuff you can't see). It will also provide insight on the captain effects.
  15. Duh_TaleWorlds

    CRASH ! CRASH ! I've had a gut full of this game..

    If you share the dump ID for it, I can provide you information as to the nature of the crash and the status of the issue (just like with the other one). If you do not have an ID, you can also share the topic where this was reported in tech support. It can be identified through that as well.
  16. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Siege retreat - dead realism

    Are you talking about the thread from around three weeks ago?

    The one where you said: "For 1, I don't really think it's a worthwhile goal. The player is unlikely to experience it, because chances are good they will already be knocked out on the wall." ~ Duh

    And: "If a few players are to experience a particular feature rarely, it becomes less worthwhile to pursue than a feature that more players are likely to experience often" ~ Duh
    Yes (you can click on the quotes I in my prior post - they will bring you to that very topic), which, once again, include
    Having said that, I'm sure people will take into account any feedback given on them as we go forward - and they may very well come up with solutions that I can't
    Seeing as you had referenced the original statement out of context, I provided the relevant quotes that followed immediately after it.

    My remark was indeed spurred by one of your comments, they give us insight into what some of the thought processes might be on the team. Hence why I used the "sounds like" terminology and not something more definitive such as "they did".

    I actually cannot find where you say something specific like "I have no control over whether this gets in"
    It's pretty clear from the quote above.

    However if you did say that somewhere I certainly may have missed it as I did not read into other pages of that thread I was originally referencing
    Of course, these things happen. Having said that, you did quote the post that included the relevant clarification.

    But your argument here is essentially that your existing work a decade in is too lackluster to let a player experience? Or were you genuinely asking for input?
    Yes. It is a question. The answers to it (albeit limited) were / are taken into account in the discussion.

    That is great to hear. It is genuinely good to know, thank you for bringing that to my attention.
    No worries.
  17. Duh_TaleWorlds

    Siege retreat - dead realism

    And yet they explained away keep battles not existing for player defenders as them not being worth the time as too few players would ever experience it, which sounds like they just gave up.
    The statements in the topic don't "explain away keep battles not existing for player defenders". The discussion is about future improvements. And the very thing you are referencing is quite clear that my opinion isn't the deciding factor.
    Having said that, I'm sure people will take into account any feedback given on them as we go forward - and they may very well come up with solutions that I can't
    It is further elaborated that
    these things are not developed in isolation. That is to say if we pursue one thing, we do so by not pursuing something else. Similarly, if we chose to not pursue that one thing, we do so in favor of something else. All of these options can enhance the sandbox experience and must be prioritized according to their assumed costs and benefits.
    And ends with the note
    A question to those that are interested in defensive keep fights. Would you feel that the current offensive set up would offer an enjoyable defensive experience to you? That is to say - no control over your troops, no reinforcements for your side and generally a mission that you are quite likely to lose (or, well, are intended to lose - since another challenge may be players exploiting the terrain to simply 1on1 200 bots and basically mean that no siege has to be lost anymore... encouraging that very approach). If not, how do you imagine it should work?
    But i guess that's

    TLDR - Feedback is being read by the relevant people and potential improvements will be explored for the feature.

    As for the topic at hand, we are aware and a likely resolution is to close the retreat (without loss) for the player. However, since the player can choose to use this exploit or not - much like the ingame cheats - i don't consider this the highest priority.
  18. Duh_TaleWorlds

    CRASH ! CRASH ! I've had a gut full of this game..

    The dump id you shared is associated with the following
    at TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.SandBox.CampaignBehaviors.PartiesSellPrisonerCampaignBehavior.OnSettlementEntered
    Having said that, the proper investigation will reveal the details of the crash. (Could be the conspiracy caravan having trouble with selling prisoners, for instance.) We do have tasks (and dumps) for other conspiracy related issues as well.
  19. Duh_TaleWorlds

    CRASH ! CRASH ! I've had a gut full of this game..

    Lol k, it's not a new issue with 1.6.2; it's been going on since at least 1.6.0 and probably 1.5.10

    Reproduction Steps: play the game for a while (an in-game year or so, but I just had it happen about 6 months in), then open up the Party/Prisoners screen and then leave it. For extra credit, see if you can find the crash when it loads the tavern people!

    Logs indicate the crash is when it finishes disposing of the Party screen. (I'm usually heavily modded, but I just started a new 1.6.2 and was horrified the crash hadn't stopped yet)
    This particular set of dumps appears with 1.6.2 only. It happens on settlement entered and in the behavior that handles the parties selling prisoners. From what I can tell anyways.
  20. Duh_TaleWorlds

    CRASH ! CRASH ! I've had a gut full of this game..

    Thanks for sharing the dump. This seems to be a relatively new issue (first recorded with 1.6.2). Something appears to be going wrong for your game when parties are selling their prisoners. We will look into it.
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