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  1. Rayden

    [NC2019] Group Stage Week 3

    ggs thanks for the match, now i don't think anyone's using illegal stuff from our team but if anyone has any proof then they are welcome to share it. you know where i stand against cheating, i hate people who use that sh*t but it's not cool to accuse people without proof  :facepalm:
  2. Rayden

    [NC2019] Group Stage Week 1

    Tardet said:
    Also as far as I remember, Turkey did not offer anything or that wasn't mentioned to me during our discussion.

    i asked that to watly

    hope its not forbidden to share the conversation
    Rayden, who is the primary contact for team Turkey

    you can talk to me

    I see Samu, Tomayus and Flawin
    but ok
    France is requesting a rematch
    so 0-0

    i mean i dont care tbh but
    does it have to do anything with first 3 sets

    it's a complete rematch
    and you can refuse with no repurcussions
    France, in the end, agreed to a rematch of the set, so we are not gonna do funny things like force another rematch starting at 2-0

    we can play last set if they want
    right now

    complete rematch or result stands
    it's up to both teams here, I'm just mediating

    Tardet said:
    I believe they were fine with the outcome of the match and we were the only ones unhappy with the draw.

    thats umm  :shock:  :ohdear:

    okay so just to clarify, ofc we'd want to replay only last set but as you can see i was told no so we didnt want to force our opponent
  3. Rayden

    [NC2019] Group Stage Week 1

    i thought same as you and offered that yesterday but they didn't accept and there were no referee or admin there at that moment, they offered us to play from 2-0 and they gave up their armor so it seemed fair and we continued from 2-0 mate

    and now both teams want to replay prolly cuz they think this time they got this  :fruity:
  4. Rayden

    [NC2019] Group Stage Week 1

    i agree last set has nothing to do with previous 3 sets that we played but we also cant ignore that france had armor advantage when the incident happened, it also does not fit turkey to say we will take the draw. so, if everything goes smooth (if our opponents agree to play on sunday and we can find people to play with france) then we will replay the match.

    besides result is not that important in group stage afaik since first 3 will qualify
  5. Rayden

    [NC2019] Final Nation's Cup Announcement & Signups

    sa vs eu matches could be on turkish servers
  6. Rayden

    The Athenaeum

    i like nostalgia then why does reading past make me sad  :meh:

    also the ones who put effort into this deserve min wage from taleworlds
  7. Rayden

    Top Teams of All Time

    finally, forum is a little bit more alive after the lists arrived. i hope it grows huge hate in everyones stomach haha

    hate = ambition = rivalry = tournaments

    even tho most lists are bs  :fruity:
  8. Rayden

    Top Teams of All Time

    would like to see teams like 22nd,rn,cor,wv,rs but it would be hard to place them in rankings. :fruity: men like me will never stop living in the past  :cool:
  9. Rayden

    List threads

    just allow the lists imo, it has more benefits than harming. forum is already half dead as this game, probably most people check it just to get informed about tournaments. allow a little bit saltiness on forums its always good, it brings ambition, ambition brings activity.

    and please dont bring the argument that "but what if new players come and see community is toxic", not saying let the toxicity grow. a little bit salty forum is better than a dead forum  :shifty:
  10. Rayden

    [WNL7] Team Rosters

    Player Removal

    Team Name: Main Eleven
    Name of player(s):

    i still couldnt learn to not trust little rats who only think for their own good, anyone who wants to learn what this little rat did, feel free to ask me from steam, i will send the full convo
  11. Rayden

    [WNL7] Division A - Week 4 | Deadline: 31/03

  12. Rayden

    [WNL7] Server Bookings

    Team you are from?: me
    Teams involved?: malta
    WNL Match?: yes
    Server Location: germany
    Date & Time: 30.03 - 20:00
  13. Rayden

    [WNL7] Division A - Week 4 | Deadline: 31/03

    me vs malta is going to be on saturday 20.00 gmt
  14. Rayden

    [WNL7] Suggestions

    Scar said:
    Again, that's impossible without making two teams in A sit out for a week. :smile:

    what ogl said makes sense imo
  15. Rayden

    [WNL7] Suggestions

    what about just forget about all the rules and make everyone play vs each other no matter what points they have or ranking they are in
  16. Rayden

    [WNL7] Warband Interviews | Einar

    young policeman carpe stepped into wrong neighborhood
  17. Rayden

    [WNL7] Division A - Week 3 | Deadline: 24/03

    probably tonight 20 gmt
  18. Rayden

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    alot of potential shooters here  :shifty:
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