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  1. Wuzgar

    Need More Info [1.4.3] Baravenos Encirclement - wonky ballista

    I've noticed this on the custom siege server so far (will try to test it out on the quick play once people start playing again ). The ballista on the attackers side, the one on the right side - close to the trebuchet and siege tower, shoots the bolts roughly 45 degrees to the right, from the...
  2. Wuzgar

    Catapults need some love

    Playing a good catapult operator can be very rewarding in siege: destroying those pesky walls, so archers have nowhere to hide, making gaps in walls so your team can get to those flags faster and of course trying to get the enemy catapults before they get you. Having said this there are still...
  3. Wuzgar

    Bannerlord's biggest missing feature!

    Pure gold 😂
  4. Wuzgar

    Warm up rounds instead of long waits pls

    When it comes to quick play - can we have an option of messing around in warm-up on a server until enough players gather instead of staring at the main menu for ages? I can see the players searching with the same criteria so, what's stopping such a way - works quite well in PUBG
  5. Wuzgar

    Tournaments are too easy

    Never mind the gear disadvantage and all. It's easy to slash away at the enemy's back in a group fight and in duels just run around in counterclockwise circles around your opponent and slash away at his neck, they'll be confused about it and helpless to counter. Abuse at your own discretion :D...
  6. Wuzgar

    First week Character's Culture Poll

    For the annals of Bannerlord history let's see how many players affiliate with which faction for their first play through. I personally love the knightly feel of the Vlandians and choosing to go with them first. Come on folks, let's get some stats rolling.
  7. Wuzgar

    Can we make a separate sub-forum for all things bugs/complaints related ?

    I am currently eagerly awaiting for my game to finish downloading in great hype and it's very disheartening to find most of the new forum littered with random complaints about bugs, performance issues etc. I know it's still early access and all, but can we move all this garbage to a different...
  8. Wuzgar

    What's spawning in your neighbourhood?

    Man, I just love all those different lesser factions spawns, they add so much to the game as opposed to plain and boring bandits of the native. Upon the first run with this mod (currently day 750, own faction, not doing so badly thank you very much) you cannot do anything else than marvel at the...
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