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  1. kopus

    Desert Bandit Camps

    I've been clearing every other bandit camp easily even before the nerf a while back on realistic difficulty. My issue with the Desert Bandit Camp however is that there's no good spot to take cover or station your units. The aggro range is pretty much the entire entrance. It just feels poorly...
  2. kopus

    Resolved Lords Hall Pillar/Board Game Placement

    Summary: Board games in the lord's halls are strangely placed inside pillars. Even without this placement, some games would freeze in the middle and not allow additional moves by the player. How to Reproduce: Approach a board game in the lord's hall. Have you used cheats and if so which: None...
  3. kopus

    Praven Lord's Hall Pillar Placement Bug

    Self explanatory issue I believe:
  4. kopus

    Gathering Companions in Town

    I was wondering, but is this a new bug? Haven't played in a while, but I am no longer to gather my companions in town. In fact, they don't even appear in town anymore other than 1 follower/wife. The only option when speaking to your follower/wife is to ask them to not follow. There used to be a...
  5. kopus

    Help with Steppe Bandit Quest - Range

    So, the changes regarding this type of quest I assume is a reduction in range? It's to the point where bandits that are 2 seconds away from the quest giver don't count anymore. This has always been a frustrating quest given the bandits' troop counts, but this new nerf just made it completely a...
  6. kopus

    lol Can we finally allow crossbow reloading on horses please?

    As the title says, I'm seriously hoping they'd address some of the most basic of perks before experimenting with overhauls. You're basically removing 1 of the 3 ranged weapons from the game by disallowing crossbow reloads when mounted.
  7. kopus

    Steppe Bandit Hideout Crash - Chaikand

    So this is the first time I've come across this particular issue playing the 1.41 Beta branch. There's a crash that occurs every time I approach the bandit camp near Chaikand (in the middle of Usek, Hakkun and Chaikand). There isn't even a loading screen. The game just crashes as soon as I reach...
  8. kopus

    Fur Ball Glitch

    So, this glitch/bug has happened for at least a month now. Battanians all of a sudden turn into fur balls in combat, which is completely game breaking cause you can't see any of their moves. Are they planning on fixing this anytime soon?
  9. kopus

    Bandit Camp Leader Fight

    When you choose to not duel the bandit boss so you don't have to chase down the 3-5 runaways after the duel, there appears to be some issues with your soldiers/companions. As soon as you choose not to duel, your enemies would rush you. On the other hand, our side would stand still even as they...
  10. kopus

    Marriage Age Limit

    So I've figured out that females have an age limit or 35 to get married, but what about males? Also, is there a separate age limit for child-bearing?
  11. kopus

    Companion levels - I'm not too sure the fix actually fixed anything?

    The complaint about companions not leveling was due to them coming at high levels with skills close to soft/hard caps. This was supposedly dealt with by reducing the overall number of skills that they had rather than decreasing the individual skill level. Now we have companions that are still...
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