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    Scoreboard Suggestion

    Agreed and also the TK score penalty should be lowered as its way 2 high.
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    Please change the shouting UI to something like Mordhau

    absolutely, the O is extremely inconvenient and is actually hard to do while in an engagement. Mordhau was the perfect way to do it since it was ez and u can taunt while blocking.
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    (Crown) Sigil not centered

    For some reason the crown is not oriented correctly, It is off centered. I know this is minimal and not part of the bigger issues of the game but its a very simple thing that bugs me. Why is it that others are oriented well but for some reason the crown is not? I hope I can spread awareness to...
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    Understanding Loot

    Nin continues to amaze the community by helping new players. May Allah protect you.
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    Understanding Loot

    thank you all for your answers. I'm also think an increase in loot would be in place, that and XP events i.e weekends.

    having played almost every medieval cod out there. IMHO Bannerlord is the best all around.

    I want to see servers full at prime time, I've done my part. bought copies for my brother and some friends.

    I talk about it with friends and social media. come here and ask questions.

    I know the developers are working hard to revive MP for this awesome game, but I would love to see a "relaunch" somehow, commercials, popular streamers etc. to boost players and sales and obviously fix the server crashes or compensate with loot :wink:
    Glad you have hope, I also have hope since we will be releasing our server when custom servers come out called Calradian Roleplay. That is sweet of you to buy a copy for your brother and friends lets hope they continue to play :smile:
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    Understanding Loot

    Loot is earned by XP, XP is best earned through gamemodes like Captain as you get many kills, skirmish is also a good one for quicker games. Having a clan surely helps as you get more games just like our clan does. And the 2Xp loot weekends have not been implemented to us yet in NA so I heard.
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    W+W acceleration seems to do nothing after certain armour threshold

    Yes, it only happens if you pass a certain amount of armour value, with less armour it's not the case. With the same mamluk class if you take agile perk horse acceleration is noticeable, but with barding perk you get what's on the videos.
    Oke thank you
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    W+W acceleration seems to do nothing after certain armour threshold

    What do you mean in your last words? Are you saying with extra armor this happens so this does not happen when you have lighter armor aka like a nomad from khuzait.
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    No such thing as balance in a skilled based game

    99% agree with you, I hate those tards who just get angry because they dont even know what a feint is and call you a cheater and a tryhard because of it. Those people should either try nolifing the game or simply learn the basics of the game which you could easily do if you took a small bit of time. But there are things for balance exactly like the throwing meta that was a one shot pila 99% of the time. That was unfair and its good that it changed, thats why I agree with you 99% of the way.

    Lesson: Get Gud M8 to all those tards
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    All right, so who asked deaths to be removed from the score board?

    Please revert back to show us the deaths it is important for stats, and is extremely important to know who dies faster, who is the most reliable. So many things can be shown simply by keeping the death count on.
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    (NA) Double Loot Weekends

    Intro: Lets be honest for a minute, the loot you get for a single skirmish game can be as small as 20 a match *games can last maximum of 30 minutes* so think about that for a while you grind. Simply put this would mean if you wanted to buy a 1 thousand gold item it would take you on average 50...
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    NA Duel In-progress Court of Cavalry | Duel Tourney | $100 Prize

    *Signup for Eailiene*
    Name: Eailiene
    Discord: Wra!th#1421
    Region: NA East
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    The bad AND good of the new skin update

    The issues with sigils and some cosmetic items are getting worked out.
    Custom servers will be awarding Loot, it is being adjusted.
    In a future update, hitting milestones on your Badges will also award Loot.
    You are compensated for your previous levels, you will get the cumulative reward when you level up for the first time after the update as 10 Loot per level gained.
    Thank you a lot for this post AVRC I respect the work yall are putting in and the fact you are willing to respond to me. Godspeed
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    The bad AND good of the new skin update

    This new update is wonderful in the sense that now we can customize our own loadouts and be different from one another. The Bad Things: But I feel like it could've used more work because the sigils for example dont work. At least not the free ones... I cant switch to any of the free ones and I...
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    Added you on steam you want to do the match today or tomorrow?

    Added you on steam you want to do the match today or tomorrow?
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    NA Duel In-progress Court of Cavalry | Duel Tourney | $100 Prize

    *Signing up for Chowski*
    Discord: rockemsockemrobotcock#3845
    Region: NA East
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