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  1. Krin

    Quit system

    I quit a game, then get put in the same game, thus i quit again, only to be put there again. Thus I quit again to no avail, only to be put into the same game again. Then I'm blocked from matchmaking for 5 minutes. Good job lads.
  2. Krin

    Smithing "Recipes"

    too long didnt read but here's some recipes
  3. Krin

    Show HP in numbers, not just the irritating non linear bar

    Why count tho, do you count or look down the screen to see how much hp you got in any other multiplayer game?
    not hard to count
  4. Krin

    Please change the shouting UI to something like Mordhau

    leave the closest button to wsad unused for anything
    the O is extremely inconvenient
    Just keybind it, no use whining. Be smart, it's not like your keybinds get reset everytime you launch the game, literally takes less time than whining here.
  5. Krin

    Please change the shouting UI to something like Mordhau

    Also why can't we move while shouting, it defeats the purpose of running at soemone screaming you bastard if you stop halfway
    I stand by this
  6. Krin

    EU Skirmish Open Bannerlord Draft Cup V - Captain Signup Open (56/56)

    Name : Kirin
    Nationality : Bench
    Main Class : Inf/Cav/Bench
    Steam Link :
    Why you should be a Captain: to let the hunger games begin
    I confirm that I will be there on both auctions(30.10.2021 at 19 CEST) and draft cup itself (06.11.2021 at 17.00 CEST).
  7. Krin

    new player suggestion

    Frodo Baggins? That u?
  8. Krin

    EU Other In-progress 🏆 Bannerlord Groupfighting Cup [8v8] - SIGNUPS OPEN {10/16}

    Clan Name : Vineyard Workers

    Team Name (if more than 1 team):

    Team Clan / Tag : VW

    Contact 1 : TW & Steam :

    Contact 2: TW & Steam :

    Banner :


    I have read and I accept the rules : Yup
  9. Krin

    EU Other In-progress 🏆 Bannerlord Groupfighting Cup [8v8] - SIGNUPS OPEN {10/16}

    #8 If a team can gather 8 members for the match, then the team will still have to play with a reduced number.
    Is it 8v8 or 7v7?
  10. Krin

    Resolved Game Crashes on Armory Page (used to happen prior to the latest patch)

    please help, it also happens to me, I click armory, then mess around and freezes, then I switch window and it appears the config screen but still frozen
    Fix : Do NOT mess around. Do not attempt to move cursor. Do not play this game. You will notice significant increase in self respect.
  11. Krin

    Open Letter to Taleworlds - Mod Custom Servers

    ello ello i am sightseeing me stumble upon dis what dis be?
  12. Krin

    Server Downtime

    hahah you silly goose :smile:
  13. Krin


    Can't create [ASS] clan :xf-mad:
  14. Krin

    Profanity filter …


  15. Krin

    I am banned

  16. Krin

    EU Duel In-progress 🐎ABCD - A Bannerlord Cavalry Duel (Tournament)🐎

    ahaha Sign me up

    "I have read and agreed the rules."
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