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  1. Danny5

    Arrow Barrels

    Hello everyone! Small suggestion, pressing alt is useful to find things around. During siege, we should be able to find the arrow barrels easily. Could highlight around the barrel, like how we see with weapons on the ground. What do y'all think?
  2. Danny5

    Skirmish troops selection when dead

    Just what the title says. When you die and you lost your lives, just a small suggestion on allowing us to pre select our troop when we die for the next round. So in that way, we can take our time in choosing, instead of feeling rushed, as I do. Lol
  3. Danny5

    Modding VS Development

    Hi guys, I have a quick question about modding. Now I am not a modder nor am I a game designer, don't know anything of these things. However, what I do know is, why are modders making the game soooo much better than the base game? Do modders have an advantage when modding the game? Why can't...
  4. Danny5

    NPC should pick up shields

    We see some npc picking up javelins and I think arrows / bolts? Not sure. But how about they'll pick up shields? Of course the units that had shield in the first place, so when their shield breaks they can pick up another one from the ground.
  5. Danny5

    Selecting How to Start Sandbox

    Atm we only have one option in sandbox, and that is to start as a fresh character and do all the grinding. Which is fine, but how about adding 3 options before creating your character, such as, start as an adventure, mercenary and vassal. Adventure - Already in game, basically starting out...
  6. Danny5

    Question about MP - Some Discussions

    Not sure if this has been addressed before, but I have some questions. Feel free to discuss about it and perhaps suggests things. :mrgreen: 1) I heard that there was going to ranked mode? Anyone knows what game mode that'll be? Is it captain mode and skirmish? 2) What do you guys think of...
  7. Danny5

    This shows how useful spears were

    I was watching the movie 300 the other day and when watching this scene I was like....I want this in my game play. There are a lot of forums about how useless spears are, can we have this please. (Especially at 3:47) Also the shield wall is truly amazing lol
  8. Danny5

    Bulletin Board

    How bout a bulletin board in taverns for hunting down particular bandits? So players would select which type of bandits to hunt. Higher rewards means bandits are harder with more units in parties. These criminals would be under a leader. Once completed players can gain more relations with that...
  9. Danny5

    Iron man mode

    Iron Man mode should be more challenging for players. Bandits - more in party, stronger opponents, more spawns, more aggressive, perhaps raid villages? Enemy Vassels - aggressive, often no mercy, stronger etc. Weather effects - affects the world map, affects everyone's skills, random...
  10. Danny5

    This video kinda explains bannerlord and TW. Sorry...

    Sorry if this offends TW or white knight people. But this is funny and true at the same time 🥲
  11. Danny5


    I think siege should have specific flags unlocked to be capturable, instead of having all the flags opened to be captured. This would get rid of trolls or pretty much balancing, as everyone are focusing on the first few flags, and a few attackers would sneak around and capture the back flags. I...
  12. Danny5

    Exclamation Mark

    Just a simple suggestions of having a different colour exclamation mark, say orange, after completing a quest. So when you go to a town, or a village, or to a lord / lady, you will see that the exclamation mark is a different colour. I'll find it easier to see who to give the quest to. This...
  13. Danny5

    Minor Factions

    Hey guys, So I was snooping through the docs in Bannerlord, and I came across something, quite interesting, in terms of the minor factions. game_menu id="minor_faction_base" on_init="game_menu_minor_faction_base_on_init" flags="0x200" color="0x0" default_text="{=9OaaK18j}Minor Faction Base"...
  14. Danny5

    Some Suggestions from ItalianSpartacus

    This is a video that he made suggesting some improvements that needs to happen. You might have seen this video, but I find it very useful and a way for TW to look more into. I think almost everyone has also suggested these things to make the game better.
  15. Danny5

    Resolved My Lady?

    Summary: My character called King Derthert, my lady... How to Reproduce: Complete the quest, Lord needs horses Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  16. Danny5

    Taleworlds once said...(finish the sentence)

    The title says it all
  17. Danny5

    In Progress Companion spouse is part of my clan?

    Summary:After doing a quest when training a lord for experience something like that, they got married and their spouse is part of my clan now? How to Reproduce: Losing a battle, then companion staying in town, then gets married Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related)...
  18. Danny5

    Story mode?

    Any news for story mode? Haven't heard much about it. What do you guys want the story mode to be like? Would you continue the story as it is or change it to something else? (Something that relates to bannerlord ofc). I would like more dynamic characters, like companions and lords. More...
  19. Danny5

    In Progress Bot's Not Moving in Siege Battle

    Summary: During a siege battle, everything plays out normally, but then the bots freeze once they get to the battlement How to Reproduce: Siege battle Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): While watching the video, the beginning stage is...
  20. Danny5

    Need More Info Crossbows icon during battles showing infantry icon instead

    Summary: During battles, crossbows icons were replaced by infantry icons How to Reproduce:grin:uring battles Have you used cheats and if so which:No Media (Screenshots & Video): Towards the end of the video, the crossbowmans are standing on top of a mountain fighting, and as I press alt, it...
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