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  1. Thrangor88

    Suggestion for improvement of the forge

    Hello, players and moderators. Would it be possible to add a failure rate on melts of weapons and refining materials? I think it can balance the abuse of the Forge if your 15,000 denar weapon melts, but gives nothing, no materials. What do you think?
  2. Thrangor88

    When will the mercenary unit tree be revised or improve their presence in the taverns?

    I like to hire a lot of tavern mercenaries, but I find the units a bit weak and poorly equipped. Base unit is tier 2, but does not have a shield like tier 2 faction units. Why? It would be necessary to have a variant with an Arc. As well as increase the probability of meeting with tier 2 or use...
  3. Thrangor88

    Questions about the mercenary clans.

    Hello, in long-lasting games, what is the lifespan of mercenary clans? are the dead replaced by new NPCs or the clans disappear? Will we be able to recruit from the mercenary unit trees in future updates? have the developers planned anything on the subject?
  4. Thrangor88

    An additional utility to the castle?

    Hello, I would like to know if we can expect some additional utility to the castle, such as hiring mercenaries, the standard tree or disgruntled mercenary clans. I do not visit any castle for lack of interest. We could have unique quests from the bailiff and so on ... I find the castles empty of...
  5. Thrangor88

    BL [en cours]Trad Calradia Awakens - A Fantasy Total Conversion Fr

    Bonjour, Cela fait 3 semaines que je travail sur la traduction du mod Calradia Awakens, j'ai fini en grand partie. Je souhaitais savoir si cela intéresse que moi. A savoir j'ai traduit l'intégralité des objets communs et racial, les unités et les magies. Il ne reste que les PNJ tel que les...
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