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  1. Korift

    Beast#5 Statistics | Playerstats | All Divisions

    Thanks for stats!
  2. Korift

    EU Native Battle Completed [Carnage Fantasy League] Player Sign-Ups

    Name: Korift
    Nationality: French
    Preferred Class: Inf / shooter
    Past Teams / Experience: Rivia
  3. Korift

    Archers crying time

    I beg you increase shield switching speed
  4. Korift

    Epic thread do not click

    Here I will post my Bannerlord videos
  5. Korift

    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup 3,5 - Sign Ups Open (55/56)

    Finally I can't participate, please remove me from the list
  6. Korift

    [WRC] Streams & VoDs

    Final rookies SBO vs 7eCie
  7. Korift


    Move your bow = cheat
  8. Korift

    [WRC] Streams & VoDs

    Division c week 4 7eCie vs SBO :
  9. Korift

    [WRC] Statistics

    Merci pour ça
  10. Korift

    [W6C] Team Rosters

    Team Name: Wardens
  11. Korift

    [WLC] Livestreams & VODs

    Creo que las videos estan obstruidos en francia
  12. Korift

    [WLC] Livestreams & VODs

    Los videos de la grande final estan disponible sobre youtube ? Porque no puedo ver on twitch aqui
  13. Korift

    Duel Server Information

    oh okay nice !
  14. Korift

    Duel Server Information

    Im always crashing when I try to connect even if I got a 100% approved [email protected] computer, any solution ?
  15. Korift

    New Native 5 v 5 or 6 v 6 tourney?

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