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  1. mrArgentum

    EU Other In-progress 2v2 Tournament

    EUROPEAN 2 VS 2 TOURNAMENT SIGNUPS END AUGUST. 24 Welcome to the first European 2 vs 2 tournament for Bannerlord! RULESET 2v2 team tournament. Must be played on EU_Sab server. If you have trouble scheduling a match with a opponent please let an admin know. Post results of the match...
  2. mrArgentum

    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    We all know that every BEAST comes down to RM - DM finals. They even wanted to create an extra "S" division just for them. Now we've formed new v strong team which has a good chance to win the BEAST. The main idea of separation into divisions was proper competition. To let teams have worthy...
  3. mrArgentum

    [RS] Runaway Scorpions

    clan name: RUNAWAY SCORPIONS clan tag:_RS Clan banners: Our clan is founded on January, 20, 2010 Our clan has mainly Russian-speaking players, but players from other countries are welcome too. Our clan is rather balanced, we have cavalry, shooters, infantry. We need skilled players without...
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