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  1. IL_Scippio

    Helvetii (W.I.P)

    Officers Chieftan- Scippio Warlord- Baldwin, Drusus Noble- DaNub, DaMaster, Spartacus, Doobie, Tomato Special- DumDum_Dumbman Enlisted Berserker- Warrior- Swordsman- Spearman- Levy- Current strength: 8 Leaders Steam     Teamspeak IP IL_Scippio Rodakan Warlegendnl    ...
  2. IL_Scippio

    Sunday Shieldbattle (19.00GMT)

    This is the Romae Bellum Sunday Official Shieldbattle. The event will begin at 19:00 GMT. The Shieldbattle will consist of 6 rounds, 3 rounds on one map, and 3 on another. Factions will usually be changed when the maps are changed. The server will be locked with a password, but we accept public...
  3. IL_Scippio

  4. IL_Scippio

    Battlefield 4

    Hey guys, didn't find a Battlefield 4 thread yet.. If any of you play Battlefield, what do you think about BF4 for now? I know it isn't out yet, but like there's only month left. Do you think it will be alot similar to BF3? There will be beta's too if some of you didn't know it...
  5. IL_Scippio

    MP Medieval [WB] Medieval Supremacy

    Welcome to the multiplayer mod 'Medieval Supremacy'. This mod will focus on 13th-15th century. This mod is set in the Medieval era from the Scottish wars of independence in the thirteenth century to the battle of Flodden during Henry VIII's reign. What side will you chose, the heavily armed...
  6. IL_Scippio

    Li guerreier de Moretoin

    We are a community called NovaAllianceGamers. We will focus on few mods that are for Mount&Blade: Warband. The clan isn't big and we won't make it really big. But we're always looking for new recruits. We are currently active in another mod Mount&Gladius, and we play there as cavalry (Equites...
  7. IL_Scippio

    Looking for modeller/texturers for MountnGladius

    Hello, Me and my team for Mount and Gladius are currently looking for 1 or 2 new modellers/texturers. We currently only have 1 capable modeller/texturer, and gaining another one would speed up our development, aswell as taking some of the strain off him Requirements: -Be able to make Good...
  8. IL_Scippio

    Python problem.

    This has probably been mentioned before, but didn't really find anything like that. So I'm learning how to code and was trying to setup python. Was using this as a tutorial,240255.0.html I setup everything fine like the path and everything else, but...
  9. IL_Scippio


    Anyone want to do a event on this mod? I think I myself can gather 20+ players probably. And I got a 100 slot server if we do make one. :3
  10. IL_Scippio


    EU_Spirit_RP, will try to deliver you the best roleplaying and gaming expierence you've ever had. We will be doing ingame events and much more. The admins team will be active and will take any complaints or questions that you have. 1. Do not random. Randoming is when you kill somebody...
  11. IL_Scippio

    The Helvetii Tribe (EU/NA)

    Officers Chieftan- Scippio Warlord- Rad, Drusus, Baldwin Druid-  Rain Noble- Beech, Stevenhafulo, DaMaster Special- DumDum_Dumbman Enlisted Berserker- Fleetfoot, SexyTomato Warrior- Swordsman- Spearman- Seer_Nalyd, Rawr Levy- HedgeHog,PingWang12, Aron,Tyrent, Canicus, Hazzard, DaNub, Gujer...
  12. IL_Scippio

    Duchy of Aachen

    The Duchy of Aachen, once a powerful house, it became weaker and weaker as the other house grew bigger. The most loyal people stayed with the house, but some left, because they saw what's happening to the house. Aachen is an Imperial City in southwest Germany. Once they were holding a feast...
  13. IL_Scippio

    House of Aachen

    House of Aachen House of Aachen, it occupies castle Praven. It was originally founded by Jesse, but then he closed it. It is coming back for the Aachen server. The story goes far far away. A man named Jim, who lived in Germany in a town called Aachen. The town was a poor town, there were only...
  14. IL_Scippio

    Connection problems?

    Ok, i dont know why but after beta2 ive been having connection problems. When i try to connect to an pw server it says *Connection lost to the server*. Im not new to Pw, but its weird. I own the full game and im an admin on a server too, so im not banned or anything. Sometimes i can join, but i...
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