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  1. Gerard_de_reinee

    [WBMM] Changelogs

    Changelogs All the previous updates will be stored here.
  2. Gerard_de_reinee

    [WBMM] Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy Index Privacy Policy § 1 General Info § 2 Processed Data from website § 3 Processed Data from servers Privacy Policy § 1 General Info To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the...
  3. Gerard_de_reinee

    [WBMM] Unban Appeals

    Unban Appeals If you were banned and you feel like you did not deserve the punishment or the punishment was too harsh, you are allowed to ask for your case to be reviewed here. Same applies to people that are seasonly or permanently banned. If enough remorse and understanding of the rules is...
  4. Gerard_de_reinee

    Warband Matchmaking is looking for NA servers

    Hello there folks! Considering the great success matchmaking is here in Europe, we're looking to expand into NA aswell very soon. The only thing holding us back is the lack of NA servers. So if there's a good american soul somewhere around, willing to help matchmaking enter NA, we're more than...
  5. Gerard_de_reinee

    Unable to find/join servers - easy fix

    Hey, this already helped a couple of people, thought it'd be nice to have it somewhere. 1. Get a VPN (or just change your IP somehow, get ur LTE via tethering, you only need it for a brief moment). 2. Connect to the server 3. Turn off the VPN Gotta do that anytime you can't find/join servers...
  6. Gerard_de_reinee

    Should we abandon NC?

    Alright, so it was part of our traditon, it's always been there, bla, blah. In the end it makes lots of players go inactive, just because they don't have any opportunity to play, we team up with people we don't entirely want to team up with, often lose interest before big things happen. Not to...
  7. Gerard_de_reinee

    The weirdest lag I've ever had

    I've posted on like 3-4 IT forums and didn't receive any help, you guys are my last hope. Built a new PC, bought original Win10 copy and it seems like Warband doesn't want to cooperate at all. Anytime I alt+tab, my game instantly crashes. This happens also when I change any of graphic settings...
  8. Gerard_de_reinee

    Lagging with good PC

    I've got 8GB RAM, GTX750Ti, AMD-FX8320, lots of space on disk and no idea why I still have 30 fps on IG Battlegrounds, running lowest possible settings. Any ideas?
  9. Gerard_de_reinee

    Is the roleplay gone?

    In advance I'm sorry for my English, it's not my native language. When I entered a server for the first time since a year or so I was just dissapointed. Tried it a few times more but didn't find any people that roleplayed. Wars, 500 gold or die & admins stopping you every time you kill. I had...
  10. Gerard_de_reinee

    Saracens are leaving WNL

    I'm sorry, but we have to leave WNL. Clan is going inactive, I don't know for how long, maybe till Bannerlord is out. Personally I still like the game and community and I won't stop playing. However, begging people to come for a single match does not give me fun. Last weeks we couldn't find...
  11. Gerard_de_reinee

    [SRC] Saracens Clan

    Council Sebek [leader] Dyktator [vice leader] CarpeDiem [ex leader] Virus Blade Fietnamczyk Members Abdullah Aleksandros Dominique eRRoR Fr33sh Francuz GinsengStrip2002 Habrak Kamidas Msciwoj Netoman OSGiDaPfE Panoramix RedBullSnuff Thranduil Trial Dragon Eye KreBULL Pawliszek Pitbull Prusak...
  12. Gerard_de_reinee

    The Sarracens Clan [Recruiting/EU]

    The Sarracens Introduction How to join? Roster How to contact us? Teamspeak3 Steam
  13. Gerard_de_reinee

    Current map on United PW4 Roleplay

    Does anyone have a link to a map which is actually used on European United Server? I am learning mapping and I'd like to see how it's made.
  14. Gerard_de_reinee

    Question to NA admins...

    Maybe it won't be report, just asking for something. I was RPing cannibal, I was attacking horses without RP and then talking with serfs who owned the horse. Minippl slained and warned me to RPing before doing anything, I enjoyed and was going to continue RP. Then some admin banned me (temp or...
  15. Gerard_de_reinee

    Future of NA server - unbanning players

    As we all see, NA server is going down. Many weeks ago, we had 50-60 players, now max. is 30-35. Admins banned many players, but I think they could understand their lesson. If they didn't, it isn't big problem to ban them again. I know players who are playing on EU only because they are banned...
  16. Gerard_de_reinee

    Temp Ban - was it fair?

    Two minutes ago I got temp banned by Bayard. He started event to catch him "an elf who like golds and women". He had money bag with 100k, and it was prize. I "dressed" women clothes, drops some money bags with rocks and started to waiting. Then I got kicked. I rejoined server and got temp...
  17. Gerard_de_reinee

    Security Company - What do you think about it?

    Hello. I want to ask you, players, what do you think about creating Security Company? Maybe it will be a faction with mercenaries for hire? Or a guild with base in one of houses/tavern? Some rich people will be allowed to hire guards for definite time, I can try to make Recrutation Thread. I...
  18. Gerard_de_reinee

    Cleric Bayard - unfair admin

    Hello. I got banned today, before a second. He said I randoming. How? I tried to enslave person, he ran, I killed, got reported for randoming. Its first thing. Second. After I killed this slave, Isaiah attacked me, Prizrak, my friend, killed him. He come back, was crying RANDOMER and killed...
  19. Gerard_de_reinee

    Idea for the new topic\division - Events.

    Hello everybody. Yesterday I thought above events... I think, it's a good idea to create new topic, where players can making posts about their organised events, for example - tournaments, battles, and any others Role Play things. Players will can have more peoples, which will participate in...
  20. Gerard_de_reinee

    Lock Pick - where can I buy it?

    Hello. I want ask you, players, where can I buy (or make) Lock Pick. Its two maps, so I want to know this place on Scene 2 and Test Scene. Anyone know where can i buy Lock Pick? I think its very interesting item, and want test it.
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