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  1. CdJrcxx

    The Battle for NA: Warband Conversion Mod (Alpha)

    The moddb page might not have been accessible for a while since it was not yet authorized. If you are still having this issue within 24 hours of this post please bring it to my attention!
  2. CdJrcxx

    The Battle for NA: Warband Conversion Mod (Alpha)

    I guess if there's not a Noill, Andrei, Tesla/ Kush(Rocky), coldfusion, Jman or Rempica there didn't need to be an Adelade either

    The funny part is almost every part of the background creator applied to me at one time or another

    Where's the Laban, Martin, Platypus, Narmin for the angry pw kid faction?

    Most importantly, where is BKS? Where is TMW?? Where is Balion??? Where is KoA????


    Yes, many of these are in the mod and the others are planned :grin:. The mod is in a very early stage and TONS of people aren't included yet. Thank you for your feedback though!
  3. CdJrcxx

    The Battle for NA: Warband Conversion Mod (Alpha)

    Hi, I personally feel like the Cdjrcxx AI is too inaccurate on how Cdjrcxx would normally perform. While Cdjrcxx and his AI are almost identical in both technique and brain power. I feel like the Cdjrcxx AI should be a lot harder. It resembles too closely of how the Cdjrcxx player would play in normally and I would like this AI to be harder...

    Is this some sort of 200 IQ insult I'm too AI to understand
  4. CdJrcxx

    The Battle for NA: Warband Conversion Mod (Alpha)


    Search more, you'll find him :shifty:

    (still need his face though!)
  5. CdJrcxx

    The Battle for NA: Warband Conversion Mod (Alpha)

    Can I be part of it, I pay in exposure

    We have plans for EU :shifty:
  6. CdJrcxx

    The Battle for NA: Warband Conversion Mod (Alpha)

    Why am I not in my wedding dress???? OR is that my battle armour?

    It's planned, we just got busy :p. We compensated by putting all the ladies in wedding dresses
  7. CdJrcxx

    Random earrape static noise happening on servers

    happened again :sad:

    This is just the noise of Valhalla's gates opening
  8. CdJrcxx

    Stop LES IS MOREx from hosting any future tournaments.

    I really wish I could trade you blankets laced with small pox and make you walk a trail of tears I am the patriarchy and you are beneath me revel in my glory serf for I am the oppressor you sit at the back of my bus

    I mean, I'm not alone in seeing issues with comments like this right? Like I said this guy just likes to find new ways to create problems.
  9. CdJrcxx

    Stop LES IS MOREx from hosting any future tournaments.

    Les reminds me of a deeply troubled family member with a cocaine addiction. We present him with everything he does wrong and give him ways to fix his problems and give him more chances. He puts a face on pretending that he will change and do better, and then spins a wheel labeled with a metric ****ton of things that are just lowlife scummy things to do and goes and does them. It's ridiculous, I've never met any single person that can consistently find new ways to cause issues like Les can. A small list that I can think of just on the back of my hand:

    • Committing wire fraud against a minor for $38.54
    • Rigging brackets
    • Returned well intentioned criticism with oddly placed anger and aggressiveness
    • Verbally abusive to his own players
    • Just generally acts self-absorbed and backs it up by actually being selfish and unfair - Poor qualities for a tournament host.
  10. CdJrcxx

    The Royal Rat Rankings! - Post Your Rankings & Thoughts Here!

    Can we talk about the fact that MrWhalefish (best BL duellist), beat you in an official Warband ft7?

    Multiple interventions, though the lad could hang with 2hs I'm afraid he was squished like a bug in swobo - the superior form of combat.
  11. CdJrcxx

    The Royal Rat Rankings! - Post Your Rankings & Thoughts Here!

    Veluca Matatas won the tournament based on point differential. Big thanks to Sigis team for having the courage to face us. As for the rest of the teams, it's not surprising none of you wanted to risk facing us in week 2.
  12. CdJrcxx

    Veluca Matatas - You better start worrying

    Veluca Matata Scrixter, Whalefish, and Big Lunch!

    Farewell Hancock and Perc20ival!
  13. CdJrcxx

    [RRR] Questions & Suggestions

    Suggestion: Just make me a ****ing admin so I can make the week 1 thread myself and post the screenshots
  14. CdJrcxx

    Bannerlord Refunded

    when they charge full price for early access more is expected. especially considering they sold 6 million copies already. that's enough money for them to upscale their operation 10x besides 400 hours might be the time necessary for someone to determine the game is worth playing or not from a rational point of view after experiencing everything the game has to offer. i'd say a person who thinks about making comments after less than 100 hours spent should keep things to themselves

    While i wouldn't say this game is as bad as Warcraft 3 reforged, but it certainly died pretty quick and hard on twitch and in multiplayer.

    I seriously doubt a few refunds will hurt TW, I agree. And as I said in a post on like page 1 or something I also agree TW is doing poorly. My point isn't around BL or TW in specific ,but for any game if it gave you 400 hours of service you should really reconsider if you deserve a refund at that point. I said before keeping occupied can be very expensive, and at 400 hours our OP has only spent 13 cents an hour absolutely nothing.
  15. CdJrcxx

    Bannerlord Refunded

    except i have peanut allergy and on the meal it's clearly labeled peanut free yet it triggered an allergic reaction and i almost died.

    This meal is labelled as Early Access.

    Also if you get through 400 hours of something you're allergic to, maybe you're not as allergic as you thought.
  16. CdJrcxx

    Bannerlord Refunded

    Dunno what's so hard for some people to comprehend, if you finish a meal you pay for it. Doesn't matter if you didn't like it. In video games 400 hours is more than finished for most. I'm sure many people would buy games if they could just buy it, finish it, and then turn it back in for a full refund but that's not how it's supposed to work.

    And for those saying "haha master baiter OP is so intelligent" I dont care if it was bait, he is encouraging people to do the same thing and I'm saying if you're one of those people that agree then you're pretty scummy please don't go near me.
  17. CdJrcxx

    Bannerlord Refunded

    Really epic gamer move getting 400+ hours of a product for absolutely nothing just because you nagged steam like a Karen in a cornerstore. I won't pretend TW is doing a wonderful job but the game gave you something to do for over 400 hours. Keeping occupied can be expensive and you probably got your moneys worth here but you decided you deserved your money back anyway.
  18. CdJrcxx

    [POLL] When did you last play Bannerlord?

    The steam chart that was linked probably has the answers you wanted from the poll but I'll just say real quick, the poll is probably gonna be very biased seeing as how people not playing the game much are gonna be less likely to check the forums out as well :razz:
  19. CdJrcxx

    -2 damage?

    Lol. Just started playing a 1.5.3 game. I noticed this... Does this mean if I hit them with it they gain HP?

    PK confirmed
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