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  1. Urgnot

    Dejure Craft - Minecraft RP-PVP Factions Server

    Dejure Craft RP-PVP Factions Server Dejure Craft is an RP-PVP Factions plug-in server with a heavy focus on RP-Faction creation. You and your friends can join today! Create your own faction, claim your land, mark out your borders and defend them from others. You can make allies with diplomacy...
  2. Urgnot

    Skirmish Cav / Archer Spam = Broken and demoralising

    As a long term mount & blade player I have seen lots of different tactics over the years playing the game. I feel in Bannerlord at the moment that in Skirmish that Cavalry and Archer spamming is too powerful and must be addressed. 6 people going heavy cavalry will win the match against anything...
  3. Urgnot

    Purchasing a musket in the United Kingdom

    Hey chaps, I'm interested in buying a Brown Bess musket of any model at the moment in the United Kingdom and I'm wondering if anyone had any experience in the field. The United Kingdom's laws on weapons and firearms are very strict, some of the most strict in the entire world, but is it legal...
  4. Urgnot

    Is it Possible to Pimp out your Castle?

    Hey guys, so I've got my own empire and have my council at a town city and it looks pretty beat up in the castle, stacked tables laying around and couch cushions sitting around. I go to some of my vassal's castles and they've all got set out tables with candles and food, aswell as seats and...
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