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  1. squeaks

    [NABB] Warnings, Bans & Suspensions

    Bans & Suspensions BANS Sven (Trolling since beta) Bark (Trolling, posting inappropriate content, racism.) Clockwork Orange (Trolling) SUSPENSIONS
  2. squeaks

    INT Other Completed Face Off Gaming Beauty Pageant Tournament *20.00$ prize* EU/NA

    Face Off Gaming Beauty Pageant Tournament Face off Gaming is proud host the first FOGBP Tournament. We hope to provide an enjoyable experience for all players to bring together the Bannerlord community with this tournament. Each player will submit a picture of their most beautiful(or not)...
  3. squeaks

    WDT(Warband Dance Tournament)?

    Greetings warbladersdancers. In these dark times of Calradia, so much hate, so much death, we need to chillax and have some fun. Warband needs a dance tournament. Simple as that. Here is how I see it being formatted. We do all of the tournament in one day, or a weekend. People will sign up as...
  4. squeaks

    [VoV]Vanguards of Valhalla (RECRUITING)

                                                                                    what a joke    
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